A PSA from the Heart of America


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Everyone here in the Mid-West want the rest of the world to know something. There is a long e sound on the end of Missouri. No one says Mississippa, so why Missoura?

We here in the bread basket just wanted you to know and not sound like a jackass.

This thread brought to you by the "We're really pissed off about everyone mispronouncing our state committee".
People pronounce it Missoura? Weird.

You at least have an excuse for not knowing. It's not like you hear about Boise very often, even if odds are good you have a piece of electronics manufactured here (Crucial or Micron made memory)
1/3 of the memory chips sold in the world come from either Micron or Crucial. As though there's much of a difference between the two. Crucial is a spinoff of Micron.


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Is it just co-incidence that Boise is named after a second rate character from Only Fools and Horses?

Talga Vasternich

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I just can't wait to see BSU in a bowl game against a school from a powerhouse conference. I think it'll be a blowout, but BSU may surprise some and make a game of it.
I say this because, if it's possible, BSU has played an easier schedule than that of my school the UW BADGERS!