A problem with my Merc...


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A problem with my Merc...

Hiya everyone. For some reason or another (I suspect sheer dumb luck :thumbsup: ) I've been blessed with a series of decent uniques for my level. Picking up the following two beatsticks from Baal (normal) when I killed him, I decided to get a Merc to slap them on. The problem is, I'm not experienced enough to decide which I should give to him!

30% increased attack speed
49% enhanced damage
-50% to targets Def
Slows target by 25%
+15 to Str
+8 to Dex

68% enhanced damage
+30 to attack rating
30% chance of deadly strike
monsters flee 75%
All resists +5

the Steelgoad is the business when it comes to crowd control, but the Razortine would be good against bosses. I can't choose!

By the way, I play an un-twinked Paladin with a little bit of everything skill-wise. Thanks in advance for the help: drinks are on me! :drink: