A problem of two many


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A problem of two many

Off late, something odd has been happening. I play single player and currently completed NM with a Rabies/Fury hybrid in progress. Every unique or set item that I get comes in pair, either with the same kill or within a few games of each other. Mostly it's useless stuff but this has been going on for over a month now and the list of items is getting long. Some bug? Or something I did :crazyeyes: ?


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Re: A problem of two many

i get this all the time too

you wouldn't believe how many copies of those set items i have found.

Mephisto and the travincal council have dropped about 100 of these so far:

Cathan's Seal
Level Requirement: 11
6% Life Stolen per Hit
Damage Reduced by 2

and here is the strange thing about this: ATMA 1.11 drop calculator says Cathan's Seal drop chance is 1:175. And Meph + Council have dropped about 100. But they have only ever dropped one of these:

Immortal King's Stone Crusher
Ogre Maul
2H Damage: 231-318
Range: 2
Attack Speed: [10]
Minimum Strength: 225
Durability: Indestructible
Level Requirement: 76

+200% Enhanced Damage
+200% Damage to Demons
+250% Damage to Undead
40% Increased Attack Speed
35-40% Chance of Crushing Blow (varies)
Socketed (2)

and ATMA sys its 1:500 chance. and i have done maybe 1000 runs so far. i should have found about 20-25% as many mauls as rings. insteaad i found 1%


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Re: A problem of two many

Cathan's Seal and the Angelic ring can already drop from nightmare Meph/councils and maybe even in normal, but only hell Meph/councils can drop the IK maul, so you are comparing apples with oranges.

Also, there are so many uniques and set items that you can always single out a few which dropped too often or not often enough, in spite of their odds not being that bad, in particular those which you are looking for. That's all within the expected amount of deviation from the average.


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Re: A problem of two many

i never considered the fact that the ring drops in all three levels
but the maul only in hell.
thx for pointing that out