A Poor Mans MFer


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A Poor Mans MFer

This Guide is for people who have some gear but not much. It is very simple and easy to follow. The Poor Mans Mfer is a Necromancer. The Necro can survive Hell with less gear then any other build and is skilled in doing Pit Runs, Pindle Runs, Meph Runs, Diablo Runs, Baal Runs. Actually, he can pretty much handle anything with the exception of the Glacial Trial (the bodies tend to shatter to ice cubes,) and the High Council (the summons are distracted by the monsters in the water.)

Critical Mercenary Information:
Before getting started with the Necro build read this first. The build requires a strong mercenary. I suggest an Act 2 Combat Merc for Normal, and switch to an Act 2 Offensive Merc in NM.

Skill Tree:

20 Skeleton Mastery
20 Skeletons
20 Blood Golem *Please see notation at bottom
20 Golem Mastery
1 Summon Resist
1 Revive
1 Amplify Damage
1 Life Tap
1 Corpse Explosion


Strength: Enough to wear your gear
Dexterity: Enough to wear your gear
Vitality: All remaining Stats will go here
Energy: Around 50 without gear equipped


Helmet: One with skill adds and MF is ideal (i.e. Tarnems or Shako)
Ammy 1: anything with Summon Skills and/or MF (skills take priority over MF here)
Ammy 2: Teleport Charges
Weapon: Arm of King Leoric
Armor: Skin of the Vipermagi, Que-hans Wisdom, or Skulders Ire
Shield: Rhyme, Lidless Wall, or Homunculus
Gloves: Magefists, Frostburns, or Chance Guard
Rings: Nagel Ring Rings
Belt: Goldwrap
Boots: A pair with MF, Cow Kings, or Travelers are great

Merc Gear:

Helmet: Vampire Gaze, or Tal-rashs Helm
Armor: The highest Defense armor you can find or Shaft Stop
Weapon: The best Polearm Weapon you can find. Hawinns works all right, Bonehew Amn Hel works great.


If you really like this build try these items on him latter he will be a PvM God, I calculated them all with Skeles in comparison to other weapons.

Helmet: Shako Socketed P Topaz
Ammy: 3 Summoning Skills + MF (magical ammy)
Weapon: Beast (rune word)
Armor: Enigma (rune word) Wyrmhide
Shield: Homunculus (Isted)
Gloves: Chance Guard
Rings: SOJ + Natures Peace**Please see notation at bottom
Belt: Arachnid
Boots: War Travelers or Marrow Walks (you choose MF or Dmg)
Charms: Annilus, Gheeds, Summon Skill Charms

Mercenary Gear:

Helmet: Andies Socketed with Tal rune
Armor: Bramble (rune word)
Weapon: Ethereal Doom (rune word) Giant Thresher


*I know that that Blood Golem IM combo doesn't work anymore. The reason I used Blood Golem was that my PCs low virtual memory created lag like effects almost all the time. The Blood Golem kept me alive. If you have a fast PC, then you may want to use different skills other then Blood Golem and Golem Mastery

**The Rest in Peace Mod doesn't actually work unless you kill the monster yourself (i.e. Corpse Explosion) The level 5 Oak Sage is a nice thing to have in your army and usually stays well defended.


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Very cool guide - should be quite helpful. A few additions if I may.

Helm: Runeword lore might work here (+1 skills)
Armour: Runeword wealth would work here for more MF
Rings: Nagel if you must, but take any bigger magic or rare MF rings over them, you can get them with second mods.
Gloves/Boots: You can usually buy these with decent MF from merchants (i like fara in act2)
Belt: Upgrade that Goldwrap for extra slots

As an alternative to the other mercs suggested, the act2 NM defensive holy freeze merc works wonders.

Merc Gear
Armour: Upgraded Rockfleece may work here or Leviathan if you can afford it
Helm: Crown of Thieves

Those are just suggestions, they don't differ from your recommendations much so don't feel oblidged to include them. If you plan to expand the guide, play tips/tricks are usually helpful.

Good Job


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The item recommendations i like. The nm off merc is the one i used with this build. His might did some major improvement on the skele dmg and his dmg. With life tap they wouldn't die against hell baal in an empty game but this with with some slightly better gear. I suppose if you did a HF merc you could make a new one once you could afford doom (the +12 holy freeze word not bringer) for you merc.


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Not being negative or anything, but it doesn't look like a "POOR" mans MFer to me...not on ladder anyway.

But a good guide non the less.


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woah..poor man's MFer? hahaha..seems a bit tough for starters to get their hands on the recommended gear..nice guide nevertheless..but maybe u shd try adding in some edits for ppl who are really JUST starting with no twinked characters? THAT would be really cool :thumbsup:


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Serously, the poor man's mfer would be a sorsa hands down. You really only need spectral shard and wall of the eyeless to get to hell mephy, a pair of dwarf stars to tank the council's hydras, a wand of lower resist to almost double your killing speed at lower levels (not needed if you use blizzard), and decent blocking incase you slip up while teleporting. That is a true poor man's mfer for mephisto (the best place to get good gear for your charries, hands down).

But on this topic, wouldn't blood golem screw you over? Is it just me or would maxing out mages or revived for 10 or 20 more tanks be a lot better then a blood golem. I'd go 10 blood golem and 10 mastery and let your plus skills carry it up, if you decide to use it.