A petty shameless plug for the best picture ever.


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Cute little bugger. Just wait until he gets into the 10 year old phase, though. I'm of the opinion that there's nothing more annoying than a 10 year old. And for some reason, that seems to last from like age 7 all the way until boys find girls less icky. Probably because they get too busy bugging girls to bother bugging us... :xrollseye

Raft Boy

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Nice looking kids! Can't wait to see the family Christmas photos. :)

And is that a tattoo I see on her arm? For shame... ;)



Oh man, I have a baby cousin and he drives me nuts. Shouldnt he be crawling at the month of 10? Hes freaking lazy.


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Awww, How cute. Also, this isn't shameless, I think that it's cool that we can see your kids growing up.



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MagiusTheGrey: His name is William.

Raft Boy, Geeno: The tattoo is temporary and she thinks it's cool to have a tattoo like Mom and Dad. ;)

Durf: That is my blankie, back off.

Anakha1: Laetitia Casta would be much better live than in a photo, no?

My_Immortal6: Don't ever show me just a picture of beer. I need my beer cold and wet and in my hand. :) A picture of beer is like the worst picture ever, because you know it's beer, but you also know you aren't anywhere near it.

Canadia142: He inherited the evil from his mother. :innocent:

Mom is doing just fine.