A novel find;


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A novel find;

While going threw Jail lvl 2 with my 3rd generation kicker {meaning shes died twice :D }, I found a novel little place.

At first i thought it was one of the ever so common bugs where critters appear in inaccessable places such as behind walls and all. It was in the semi~standard square that seems to be inaccessable and generally has nothing in it.

But this time as I was running threw I saw a skeleton mage for a blip of a second as I rounded its corner to go on. Being bored and all I attempted to tag it with my axe being that it was pretty close to the wall.

It turned out that as I tried to target it, my character moved back down to the lower right side of the square, and the skeleton mage had also targeted me.

At this time two skeleton archers also flashed their names out of that square, and moved towards where I had stopped {around the very middle of the lower right side of the square.}

After I tried to target them and swing a few times, a little door opened and I could enter the room and kill the little boney twigs.

The room also had gold and the random armor/weapon things along with 5 chests, all in this square about the size of a screen.

I had never noticed this before, and in all the years I've played this game, I've never read anything about this.

Its nothing too great really, but possibly good tc drops from the chests in hell?

I'll work on a sshot if need be.

Inside and out.


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Congratulations, you have stumbled across possibly the only secret rooms in a legit copy of diablo 2. The jail always has these little square rooms where a bloody wall in the centre is actually a door that allows you to enter and take things. I can't help you with the chest drops, however I do know that they have a slightly higher chance of dropping magic stuff than the regular chests in the jail.


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Yeah, if you look on blizzards D2 site they have a secrets page, where the hidden rooms are shown.