A noob sorc startin


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A noob sorc startin

K im a noob, i got a lvl 46 necro, and i found a staff
Its a unique, and it has +1 sorc skills, 75 light res, +1 on 3 sorc spells
Now im excited i have gear for a sorc
I was wonderin if a pure lightning sorc can get me through/to hell
After which point i dont see a prob in gettin help
I wanna MF pindle(i saw pindle at a friends house), is he light immune
I also wouldnt mind meph, and i wouldnt mind gettin FO/FM
Also, i saw a mention of Mana Shield being dead, When did it die!?! And whats wrong with it now, is it still worth gettin


1st: Do you play D2 classic or LoD? It makes a huge difference.

Now on to sorc making: Sorcs don't need great gear to be effective in PvM, so practically any decent gear will do. The staff you have (Spire of Lazarus I think), is decent, but what you'll really want is an Orb and Shield, since a shield will give you extra boosters + blocking. For a beginner, you should just buy the highest block shield you can preferably with 4 sockets so you can socket with 4 P diamonds for 76 Resist all. For an orb, rescue Anya and she'll usually give you a decent orb, sometimes with +2 all skills and other mods.

For MFing, my preference is of course meteorb since that's my sorc but you can use whatever assortment of skills you like a pure lightning sorc can probably only get you to hell if you party up, which is easy enough on b.net.

I've always found Mana shield annoying since it drains so much mana leaving none for teleport/spells.

As for MFing, you need some luck along with a few MF items like charms, occy, shako, maybe the Tal armor/ammy/belt, War Travs.


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You want dual elements if you want a lightning skill. Follow the FO/CL guide that's stickied on the top of this forum. Pindle can be immune to 0, 1, or 2 elements/physical.

Energy Shield has a "feature" that has elemental attacks totally skipping resistances when being factored to your mana pool. In english that means that if you're hit by lightning or a fireball in Hell, your mana pool goes poof.


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If you play classic, that staff is pretty decent. Second only to a few godly rare staves and Bong.



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and...its the lazarus
as for the mana shield, :O, that makes me sad
cause its useless now...( i used to play a year ago for a bit)
but umm,thanks for the advice ill follow the guiude!!


Mana Shield useless - OOOOOOOOOOkay . I'd rather be Alive with almost no mana then dead with a full bulb .