A lot of questions for expert


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A lot of questions for expert

1.Hi what IAS must i have for a sorc to achieve 5fps zeal in a passion phase blade? I think 4fps zeal is not attainable with passion right?
2.What polearms are usually choosen to make infinity? cryptic axe? why? becoz of its range? how about colossus voulge?
3.If i invest 20pts in both FM and Warmth, how much fire damage add if i use demonlimb enchant? And what to max first FM or warmth since i only have 37 points left if i ever get to lvl99? Or do you suggest i just invest in enchant and fm?
4.Where is the best place to mf to find a 4sok staff with +3enchant and +3ES, can i buy it from npc?

Thanks a lot for answering, pls pardon me if the question is stupid.

monte cristo

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1. No idea

2. Cryptic Axe, not because it has a higher average damage by 0.5, but because Col. Voulge requires 210str and Cryptic only 165, both by 10 lower if ethereal.

3. Max the synergy first as the mastery is also boosted by +skill items, not only by hard skill points you put there.

4. I don't think you can buy one from an npc. On higher difficulties and even in normal act 3+, there are mostly only magical items going on in shops. And before that, their item level would be too low to get more than 3 sockets.