A lot of big changes after the weekend for me.


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A lot of big changes after the weekend for me.

Well folks... this is it... my LAST day at my current agency. With a grande total of 30 minutes left, I embark on my new career focus at CPS starting Tuesday. It could mean a few changes for me. First, I probably won't have a computer at first, so I'll only be able to post from home next week. Second, once I do get a computer, I'm going to have to check the policy on computer useage to make sure that it will be ok for me to come to the boards here on my breaks and such to check up on things. My hope is that it'll be just fine.

But either way... here we go kids... the wild ride starts Tuesday.

I'll spend my first two weeks in the Yakima office shadowing another social worker to learn the perverbial "ropes". Then, on March 1st, I begin training at acadamy in Seattle. I'll be there for a total of 6 weeks spread out over 2 and a half months. 3 of those days will include a training with Harbourview medical clinic (a major hospital in Seattle) to learn how to perform examinations for signs of abuse on children.

So... I'm excited, and I'm nervous. There be many changes coming around the bend.

Wish me luck! I'll let y'all know how it goes as the process continues. My guess is that I'll be learning enough to make my head spin and then some! But... i'll be an adventure I'm sure!


Man, thats awesome Lunar!!

Congrats to you for all that youve acheived and all that you are about to!!

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Dont be a stranger around here, even if its just from home. Ill keep my fingers crossed that your bosses are nice fellas and give you some freedom. :cool:


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Yakima! Yakima! Yakima!

I officially hate you for being in Seattle while I'm not. Enjoy your time on Pill Hill (take the bus). I reckon you'll be overwhelmed at first, but even though you are a ethereal type guy from some weirdo internet forum, I think you'll rock the Casbah :thumbsup:

Good luck, Lunar.


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Yay Lunar! *Big Ol Huggles*

Masses of great luck to you Hunny. I'm sure you'll be fab and all will go super :D. Just don't become a StessyBunny :)


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Thanks guys for the well-wishes... but I do need to clarify that this certainly isn't a goodbye thread at all... but it could mean that I won't have the availability to post on the boards from work anymore. I know that the internet is pretty closely monitored by the state (but I would guess it would be for porn and whatnot), so... I'll need to clarify if me coming here on breaks and such will be acceptable. I definitely don't want to get myself into trouble.

Either way, it means more money for me and I will actually get to use my MSW. That much I'm looking forward too. That... and the State has unmatched benefit packages.


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faultless wonderboy said:
Good Luck man! hope your new boss isn't some cranky dude..

*shivers by the thought of his old boss*