a little help


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a little help

Here's the sequence of events:

I logged into my ladder acct this morning no problem.
I logged off and then logged into my old non-ladder account.
I find that i have 50 days before the characters get deleted.
So, I start logging in with each of these characters one by one. logging off immediately then logging in with the next.
Suddenly i get booted off of Bnet- then it gives me the error about "can't connect is using a modem yadda yadda" when trying to reconnect.
A few minutes later when trying to log in i get the message about my account no longer existing.
I go on my second computer with a different CD key and my account is still there.

My conclusion, my cd key got banned on my first computer. How long is this ban and what can i do about it?


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I made that mistake at first too. They put that in so people dont bot, or refresh theyre mules and such like you were doing. Best solution is to log on with each char and put them in a game for 20 seconds, and goto the next. That will ensure you dont get temp IP banned. Take the same care when muling, sux to get IP banned with stuff sitting on the ground in a game you cant get back to.