A little HC advice please!


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I'm coming back for the coming season, and I'll be playing HC. I fired up the game very briefly lately, mostly to play through the RoS story, as I had stopped playing shortly before it was released. I did play some HC back in the day though.

So, are there any things I need to know to not die stupidly over and over again?

Can someone give me a basic framework of how to progress from scratch in a new season? And how are we getting our gear these days?

My favorite characters were generally DH and Wizard. Is it a bad idea to play a DH, or can they be safe enough in HC? And if so what are some good skills to focus on? I'm sure I'll pick up on how things work soon enough, but it feels a little daunting to pick up this game from scratch in HC :p

Thanks in advance!


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Hey Kestegs,

I found this guide quite useful for Season 5


On not dieing stupidly again and again, cheat death passive is useful (so long as you learn from your procs). Also the usual don't stand in ground damage (molten, lasers etc.).

The guide above should help, but basically just run rifts to level (in a group preferably) or bountes.

Gear. Typically found just running rifts / greater rifts and using bloodshards to gamble for missing pieces. There are also cube recipes that will help. New to this season is a guaranteed 6 piece set for doing a few minor things (reach level 70, kill khulle at T2 and reach GR20 solo). Typical approach at start of season is to complete a 6 piece set so you can run high difficulties, then look at diversifying your builds.

Demon Hunter is fine, role in groups will be DPS only (no support builds). The guaranteed set is also quite good. It is a little on the fragile set, but it's cheat death passive is good and if you are really worried smokescreen can help. Skills to focus on will depend on which set you end up using (the guide above has links to some cookie cutter builds).


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Cool! Spent a little time looking at some stuff in that link and it seems to have been pretty helpful.


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the best advice I can give is - don't die.. oops sorry cptn obvious there but really - don't die. And don't be afraid to play some defensive skills so u - don't die.. deeds in HC really sucks so try not to Die...

I have nothing to add here ...