A little confused: FCR, FHR, IAS, AR


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A little confused: FCR, FHR, IAS, AR


I think I Get a little of this... FHR means I can hit faster. There is a table available that shows tiers and as I increase my % FHR I can move up to another row on the table which reduces the time (frames) required to hit again. Is this correct?

So FHR works for my barb using ww because he hits, but no for my sorc using frozen orb nor my pally using hammers because they are actually casting (not hitting). So the corresponding stat is FCR for them rather than FHR. So far so good?

IAS is something that increases a weapon's speed? How is this affected by FHR? Are they related? Do they need to be matched so one doesn't slow the other?

AR - there is a lot of discussion on max block, but people keep telling me not to put any points into dex for my chars?

Sorry if the answers to these questions are obvious. I have searcehd and find a fair amount of technical info, but no one has given me the "FCR/FHR for Dummies" info... just the basics. Thank you!


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Re: A little confused: FCR, FHR, IAS, AR

fhr is faster hit recovery it ruduces the time u spend stunned when you are hit

your description of fhr is exactly how ias works, bit note for ww only ias on ur weapon works,


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Re: A little confused: FCR, FHR, IAS, AR

FHR: faster hit recovery-the number of frames required to recover when you lose a large % of your health (1/8th iirc)

FCR: faster cast rate-the frames required to cast a spell

IAS: a mod on weapons/armour that decreases the amount of frames taken to unleash an attack

All these three^ are breakpoint dependant

AR: attack rating- increases your chance of hitting a monster
eg you put 10 points in dex, that gives you 50 AR (GCs can get ~120AR, angelic ring/ammy can give you 1000)
you put 10 points in vit, for your barb that gives you 100 life (with BO) max life on a GC is 45

It is easier/more efficient to get AR from gear such as charms or angelic ring/ammy, or enchant charges from a demon limb, points in dexterity simply aren't worth it


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Re: A little confused: FCR, FHR, IAS, AR

No apology necessary for asking questions. :wink3:

Here's a link to many useful things including the FHR and FCR breakpoints you were wondering about:

http://strategy.diabloii.net/news.php?id=551#General Breakpoints

IAS is a bit of a different beast, sometimes depending on how much IAS is built into your weapon, skills, and off-weapon equipment. One IAS calc is here:


As already said, basically IAS and FCR make you attack faster for melee and spells, respectively. FHR makes you recover quicker from taking a hit from a monster.

Regarding dex and max block, often with a build, there's a choice whether to add points into dexterity to get max block (75%), or save those points and instead put them into vitality for more life. If you choose to go max block, there's nothing wrong with putting hard points into dex.