A lil' MF help [nl]


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A lil' MF help [nl]

My sorc for Pit runs, maybe eventually boss running as well, is wearing...
Ptopaz'd shako
tal armor/ammy/belt
43% travs
36% Chance guards
"sanctuary" shield in a Dragon Shield ( :( )
2 sojs.
by my calc, this gives her ~375% MF. is that enough?

If not, how can I make it better?

Got my first good find last night---Ormus's. A bad one (+3 Telekenesis), so I only got like a Bartuc's for it, but even so... a decent find.
Any suggestions on gear?


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I'd IST the occy.. and use IST'ed SS for safty, or even a rhyme.

nagel's would help if you can kill fast enough. with tal ammy and shako, you should have enough mana.

Pit run is more about luck.. if you can kill faster with slightly less MF, it might be even better than higher MF but slower runs.


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375% MF is more than enough. Its all about luck. You might want to make a Rhyme shield to further improve your MF% Shael + Eth in 2 socket shield.


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U have a nice amnt of mf gear there. I'd suggest the following for cheap improvement:

PT the tals armor
Wear nagels instead of soj
Put a gheeds in yer inventory

I'd advise a perf diamond Lidless - the benefits are incredible, and should give U the next breakpoint for cast rate. Faster tele = better survival.

Overall you only lose +1 skill (-2 for soj/nagel switch, +1 for lidless), gain faster cast rate, and bump yer mf% to 450+.

I've used ryhme also, but I've found this setup more efficient.

Also hire an Act2 defensive merc. He's a HUGE survival crutch.

GL mfing


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thanks for the suggestions...
an Ist'd SS sounds good, but even with the +56 all resists Sanc, my resists are like 30/30/60/-12...
with SS, I feel kinda shaky...
any suggestions about that?


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You wrote nothing about your build. If your sorc is "extreme" one - forget my post. If she is a hybrid (2 elements) you can get some advantages of my expirience:
1. Throw away your Oculus if you mean some serious mf runs. Don´t think - just DO it - NOW.
2. Trade your Ptopaz'd shako, "sanctuary" shield and 2 sojs for:
these parts of TR set you still need to complete the set,
Rythm grim shield,
2 nagels with good %,
better chances ,
better WT and
a good Gheed´s GC.
Some 6-7% sc is never wrong to have either.
In this point you should have your resists and def good enough (75%*4) to tank Hell meph for your merc in 4-players game :lol: ... And mf>400%
Going further:
3. Get your life orb bigger than mana orb. 1 point bigger is enough but anyway bigger.
4. Never use ES
5. Make your merc to invincible cursing/killing machine. Reaper Toll and CB is a key but you can do it in 100 different ways.
6. Obtain a dagger or a wand with LR lauds and place it in you weapon switch
You are almost ready now....
7. Remember: Burning souls, dolls, oblivion knights casting IM on your merc are still existing ---> Nor you or your merc are immortal.
Now you are ready! Burn and kill, grab and plunder (they are bad guys after all...) Happy mf-ing :yep: