A Lack of Information (A S/U Worshipper Tournament)


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I can't really say that progress is hard, but it's slow for my barb merc to kill things, at least the enemies with lots of life or high physical resistance. At one times, I was so fed up with his slow gnawing away at swarms that I whipped out Axe of Fechmar and just had at them in a glorious Holy Shock frenzy! That felt good. :)

Radament's goons were lured away and their souls Redeemed. So much more user friendly it is now at slvl 3. Much less waiting around needed. I can often also use a few seconds Redemption instead of a healing potion mid fight if there are enough corpses around. Raddy gave me a nice helm (see below).

This is less much dangeous than it looks. Fast attack speed + repeated Smite into an obstacle => boss ownage:

Also in Stony Tomb, boss mods fail:
(okay, the extra fast is a bit annoying sometimes, but not when the boss has its back to a wall)

More Smite at work, holding the ground until Yrmenalf can move over here and apply his glorious +250% MF:

"Uh, can you, like, please find the time to move a little up-right so you can see them, move your butt and take over?":

Holy Shock pulses had a great visual effect in the breeding chamber. It was like the whole place was struck by lightning. I mistimed the screenie a little and it was almost gone, but you may get the idea:

Those pulses do 1-176 damage and I think they eventually killed more little ones than Yrmenlaf did.

Cathan's Visage (Sewers 2)
Cleglaw's Claw (Sewers 3)
Sigon's Shelter (Sewers 3)
Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest (Radament) <= found it at 13 clvls lower than the requirement!
Tancred's Skull (Rocky Waste)
Kinemil's Awl (Stony Tomb 1)
Umbral Disk (Halls of the Dead 1)
Soulflay (Halls of the Dead 2) <- worse ED than on the one my merc uses
Howltusk (Halls of the Dead 2)
Gorefoot (Halls of the Dead 3)
Cathan's Mesh (Far Oasis)
Cathan's Seal (Far Oasis)
Hwanin's Refuge (Maggot Lair 1) <- replaced Sparking Mail on merc

Destroyer Beren the (for now) jack-of-all-trades Paladin and Yrmenlaf the struggling barbarian, level 55, NM Lost City next

@Azimuthus: Nice going! You are leading the pack now. Love the character name!
(Minor nitpick: Mil's shield has only 20% MF.)


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@Pb_pal - Thank you for avenging Wolfswift's death. Hopefully his soul rose up from Bone Ashes' crushed bones.

Mithik the summoner would like to announce his answer to the call. As you might imagine running behind an active wall of bone has been quite easy up to this point. He mixed it up a bit after finally shopping a nice wand with multiple uses: +3 Mage, +2 Dim Vision and +2 CE. Mithik cruised through Act 1 and 2 with very little trouble and wearing maxed chipped MF armor on him and the hireling. Using a fire roque in Act 1 with the standard ruby/emerald socketed hunter's bow Andy was of little concern, even though she melted several of the skeleton warriors quickly with her poisoning methods. Had to add this shot, because it just looks beautiful!


Once in Act 2 the skeletons started to quickly dominate everything with the occasional assistance of CE for heavy groupings, just because it is such a fun skill to use. :) During their travels up to Duriel they managed to accumulate the following items:

Clegclaw's Claw x 2
Clegclaw's Pinchers
Deathspade Axe
Arctic Belt
Beserker's Helm
Civerb's Amulet
Isenhart's Sword

After Duriel dropped the Isenhart's Sword Mithik rethought his strategy and hired a Lightning Iron Wolf to utilize the Set sword, shield, Beserker helm and Hawkmail armor. This would free him up to once again utilize a mojo head as his primary shield when he finds one with some +skills to add to his new wand with +3 Skeleton Mastery, +2 Golem Mastery and +2 Amp. He will no longer deploy Skeleton Mages, as he has a much more powerful one tagging along now. The Mage seems to be doing a pretty decent job electrifying all of the fast, annoying little fellows running around.

Mithik and Jarulf, Level 28, Act III
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OK time for an update.

Nothing major happened during Act 2, holy frost is pretty nice and keeping me alive. Only two finds for Act 2

I found it extremely hard to leave this on the ground :(


Fazels new weapon

Fazels New Armour. I am wearing Arctic furs now
Screw you duriel. Duriel was done on /players8 I went through all my red pots, but no purples.

Ares and Fazel, level 28, Act III


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Unfortunately, my current journey is no longer bon -)

Thing happened quite surprisingly in Upper Kurast Temple - I entered in and... well... died in 1 second )) The reason was snakes + 1 elite archer pack with amplify and smth else + 2nd elite archer pack with some affixes as well -- all near the very entrance. Both Merc and Bobby the Golem died immediately and then I just saw some ~20% hp remaining. I was just one click from the stairs (exit) but when I clicked it it was too late. It was like a trap, really.

Anyway, it seems the game read my thoughts, because I was starting to get bored with necro and was thinking all the time about Spearzon. Unlike caster character that is very challenging - especially if no spears will drop )) So I definitely will start one with FEND and CHARGED STRIKE - while completely ignoring bows (but not the Valkyrie ofc). Probably I will end up swinging swords and axes, trying to do at least something even on /players 1 - but we will see.

Character & Stuff here.

Some... (one) screen as usual -)


PS: Entering with Furiosa the Spearzon. Level 1 Sister's Camp -)
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Forgotten Temple is one of the more stairs trap prone areas. Amp on an archer boss is nasty - no way to avoid getting cursed.

GL with the amazon. There is at least one weapon that's reasonably likely to drop that is not a swinging weapon - The Diggler!


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@Southpaw8668 - Welcome back in, glad to see you're taking another shot. :) Good luck with the necro.

@Azimuthus - Ouch, the Kurast temples can be terribly deadly. Good luck with your amazon!


I'm out of town this weekend, but I'll get a new table going early in the week to keep caught up with all the progress/changes. Stay safe everyone!


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Mithik and his killing squad have made their way to Harrogath without much trouble and a whole lot of fireworks and fun. After losing most of their MF once Mithik found a set of Cathan's Mail, they still managed to find a Nagelring with 16mf. They then found a set of Darkglow ring mail in a Lower Kurast treasure chest and Mithik insisted he wear that and told Jarulf he must keep wearing the Hawkmail set. A unique boss dropped the Sigon's Visor in Travincal, which only Jarulf could manage to wear and to Mithik's displeasure Mephisto decided to drop a two handed Soulflay sword that neither of them could use yet. Mithik must buff up a bit to be able to lift this sword above his head or even carry it on his skinny Arctic belt, which barely manages to hold up his trousers. He requires one more level of skill and training in order to drop all of his accustomed necromancer gear for the Deathspade Axe and Clegclaw shield and on switch he will start hefting the two-hander around. He would be very pleased if the Sander's wand decided to drop to add to his Sander's Riprap boots found in a skull pile in the River of Flame prior to having to use that hideous sword. With these wonderful boots he feels like he's floating on air and walks as fast as the rest of his band manages to trot.
Mithik thought this big Demon would be nasty with his added might aura, but the skeletons quickly shrugged off him and his crew.

This is the perfect setting for the skeletons to concentrate their strength, while Jarulf and the three Mages can send a constant barrage of fire and electricity at the enemy. Mithik has been very pleased with his decision to hire the Lightning Iron Wolf. So far it has complimented his party very nicely.

This nasty ghost took a while to bring down as he was just out of reach of the warriors and the mages had to bring him down entirely as he wouldn't budge from his position.

Mithik just keeps staring at this sword in his stash wondering how on Earth he is going to manage to carry it. Jarulf told him he isn't trained to carry such weapons either. Perhaps he must think about hiring one of those Barbarian fellows when and if the time presents itself. :cool: Maybe even up it once if the runes present themselves he thinks.

Although, he still feels the charged and lightning bolts will prove very effective against those annoying fast little demons in the barbarian highlands, as they did against the leapers in the desert and the Plains of Despair.

Mithik and Jarulf, Level 35, Harrogath
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@Southpaw8668 - Wow, great progress with Mithik! Keep it up :)


Our trio picked back up and cleared the Far Oasis before jumping down into the Maggot Lair. It actually went more easily and more quickly than I had expected down there. Gameplay consisted of laying down a carpet of meteors, and watching as the enemies walked single file through them, dying before they could even land a hit on Karna. The only thing we had to be careful of was if there were many beetles in an open room, as the meteor mats could throw a TON of sparks out. Nothing much happened down there, but we did find this charm, which is pretty decent.

The CVT level 1 was absolutely packed with Unravellers and mummies. CoS was of course the star for this section, but it could still get quite dangerous for our group as the poison would absolutely wreck us. With careful gameplay, and liberal use of antidote potions, we made it through unscathed. We went down carefully into level 2, with CoS ready just in case Fangskin made an early appearance. The shadow, however, misbehaved and sprinted into the room which awoke Fangy and his pack. He decided to put on a bit of a light show for us:

CoS kept his pack at bay, and he wasn't dangerous as long as we stayed out of the bolt paths. The screenie doesn't quite live up to what it looked like in game, as a constant stream of bolts like that looks quite cool on the move. We grabbed the amulet, and popped back into town beofre heading down into the Palace.

We got another unique amulet to drop in level 1, which ended up being The Mahim-Oak Curio. We swapped it for our current Nokozan Relic, which balanced our resists much better than before. Now we even have positive PR when fade is active! :eek: We will keep the Nokozan on hand, however, for situations where we will need increased FR (I'm looking at you, Diablo!). Things were going smoothly until we met up with these guys:

They gave us a pretty serious NDE, as they killed the Shadow and Mizan both almost immediately upon meeting them. We had to backtrack and regroup, and you can see that even with liberal CoS (and MB), the shadow just didn't last. I might have to start pumpimg a few points into her for a while to beef her up, as she is getting increasingly more fragile.

On level 3, we found The Impaler. Mizan was very excited to see this drop, and insisted on using it straight away. The OW will be a great help against tougher bosses, and we weren't complaining about the damage increase either! Good timing on the drop too, as he got to test it out straight away aginst Fire Eye.

We pushed on and cleared 2 legs on the Arcane Snactuary (one of which was the Summoner's) without any problems, and then had to call it quits there for now. All in all a good session, and the group is excited to finish up the Arcane Sanctuary next time and start on those dreaded False Tombs!

Other Finds:
- Ravenclaw (Lost City)
- Lum Rune
- Rusthandle (Palace 1)
- Another Cathan's Mesh and Ring (Palace 2)
- Visceratuant (chest in the Arcane Sactuary)

Destroyer Karna the Phoenix Strike Assassin, with Mizan the Prayer Guard - lvl 57, NM Arcane Sanctuary


As promised, here is an updated table. Stay safe everyone!

Table of Heroes:
Forum Name     Class        Char Name        LVL    ACT      Area
Pb_pal         Assassin     Karna            57     A2(NM)   Arcane Sanctuary
jiansonz       Paladin      Beren            55     A2(NM)   Lost City
EasyG          Barbarian    Ignorant         53     A2(NM)   Lut Gholein
Southpaw8668   Necromancer  Mithik           35     A5       Harrogath
Jcakes         Paladin      Ares             28     A3       Kurast Docks
kestegs        Paladin      Dauntless_Train  26     A2       Arcane Sanctuary
srrw           Sorceress    Zoey             25     A2       Palace
U.i.n.i.u      Necromancer  SetUnique        ??     A2       Lut Gholein
SunsetVista    Assassin     Kalandra         17     A1       Outer Cloister
Bry            Necromancer  BoneCut          15     A1       Black Marsh  
Jocular        Paladin      Grok             12     A1       Stony Field
Azimuthus      Amazon       Furiosa          1      A1       Rogue Encampment

The Fallen (RIP):
Forum Name     Class        Char Name        LVL    ACT       Area
Azimuthus      Necromancer  BoneVoyage       62     A3(NM)    Upper Kurast
Southpaw8668   Paladin      Wolfswift        51     A1(NM)    Cathedral
Bry            Sorceress    ScruffMcBuff     31     A4        Pains of Despair


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Furiosa made it to Kurast.

Playing with spearzon is much harder. Necro was just like walking in the park. Both in Act 1 and 2 I had several dangerous moments with HP dropping down to some 30%. But with some better equipment and Decoy skill things went more safely. The first item was the same as I found with necr - Cleglaw Shield, in Black Marsh. Second thing was Isenhart's Helmet from Andy. Second act brought some little suprises.

First slot was quite alright. But anyway, spear is still much better ofc.


All money were spent on gambling dragonspear or razortine... but no result.


Anyway, we still have a free slot. But wait... what a waste! From this moment I switched down to p4-p5 so things would go faster. Merc still does good damage, so no problem.


Ow, this will help a lot. But from now on - zero MF. Though ~60 on merc still.


But then, in the last tomb - uhh.. No more weapon on merc and he hardly kill anything even on p3. So as I said before - Ill end up swinging sword. Well, that was a prophecy. Now I swing it ))


Was not sure on what /p setting I can make Duriel, so switched to p3. It was easy, and even merc managed to make final blow, so I got.... 5 yellows and 1 blue -) Ehh. Will see what Kurast will bring.



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@Azimuthus - Tough break losing substantial MF as well as the merc weapon so early on. Hopefully you can still find some good MF pieces along the way! Great progress though, spearzons are very cool!


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Kalandra has made it to Act 2 and lvl 20. Shadow Warrior is a pretty good tank right now. I'll be putting 11 points in Shadow Master, so that I'll always have a tank no matter which merc I use.
Kalandra andariel.jpg
Right before Andariel, a pack of tainted dropped Gorefoot. Those boots have runspeed which lets me use my 3 point Fade instead of Burst of Speed, and mana leech, which lets me use Blade Fury! I've never Blade Fury'd /p3 Andariel to death with Gull before; it was awesome.

Finds so far have been Amazing:

Death's Guard
Hsarus's Iron Heel

I briefly contemplated hanging on to the Horadric Malus and never speaking to Charsi again, but I needed to repair Gull after stabbing so many things with it.

I'll need to find out how to get a good white or socketed weapon for an Act 2 merc next and then go get the cube.


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Hmmm...having a lot of fun here. Although I have a feeling it may be short lived.

Act 3 was a little tough at the start. All those tiny monsters in the first areas are tough to get your mouse on! Here's a fun shot. Weapon broke mid charge chain, probably about 1-2 charges before the kill. But it still shows equipped. Whatever, I'll punch things if I have to! There goes my topaz armor! I actually equipped isenhart's and gave that to my merc. Of course I had just put the topazes in that armor a few minuets before.
And then there went my 3 diamond switch shield. I could still use one if I didn't use the staff I guess, but don't plan on that right now, but maybe later if I don't find another shield.

Found a real nice drop in the sewers, Sanders wand. It's way higher damage than anything else I have, and has a bit of mana leech. I can sustain lots of charges pretty well if I run redemption. Bad news is the 15 durability goes pretty quick. Through the rest of the act I switched between my staff and this, and I got to where I liked it. I could hit with the wand a while and then switch to the staff if I ran out of mana and get a hit or 2 to fill back up.

A bad stair trap in one temple. I ended up exploring that whole temple several times over before I could get those bats separated enough to kill them. Of course my 4% lightning resists don't help anything.

Council wasn't too bad. Toorc got charged all the way from the stairs to here.

Level 3 was a bit tough, Bremm was might enchanted, and it's hard to avoid LE bursts when you're charging. Had to go back to town several times to res merc and get potions. Meph was just plain terrifying. He got me down to about 10% once, and below 30% a few other times. Did I mention I only have 4% LR?( Remind me again, why I didn't put my last level up into salvation?) It was a slow and careful battle, and I was very glad I decided to go down to /p3 for him. Many trips back to town were needed. Rest of act bosses will likely be done on /p1. Drop was pretty meh. Already had a bloodfist, and the helmet kills my last topaz slot. At least it gives me a little resists though! I was really hoping to procure some life leech though, my survivability would go way up with some.

Missing slots:
1 Ring
1 Shield (have 2)

Been gambling mostly boots and belts, but no luck lately.

Dauntless_Train, level 32, Pandemonium


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Still pretty easy, still pretty slow (for MF reasons). Had to swing my axe against almost all Ghoul Lords in the AS to stay sane.
I think it's 3 levels to go for FoH now. What then? Pumping Conviction, I suppose.

I switch between Might and Defiance all the time, depending on whether my merc needs the extra defense or not. He's still pretty hard to hit, since he's superior to the monsters in level and has over 2000 Defense.

Nokozan Relic (Ancient Tunnels sparkly chest)
Magnus' Skin (Claw Viper Temple 1)
Wizendraw (Palace Cellar 3) <- used this to help my merc gnaw down the life of an LI vampire boss.
Rogue's Bow (Palace Cellar 3)
Steelclash (Arcane Sanctuary) <- pretty nice find. Same +skills as Sigon's, lower blocking but with resists.

Destroyer Beren the (for now) jack-of-all-trades Paladin and Yrmenlaf the struggling barbarian, level 58, NM Canyon of the Magi next


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Some report as well.
Present status and items here.

Act 3 started with p8 setting and it went alright for sometime. Later or was switching from 4 to 6 so it would go faster.

With this helm merc's MF dropped down to 39%. But it has nice resists which are certainly useful.


Crushflange. Furiosa used that weapon up to the River of Flame. The damage, though, is not the best, even with 33% crushing blow attribute.


In Flayer Jungle, as usual, we get lvl 30 and so Valkyrie comes into play. This will be our first and last line of defence -)


With Isenhart's armor merc's MF droppd to zero. So - no more MF from now on -(


Meph was easily killed on P6. But the drop...


Useless for my good old (dead) Necro - but very useful for my brand new spearzon (which is now wandazone). This green stick doubled Furiosa's damage and increased attack speed as well.


Act 4 played on P4 and River & Chaos on P6. But Diablo was quite tough - I had to be very careful, watching his every move not to miss his lighting/fire precast animation. And those cages... he cought me once and I hardly managed to escape. I think on NM I'll do him on p1 - or he will just kill me ))


Never killed Diablo with a purple lollipop.


But drop ... ow... just can't look at that.



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@Azimuthus - those purple lollipop Diablo kill shots are amazing! Congrats!

Klaudia the fire rogue said she had something to do (like install air conditioning in the monastery), so Kalandra hired Vikhyat the prayer merc and equipped him with a 3os Spetum, the better to poke things with. Deathspade dropped in the Rocky Wastes - not a bad Blade Fury weapon for switch. In the Halls of the Dead though, Pluckeye dropped, and so Vikhyat had to finish weaponless. After I got the cube, I went back to Act 1 and hired Diane the cold rogue so she could use the new bow. The damage numbers are dismal, but she sometimes shatters things. My Shadow Warrior is still a good tank, and had some equipment this time that cast frost nova when she got hit, which was very useful in the Sewers. Radament is dead; we brought the book up to the surface and dropped it in Atma's bar as a trophy for all to see.

Kalandra the adaptable assassin and Diane the cold rogue, lvl 23, Dry Hills
Far Oasis next


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The first half of Act 5, including all Nihlatak levels, was very frustrating. Not a single drop, even some poor greens. With MF=0 something had to be done. Then I remembered about good old friend Lazruk and here we go: Okey, 24 MF now - at least something.


-= Furiosa, congratulations, you are promoted to Lollipop Commander!
-= ?!?!!
-= You no longer need to fight yourself. Now just show the direction with your purple lollipop and your minions will do the job.

Indeed, my 30-110 damage was too low. Merc and Valk did much more. So ... what choice did I have. I just stood behind and gave commands -)


Uww. And what we found here! 44 MF now, much much better.



Last levels I played on /p8 because of insane Valkyrie damage. She is lvl 18 already and from 17 she gets that nice War Pike.


Yes, 2 sigon pieces - boots & gloves. One more and +50MF boost! Need it badly.
Cows gave nothing so looking forward to NM drops...

Current status & stuff.


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Mithik and Jarulf continued their journey to Mount Arreat, but as time passed Mithik started to become unimpressed with the damage that Jarulf was producing. He hundled up with his minions and they decided that with their current hardware they should select a Cold Iron Wolf instead. Since Mithik hasn't been using CE since he had to give up his wand with plus charges, freezing and shattering corpses are much to his liking.
The party managed to find a second set of Darkglow ring mail with a lower defense, so it was sold to Larzuk along with two Isenahart's Case armors.
These two groups of Hell Lords and their nasty leaders Storm Wing and Sin Killer were a hearty bunch. They took several minutes to bring down, as Decrepify was the only spell that would prevent them from besting the skeleton warriors, until it was just the boss, then Amplify Damage could be utilized once again.

This is about the time the party elected to go with Barani the Cold Iron Wolf, he started off a bit timid but he seems to be getting the hang of it. Generally singles out one target, instead of more area damage like Jarulf would produce.

Turns out the Deathspade axe hasn't been so bad afterall, providing a nice boost to Mana after each kill. Snapchip Shatter's pack was another one that took quite awhile, as they did the entire act on /p8 and Barani's cold damage was useless against them I'm sure.

Mithik pulled the Minions of Destruction away from Baal to avoid his casts and it was pretty safe, just took awhile to chip away at their strength in numbers. This is where Barani's cold spells really shined. Mithik even weapon switched and put that big goofy sword to work on the Minion that was frozen stiff. He felt quite heroic, even though Barani was warning him the entire time to be careful.

Decent drop from Baal, but of no use to the party. Blinkbat would have been nice way back in the Rogue's encampment or the Desert for sure. His current Riprap's are better overall then the Barbarian boots and he still hope to find the lovely purple lollipop wand.

Mithik and Barani, Level 47, Headed to kill the double crossing Necromancer


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Nice progress guys, and I love the shots of the amazon directing everyone with her purple lollipop!