A Lack of Information (A S/U Worshipper Tournament)


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Unfortunately McBuff was slain in Act 4 by a group of quick moving venom lords. She didn't see them coming and Fazal was busy attacking some annoying burning souls. I have enjoyed playing with the enchant sorceress a lot. Since this was SC i am going to continue playing this char even though McBuff is out of the tournament.
Thank you getting me back into D2 and I will definitely continue checking for others updates and maybe join with another char if I want to start another guy.

ScruffMcBuff Enchant Sorceress Level 31 Plains of Despair R.I.P


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@Southpaw8668 - Ouch, sorry about the deeds! Resistances can be tricky in tournaments like this, and that can get very dangerous much earlier on, especially for melee chars. We'd love to have you back if you feel like joining again! :)

@Azimuthus - Welcome to the tournament! Best of luck out there with your necro.

@Bry - Too bad about the death, Act 4 can be deceptively dangerous. Well done getting that far on your first tournament attempt, I enjoyed your updates! We'd love to have you give it another go, but in the meantime good luck with McBuff!


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I can't stay away from D2. I've been playing Path of Exile lately, but I'm going to join this anyway. =)
There are already a bunch of paladins, I don't want to do a passive zon, and I've done the other classes on this forum recently, so I'm joining with Kalandra the Assassin. Final skill build to be determined by drops, but I tend to really like Blade Fury.


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Hi there,
Was away for some time but im certainly not gone :) Im sorry to read about some deeds, but also see some nice progress and new adventurers :).
Ignorant just finished the secret cow lvl, which gave cleglaws shield, shael and dol rune. The shael rune is immediatly used to upgrade chance guards into heavy bracers. The choice between cleglaws sword+shield or civerb club+sigon shield was not easy. Cleglaws set does more dps, but not much and the +1 to skills from sigon shield was attractive. For now im using cleglaw set on main switch and sigon shield+ sandars superstition at switch, even though I know im to lazy to switch for buffing and horking. Civerbs cudgel went into gomule and civerbs amulet remains equiped since both tancreds and irathas amulet are just as useless as Civerbs. All amulets are store ingame in case I find more of these sets and they dont take much room anyway.
I also took cleglaws gloves out of my gomule stash into the ingame stash, since the full set is an awesome bosskiller.

With the cleglaw shield set bonus and upgraded gloves, my defense is now higher as ever before, even though my ethereal belt broke in the cowlvl.

Ignorant lvl 48 Rogue encampment NM
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Condolences to the fallen heroes and good luck to the new ones.

OK, so in order to honor the Immortal King's will, I changed mercs, gave my new buddy Yrmenlaf Griswold's Edge and then gave his armor choice a thought. I looked the Will again, noticed the gold find (not likely to matter in this tourney, but I'm not complaining) and then saw that, hey, that's a pretty big defense number for a normal base item! No more Isenhart's partial set bonus, but the Case is still clearly better than Cathan's armor. Mh, what's this? Venom Ward. Pretty big Defense bonus as well, and I have the stuff to upgrade it. Yup, that looks like the best choice. He's probably not going to exactly own the cows with a standard Griswold's but he will be some 20 levels higher. Can I boost Defense even more? I looked at my prerequisite skill Defiance. Wow, +70% bonus at slvl 1!

All in all, most cow attacks should miss now:
(Ooops, screenie is a fail. He was outside Defiance range - his defense is actually about 1600 when we're closer)

BTW, he just met the level requirement of the helm. What luck.

He was better than I thought against the cows, actually.

Early Nightmare has been more of a struggle. Smaller level advantage, and monsters hit harder.
Griswold had a nasty extra ability. It was no use trying to save Yrmenlaf. And with Beren's really low lightning resist (OK, the bow helped a little, took it from 3 to 28), this was the way to do it safely:

Sparking Mail dropped early in NM. Upgraded, it almost matches Venom Ward in defense, and it has way better abilities, so that's Yrmenlaf's new armor.

Every large melee pack of things at corrupted rogue size or bigger required either separation or Conversion if Yrmenlaf was to have any chance. I only have two reds in my belt, which is part of this problem. Conversion is level 4 at the moment, and it's OK for user friendliness at that level. Very nice in some fights. I often combined it with some axe Holy Shocking to soften up the big guys for Yrmenlaf to kill:

Tactics for Fallen is to lure off as many as I can, have Yrmenlaf kill them, then use Redemption. Great skill, both for corpse disposal and to heal small wounds. If some fallen are resurrected anyway, they get the freezing axe treatment. :)

After I had played Black Marsh, I had found a chipped topaz and an Amn rune. This meant I could cube another Sol and upgrade Griswold's Edge to Battle Sword. That was a major improvement for Yrmenlaf. And then in the Tower Cellar, I found an even better sword and also another Sol to upgrade it:

More damage, life steal and a little resists, nice.

Beren has had several dangerous fights in Nightmare. It's mostly due to his bad resists. Lightning in particular, but cold is also bad unless he holds his axe (but then he has no shield...) Maybe I should put a point in Salvation to use when this gets really bad?
Early NM feels like a hurdle he needs to pass, but if he does, the future looks brighter. He pumps between 3 and 4 points to VIT at every level-up, and I should be able to find some nice lightning resist charms.

Scariest place yet was not surprisingly Pit level 2. Before I even got to work on the first Devilkin pack, this pack came running:

And if that wasn't bad enough, one of my converted critters (a Devilkin), ran down a bit and attracted the next rogue boss pack, Extra Fast Mana Burn. At least the dangerous Extra Strong boss was dead but a few hard-hitting minions were still around. It was chaotic at times:

The mana burn was incredibly annoying, keeping me from converting enemies at some important moments. I was actually surrounded a few times, had to drink nearly the whole belt! We won eventually, and also defeated a Cursed archer boss in here. Beren Smite-locked her against a wall, until Yrmenlaf could kill a meleer and an archer minion, then the boss herself.

Beren now sports a very nice +186% MF on Yrmenlaf's kills (102% on his own and for containers). That should hopefully pay off well in Nightmare.

Isenhart's Parry (cow level)
Arcanna's Head (Cow King)
Arctic Binding (Mausoleum)
Sparking Mail (Mausoleum)
Berserker's Hatchet (Stony Field)
Stormstike (Dark Wood) <- worse ED than on the one I had already
Isenhart's Case (Treehead Woodfist)
Skin of the Vipermagi (Tristram; Skeleton Archer Champ near Cain) <- only 21% resists, but this may well be my endgame armor
Cleglaw's Pincers (Black Marsh)
Sigon's Shelter (Hole level 2)
Soulflay (Tower Cellar level 5)
Angelic Halo (Tamoe Highlands) <- since I don't benefit much from life steal, this was better than Cathan's

Destroyer Beren the (for now) jack-of-all-trades Paladin and Yrmenlaf the barbarian, level 51, NM Outer Cloister next
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BoneVoyage made it to Lower Kurast and ... well... his Voyage was Bon -)
All valuable information on him is here.

Some screens as usual:

First s/u item


Andy Useless Yellow Gifts


First weapon slot


Second slot


Now this is cool -)


"Huoston, we've got a problem..."

Instead of 3 row white belt we now have crappy 2 row -(


"Huoston, we've got another problem..."

No more topazzed armor -(
However, still one on merc -)




3rd and last Gleclaw piece:

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So I had so much fun with the first guy I decided to join again with another. This time I'm going to be going with a Summon/maybe poison necro. Hopefully I will do better this time. I need some sleep so this update is going to be quick.

BoneCut Summon Necro Level-15 Black Marsh


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@SunsetVista - Welcome! Karna is glad to have some assassin company. :) Blade fury can definitely be an interesting option, depending on drops. If Karna didn't have a self-imposed "no-trap-tree" rule, she would be using it right now. Good luck!

@EasyG - Good to see you back, good luck in NM. :)

@jiansonz - Yikes, that Pit 2 is a scary sight! Great job getting through it. It's interesting to read about how useful Conversion is, I'll have to try it out sometime.

@Azimuthus - Wow, great progress! Awesome to complete a full set so early on.

@Bry - Welcome to your new character, best of luck with him!


I got a pile of playing time this weekend, so here is a bigger-than-normal update on Karna's progress. :)

After talking it over, Karna and Lief decided that the pairing just wasn't a great fit. So Lief went back to Harrogath to be with his brothers, and Karna ducked back in to Lut Gholein in normal to beg forgiveness from Mizan. Mizan was still upset, so Karna went back to the stash to get a surprise she had made for him. She presented him with his old Razortine weapon, except there was something different about it.

"It's heavier than I remember" Mizan stated.

"It's been upgraded my friend, it's a Fuscina now" Karna explained.

Apparently that was enough to convince him, and he agreed to join his old friends to finish what he started. He was more than a little bit out of practice, and wandered a bit too far into the fray in Tristram, leading things to get slightly out of control:

We had to retreat out of there to get away from the champion archers, but we managed to get a foothold and clear it out without too much trouble. After saving the old man, we got him to identify all of the stuff we had cluttering up our stash, and went on another gambling spree. We keep approximately 500k in the stash at all times as our emergency fund, but the rest of all the gold we gather goes to gambling chain gloves, heavy belts, and skull caps hoping for some MF to make an appearance. Nothing this time, I don't even know how much gold we gambled, we have stopped keeping track. Needless to say, Gheed is rather fond of us.

Mizan's upgraded weapon has made him a fair bit more effective. Don't get me wrong, he isn't a killing machine, but he definitely helps out more. Karna is the main damage dealer, and is very effective at it (more on that later). The countess dropped us nothing of use, and we promptly moved on. We hadn't seen any S/U since the Crypt, but that was about to change.

In the jail we found Iratha's Crown. Nice resists, and we got some small set bonuses (10 dex + some defense) since we were already wearing the belt, so on it went. We switch our Infernal Cap to Mizan, and his resists went up to 80 res all. Nice!

These guys gave us some serious trouble on lvl 2.

As you can see, the Shadow was..less than useful. We ended up getting back tracked all the way to the stairs, but with CoS and MB we got them.

This drop gave us something to think about with our weapon choice (it rolled 3 sockets as well, which is very nice). I like it, and I would especially like to use a weapon with a range thats >1. The problem is we whiff significantly more than with Spineripper (which has ITD), so I have a question for you all. If I socketed the mace with 3x Eth runes for -75% enemy defense, would that make a significant difference? For now we are sticking with Spineripper, but if that's a viable option (or we come up with some more AR somewhere), we will definitely switch over.

The jails continued to pay off, with Milabrega's Shield dropping. Finally, some MF! Unfortunately, this meant losing our 3-PDiamond shield, which was a pretty significant hit. Looks like it's time to run Fade full-time now! In the Jail level 3, we were thinking about going back to do some more gambling when this happened. FINALLY! We couldn't believe it, after spending the last 2 acts at 3-27% MF, 50% worth dropped in the span of 2 floors! We will continue gambling for other MF pieces, notably Chance Guards, but we feel much better about our situation now. The belt was immediately upgraded to give us the extra potion row.

Our lowered resists have drastically changed our gameplay. We are now using CoS a LOT more, and Mind Blast has even come into semi-regular play. This guy and his associated pack almost took us out a couple times, and we ended up using 3 Full Rejuvs just to get him down. He was a valuable lesson that things are going to be MUCH mroe dangerous from here on out, and that maybe it's time to spend some of those saved up stat points into Vitality for the time being.

We cleared the Cathedral, making sure to hit Bone Ash extra hard for Wolfswift (RIP), and cleared our way through the Catacombs with no trouble. After clearing out Andariel's level, it was time to take her on. So we took the normal steps of buffing everyone with Antidotes, and stepped down. Now Mizan's PR was 90%, and Karna's was a lowly 46, so we figured he could take the brunt of the attack, and Karna would pound meteors into her from out of the poison range. Well... that didn't work. Mizan dropped almost immediately, and the Shadow even more quickly. The thing with Phoenix Strike is it does the most damage when you can layer meteors, and keep the target on them (especially for larger monsters, as they get hit by more patches).

This meant that a hit-and-run tactic wouldnt work very well, so Karna had to go toe-to-toe with the big girl herself.

The fight actually went much more smoothly then I had thought. By the end of it, we had drank all of our reds, and 4 Full purples, but we were never really in a ton of danger. The flames burned through Andy fairly quickly, and before we knew it, the fight was over. The astute observer will notice a couple of un-popped barrels right beside where we were fighting. Yes, we checked them before moving on, they were empty. :p

A quick update on my thoughts on Phoenix Strike:
It's awesome. The lightning charge is really, really fun now that I'm better at releasing it reliably. If I could go back, I would have listened to jiansonz more closely and pumped the lightning synergy a bit more before NM as it kills the more dispersed crowds (carvers, archers, imps and the like) much more eaily than the meteor charge. Either way, I'm very pleased with the killing power, and definitely recommend this build to anyone who has thought of trying it.

Current MF = 77%

Other Finds:
- Another Isenhart's Helm
- Dol rune
- Another Cathan's Ring (not very useful for us)
- Steelclash (Andy drop) This could be an interesting option later on if we can't find a better one.

Destroyer Karna the Phoenix Strike Assassin, with Mizan the Prayer Guard - lvl 53, NM Lut Gholein.


Lots of changes, so time for a new table!

Table of Heroes:
Forum Name     Class        Char Name        LVL    ACT      Area
Pb_pal         Assassin     Karna            53     A2(NM)   Lut Gholein
jiansonz       Paladin      Beren            51     A1(NM)   Outer Cloister
EasyG          Barbarian    Ignorant         48     A1(NM)   Rogue Encampment
Azimuthus      Necromancer  BoneVoyage       30     A3       Lower Kurast
kestegs        Paladin      Dauntless_Train  26     A2       Arcane Sanctuary
srrw           Sorceress    Zoey             20     A2       Sewers
Jcakes         Paladin      Ares             20     A2       Lut Gholein
U.i.n.i.u      Necromancer  SetUnique        ??     A2       Lut Gholein
Bry            Necromancer  BoneCut          15     A1       Black Marsh   
Jocular        Paladin      Grok             12     A1       Stony Field
SunsetVista    Assassin     Kalandra          1     A1       Rogue Encampment

The Fallen (RIP):
Forum Name     Class        Char Name        LVL    ACT       Area
Southpaw8668   Paladin      Wolfswift        51     A1(NM)    Cathedral
Bry            Sorceress    ScruffMcBuff     31     A4        Pains of Despair


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I've made a leap further and finished Frozen River Quest (reward ignored, according to the rules).
No special moments, just normal routine.
Progress details are here.

+1 skills shield - best drop for the whole Act 3.


Mephisto useless drops:


The further we go the less MF we get... ))
Topazzed helm goes to merk.


Bonespearing all the time is boring. Why not cut something down with Fenchmar? Ow, Izual is at hand )


Diablo is as boring as Mef (even though last blow was made by Blaise with 84MF) -((


Oh ah! Soj, Bul-kathos? Okey, just kidding - then maybe Nagel? Relax - this is manald heal ;-/


Nice axe but...
Why Act5 merc can't wield axes I wonder... So okey, we are still with Blaise and her non-damaging Raveclaw ;-/



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Kalandra is level 17 and currently camped at the Outer Cloister. It's been really weird to sell all the rings and amulets. I'm so used to carrying ID scrolls around; not having them this time is odd. 5 chipped topazes total in hat and armor, 3 chipped diamonds in a shield. Klaudia the fire rogue has a bow with a chipped emerald and 2 chipped rubies. Two finds so far: Death's Guard in Stony Field and Gull(!) from Treehead Woodfist:
One Hand Damage: 2 - 19
Durability: 16 of 16
Required Level: 4
Fingerprint: 0xc2639d7
Item Level: 8
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Adds 1 - 15 Damage
-5 to Mana
100% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Lucky! I hope it will make things interesting!
The Countess dropped Ral. I will have to do some research as to what to do with runes since no runewords are allowed. I'm looking forward to it.
Cain has also identified some nice charms for us. I love how good early resist charms can be.
Skillpoints are all over the place in prereqs. The 1 point Burst of Speed and Cloak of Shadows are handy for stabbing things. I'm raising str, dex, and vita fairly evenly at this point. I want to keep my options open and be able to block.


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Pb_pal said:
A quick update on my thoughts on Phoenix Strike:
It's awesome. The lightning charge is really, really fun now that I'm better at releasing it reliably. If I could go back, I would have listened to jiansonz more closely and pumped the lightning synergy a bit more before NM as it kills the more dispersed crowds (carvers, archers, imps and the like) much more eaily than the meteor charge.
Glad you like it.
Most of the skill points in Normal are needed for Phoenix Strike itself, but you will want to make sure that the 2nd charge is strong when you get to Act IV. Doom Knights are fire immune and some other monster types have high reistance.

Not sure why I did not take any screenshots in late Act 1, probably because it was far less exciting than the Pit...
Yrmenlaf ran into trouble a number of times (mostly against spitter boss packs) but I always had enough room to fall back on.

I brought in Sigon's Guard for the fight with the Maiden of Anguish and tanked her myself. Even with Crushflange and maxed Holy Shock, it took a while and I spent 7-8 full purples and lots of reds. Poison resist wasn't good. In fact, it was only 10 points (courtesy of Arctic Furs) over the lowest possible if you drink antidotes, i.e. 20%.
Merc had Venom Ward for this fight, but he was never attacked anyway.

Maelstrom (Jail 1)
Sigon's Sabot (Jail 1)
Griswold's Edge (Andariel)
Rogue's Bow (Andariel)
Tarnhelm (Andariel) <- 34% MF
Vidala's Snare (Andariel)

Silly as it looks, the unique Yew Wand is actually my main weapon now. With Crushflange, I have 75 fire resist and 3 lightning resist. With Maelstrom, it's a more balanced 25/43. Cold resist is much better now after I found Sigon's boots. They provide MF too so they are much better than my Treads of Cthon Mesh Boots.

Andariel's drop means I can no longer equip all my MF items at the same time. Best MF setup for armor/head/shield is currently the Arctic combo (64%) + Tarnhelm (34%) + Sigon's Guard (50% from the boots). That means +2 skills as well, but my chance to hit drops a lot when I remove Sigon's Visor. Hopefully that won't mean too much trouble. Fist of the Heavens now does almost 1000 damage per hit and always hits, so if Holy Shock isn't as good anymore (because I miss more) I can fall back on that. Also, I think you do not actually need to hit for Conversion to work, so it should still be as reliable as it has been. Even more so, because of +2 skills.

Destroyer Beren the (for now) jack-of-all-trades Paladin and Yrmenlaf the barbarian, level 53, NM Lut Gholein


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@Azimuthus I like that progress details sheet you made :)

@SunsetVista The main use for runes is to cube sol and shael to upgraded uniques. It might also be worth it to save some Ort runes in case you end up with exceptionally expensive repairs. Also some runes might be used as socketfillers offcourse :p. Since you might end cubing up a lot of runes, I advice to save up on chipped gems.

@jiansonz Im amazed how little charms you use in your screenshots. My inventory is loaded with resistance charms and few life charms. Also very nice playstyle to recognise that at some point the lvl 1 defense aura might be more usefull as other auras. I also had a very very hard fight at pit lvl2, but forgot to take screenshots from it.

@Pb_pal Gz with the milebrega's shield. I feel sorry for your amount of drops compared to my much higher MF+find item skill. Best luck for act2!

I couldnt stay behind and also ventured into act1 of nightmare.

Here we go:

At the cold plains we learned again what our worst enemy is: manaburn. I dont have any manasteal, relying at converting taken damage into mana, but this does not work vs manaburn. When I dont have mana, then I cant hit with concentration and then its not only that I dont deal damage(and leech life), but also that my defense drops dramatically. I thought this conviction aura combined with it was very lethal, because I got hit every single time due to the lowered defense, but later I learned that CE+manaburn is even worse.

In the cave, their was a huge change! The drop of my first exceptional s/u. Hwanins justice!! This weapon I even consider as legal option for twinked characters. It has damage+attackspeed+attackrating, pretty much all you need. Offcourse there is also room to complain. The idea of Ignorant is to be the frontline tank with a ranged merc as backup. As tank I prefer to go with 1hander and a shield for the needed defense and resistances. But since Elly hardly deals damage and this weapon is just awesome, I will sacrifice my tank idea for now and go 2handed. The other complain is of more serious note. I shatter a lot of champion with the ctc ice blast. Every time I miss out a hork opportunity makes me a bit sad.
Not much later I completed Civerbs set, not really relevant anymore now I use this crazy bill. If I would like to go back 1 handed I can choose between Cleglaw or Civerb set :D
After finally rescueing cain I went back to the cold plains to fight blood raven. this was a funny fight. I had her locked at left mouse button running after her while every now and then casting a howl to fear the undead, eventually she fell this way and dropped Hsarus Iron heel. My fire resist is already over 60%, so I stayed with sanders boot.
Its funny how many set items I have and how im lacking in uniques.

I have been reading other posts in this thread with much envy whenever someone dropped a bow, but now it was my time: Rogue's Bow.

Rogue's Bow
Double Bow
Two Hand Damage: 15 - 36
Durability: 30 of 36
Required Level: 30
Required Strength: 58
Required Dexterity: 73
Fingerprint: 0xe0dec68
Item Level: 41
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+50% Increased Attack Speed
42% Enhanced Damage
+60 to Attack Rating
+100% Damage to Undead
30% Deadly Strike
All Resistances +10
Required Level +5

Even before upgrading the bow is immediatly fantastic. My rogue has this insane attackspeed now, which is very good, because mercs have some base damage that grows per level. So it doesnt really matter that the damage is low, as long as the attackspeed is high. She shoots a 2nd and 3rd arrow before the first reaches its target. Also the 80 poison damage at wormskull becomes pretty relevant now. The same base damage is nicely multiplied by the deadly trike and damage to undead boni. After upgrading to double bow I noticed that undead died just as fast by my rogue as from my green bill, which is great, because mana burning specters and unleechable undead in general are hard for me. The resistances are just ice on the cake.

Directly after finding the bow, I fll in the last unclaimed spot with Sigons Belt. It is my second Sigon item (after the shield) and their combo is pretty promising for when I find a good 1 handed weapon. For now the belt is not so nice. The fire resist is unneeded the extra life is nice, but I really miss the defense from superior sharkskin belt, which was pretty much my only item offering defense, besides the upgraded chance guards.

Wall of the eyeless was dropped, which could potentially offer some offweapon mana steal, but I dont see myself using this shield, considering i have so many nice set shields (sigon, civerb, cleglaw).

Yes, I realise this is getting a bit boring theoretical story, so its about time to show some of the NDE's I managed to screen. One thing I noticed this tournie is how hard it is to take screenies. Because if I stop fighting for a moment then I lose my defense from concentration and Elly refuses to tank monsters while im taking a break to take a screenie. This is why I almost only have screenshots after killing all monsters. And the dangerous moments I didnt screen, I usually forget about again before writing my report here.

One NDE was when running into a pack of spectres which were cold enchanted. As soon as I get frozen, my attackspeed drops so low that the defense from concentration will drop between the attacks and after im mana burned I dont get the defense back anyway anymore :D These spectres were so hard that eventually I decided to run circles in the room, while the poison and fire damage from Elly tickled away the hitpoints from all those spectres. Offcoure I took a small break from running circles to find my screenshot button. It actually didnt take that long for Elly to kill the complete spectre pack.

After reaching the barracks, I thought I made an amazing pro move. I checked the unique in the same room as the experience shrine and noticed he had cursed, so isntead of taking the shrine immediatly, I first killed the boss and then used the shrine to leech some extra xp from his minions.

With still a lot of time on the xp hrine remaining I moved on quickly, and got cursed afterall:

The diablo2 players that more often wander around in the barracks, will recognise the Smith's spot at the left. And so I missed my opportunity to kill the Smith with xp shrine.

I was so focused at trying to screenshot the unique with cursed ability that I didnt noticed my warcrys expended and on top of that I was getting shot by the boss archer pack and some random Devilkin while being cursed and without concentration defense buff up. My screenshot button is all at the right of my keyboard and after that I have to move my hand all to the left of my keyboard to drink a rejuv, and usually I first missclick at 1,2,3,5, and 6 before hitting the 4, so this NDE might have been even closer as at the screenshot. But the screenie is worth it hehe.
Later it turned out the devilkins were from a champion devilkin shaman group in that same room. After horking all the devilkin, archers and shaman, the floor was completely filled with useless items :D

After this I made some screenshot of mana burn groups, since those groups are the only time I get in problem:
- With conviction aura again
- Without warcry again :p, dont die Elly!

And then I dropped my first exceptional armor s/u. I was so excited because I didnt know which item it was without identifiing so quikly picked a scroll from the ground and IDéd it, before realising I forgot to screen.

Sander boots were like the last item I expected to exchange, but since I have amazing AR from my weapon, I could miss it and infernostride gives stylepoints, I promise next time Ill try to give some blaze screenhots. Now I have good defense again (over 1500 i think) and a crazy 85% fire resist.
For fun I stood in the fire patches at Andariels room to trigger blaze, while I took almost less damage as civerbs amulet regenerates.

After switching to Iratha amulet and drinking 5 antidotes I started Andariel at lvl 52 and 8 healing potions later, I was lvl 53.

During act 1 i had some more duplicate s/u drops, not worth noting. I also decided to use 9 pgems at some rerolling since I vaguely seem to remember that lvl 30-50 grand charms are the best ones in untwinked tournies (mostly for scintilating) and made this beauty:

Lucky Grand Charm of Sustenance
Grand Charm
Required Level: 23
Fingerprint: 0x28d0c27b
Item Level: 41
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+25 to Life
6% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

I also did gamble some short battle bows, but after 30 attempts I had 0 short siege bows. Later I read that the odds for exceptional quality go up by lvl and after some quick calculation, those odds should be like twice higher at lvl 62. I find gambling pretty boring in general and im also not a fan of going back to town to sell every little item, so I think Ill forget about gambling WWS. It a nice idea to have a single pass tournie where you dont have to gather every little bit of gold you find :)

Ignorant, the lvl 53 Concentration Barbarian and Elly, the Fire Rogue, Lut Gholein.
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@jiansonz Im amazed how little charms you use in your screenshots. My inventory is loaded with resistance charms and few life charms.
I badly want more charms (both resists and life) but the drops have been really awful. Can't remember ever having fewer than what I have now at the start of Act II NM.
I usually keep every charm with at least 5% single (non-poison) resist per inventory square (or 3% all resist) and those with at least +10 life per inventory space.
I think I'll do some charm rerolling soon.

Nice ging with the barbarian! Glad you found some better weapons. Rogue's Bow is indeed pretty nice, but I disagree a bit about the bow damage not being that important. I think it is, at least for the late game.
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Warning: You might get a bit jelly because of my ridiculous luck.

Got my first s/u weapon drop in the Stony Tomb. The full set bonus is sort of decent-ish so I'm not too mad about it. Then this happened in the Halls, surely it isn't a second Nagel, I'm not that lucky. Oh wait, I am! And a very good roll too.

I feel your guys' pain about the Unravelers. One of the Halls opening rooms was not fun. I counted 10, most are off-screen, tho.

This was not fun either. I'm pretty much a sitting duck only using Static/Tele/FNova to support the merc until I'm 30 to use both my main skills. Sure Blizzard is very good even at slvl1 but I don't have nearly enough mana to support it for full clears. The occasional tough pack or big group is not a problem but killing everything is. My one and only fear for normal and early nightmare was for my merc to remain weaponless and I was one s/u weapon away from that. So after I finished the CVT I went on a gambling spree with the 800k gold I've saved up from both Acts in case of that happening. Was hoping to start gambling for a weapon later so I had a chance at Woestave which is my preferred choice of merc weapon but I have to settle for Razortine, should be good enough for now. 400k in it got annoying not seeing a single Trident for ~20 rerolls so I started gambling Bardiche's as well. Dimoak's Hew is not that bad. 450k in, this happened:

Two Hand Damage: 13 - 21
Durability: 35 of 35
Required Level: 12
Required Strength: 38
Required Dexterity: 24
Fingerprint: 0x759f9ea0
Item Level: 29
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+30% Increased Attack Speed
45% Enhanced Damage
-50% Target Defense
Slows Target by 25%
+15 to Strength
+8 to Dexterity
S/U's so far for Act II:
Isenhart's Horns - Radament
Angelic Sickle - Random boss
Nagelring #2 - Random monster
Berserker's Hatched - Random monster
Razortine - Gambled

Current gear:
Switch 1 - Berserker's Hatched / Gemmed Kite Shield [Diamond/Chipped Diamond/Chipped Topaz]
Switch 2 - Angelic Sickle / Small Shield
Helm - Cap [2x Flawed Topaz]
Armor - Ring Mail [Flawed Topaz/2x Chipped Topaz]
Gloves - Chain Gloves
Belt - Superior Belt
Boots - Hsaru's Iron Heel
Rings - 2x 27MF Nagelring
Ammy - Amulet of the Viper - I am allowed to use it, correct?

Weapon - Razortine (gambled!!!)
Helm - Isenhart's Horns
Armor - Arctic Furs

Zoey the FOrb/Fire (second thoughts about Hydra) sorcy and Waheed the Prayer Guard level 25, Palace next

Edit: Since I mostly do short sessions, sometimes far apart and I forget most of what happened I'm going to update after each one (if something remotely significant happens), unlike I originally intended to do - after each completed Act.
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Okey, from the frozen caves of the Arreat we leaped to scorching sands of Nightmare LutGholein. Who we? BoneVoyage the Necromancer, Weder the Barbarain and.... Bobby the Fire Golem ))

Character details and all items we found are here.

At first things went bad. No, playing is easy ofc, no dangerous moments. But the with almost zero MF drop is a bit boring. However just after Nihlatak we ran out of his room and I pressed "alt" in the cleared area - just in case. And wow... It just laid there on the ground. Probably bone spear downed that succubi from afar while I was dealing with other mobs - so I didn't notice.


As a result - and with the help of Lazruk, we've got something we can call "Shako Prototype Ver 1.0" ))


Hooray, 24 MF! And even more than that. Just after this finding we've got Cathan Seal. This is the first time ever I was happy to get it. Why? Because with this 3rd piece I've got some extra resistances and +25MF from cathan amu. So 49 MF - nice.

In Frozen Tundra we've got Hellplague sword (+2 fire skills and some nice extra damage). At first I gave it to A3 fire merc, but he was so bad that I switched to good old barb.


Baal dropped nothing at all and cows... oh! I forgot cows - got to do them just right after this report )) ... so In Act 1 NM Caves I've got VenomWard which goes to merc - so no more MF on merc -( But on the other hand no need to wait for his final strike. Later on Sigon Boots dropped - so... with the belt we'd get a nice addition to MF. But alas - no belt so far.

(Unid red sword -)


And after that got several nice drops - Humongous Axe (can wield it, so equipped), many-many bows, and a nice present from... the Countess.




Later on Shael dropped (2nd one), so I upgraded that stupid SnakeCord belt. Was happy to get 4 rows instead of 2, but just after some 5-7 minutes .... :


Andariel playing with my bones ))


But her drop was as bad as from 2 previous end-act bosses -(


Only 1 (partly) dangerous moment so far. In catacombs lvl 2 (or 3?) - after I killed elite pack of lighting-balls-spitting monsters, I ran into doorway, assuming it was safe - and got kicked by 2nd elite boss of this same kind. He stood just behind the door. -50% HP at once. But doesn't matter, still 8 pp NM with a necro is quite easy and I play fast and carelessly ))


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I have my screenshot button set to the thumb button on my mouse. Makes it easy to fight and take shots without much danger. If you don't have a mouse with extra buttons I would set it to be the key to the right of your belt slots (5 for me) that way you can just slide your pinky over to hit it.

Nice progress everyone! Seeing all those nice drops makes me want to play more so I can find good stuff too!


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I have my screenshot button set to the thumb button on my mouse. Makes it easy to fight and take shots without much danger. If you don't have a mouse with extra buttons I would set it to be the key to the right of your belt slots (5 for me) that way you can just slide your pinky over to hit it.
Mine is mapped to spacebar. Finding a nice place for it makes the process much easier, and you should never have to even think about taking the shots. :)


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Mine is mapped to spacebar. Finding a nice place for it makes the process much easier, and you should never have to even think about taking the shots. :)
Okay, so which button do you use for 'close window' instead? (the function that's normally tied to the space bar)
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Okay, so which button do you use for 'close window' instead? (the function that's normally tied to the sapce bar)
I use ESC for that (I think that's the 2nd default for that command). The SS button is just about the only one I've remapped. I even still use the F# keys for all my skill hotkeys. I spent so much time playing with them back in 1.09 bnet, that I'm just too used to them to change it.

@SunsetVista - It is indeed strange selling off all jewelery. As for runes, I'm hanging on to them but so far have only used them sporadically to upgrade some uniques. Congrats on the Gull, great find!

@srrw - That is some great luck, expecially on the gambled Razortine! It gives Karna hope that the millions she's spent will pay off at some point. Maybe...

@Azimuthus - Congrats on the Destroyer! Some great finds there too, love the Shako prototype :p


Karna set out first through the sewers to rid the place of the foul Radament. Down there we met our first natural Fire Immunes in Burning Dead Mages. It definitely slowed us downa little bit, but our 2nd charge on Phoenix Strike was strong enough to kill them in 2 cycles, so it wasn't too tedious. Steelgoad dropped for us down there, but Mizan's current weapon is better, so he is sticking with that for now. When we got down to Radament, things got a little interesting. His posion attack would drain Karna from full health (591 hp) to 1 hp in about 3 seconds flat (her PR is -4 with Fade activated). We had to be extra careful, and TP our as soon as we got hit with it. Eventually, we got him into a position where he wasn't hitting Karna with the poison, and we could take him out.

He tried to trick us into taking that moldy old book again after he died. Joke's on him though, we're not falling for that one!

Out into the desert our group has ventured, and it's going well. To give you and idea of just how powerful a properly layered meteor-mat can be, we were in Creeping Feature's room and we were killing off his minions when a full-health Creeping Feature walked through our flame pile. He was dead before he got to the other side. The meteors themselves are currently doing 859-984, with the fire explosion damage being 795-831 per second. That's with no +skills, and still 6 points left to max the syngery. Not bad!

After that we moved up through the Dry Hills, and cleared out the Halls of the dead. The only trouble we had was against these guys. Most of the reason we had trouble was there was also 3 Unravellers + skellies, and a mummy sarcophagus in that room. That meant we had to take it slow and try not to get surrounded, as Karna tends to be fragile if she gets too caught up in the fray. Lots of MB was used in the Halls, to keep the Unravellers busy fighting converted skellies, which allowed Karna to keep control of the situation. We used CoS sparingly, only when I was sure there were no sarcophagi around, as I don't want any unneccessary crashes.

Much to our delight, the Halls of the Dead provided us with some increased S/U drops. None were useful, but it's nice to be seeing more green and gold now that we have some more MF.

Current MF = 77%

Other Finds:
- 2x Milabrega's Shield, taking us to 3 total
- Vidala's Barb
- Civerb's Cudgel

Destroyer Karna the Phoenix Strike Assassin, with Mizan the Prayer Guard - lvl 55, NM Far Oasis.


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Our next stop is Kurast Docks. Act 2 was long and sometimes boring. First part was going fine, but from Palace an on 600-700 magic damage was too slow for p8 mobs, so I switched it to p6 and in tombs even to p4 so it would go faster.

Character details and stuff.

As in Act 1, generally everything was easy except one a bit frightening moment - in Arcane Sanctuary I took red teleport portal and found myself surronded by fire clans - while going back didn't work. On hell diff that would be probably "deeds" - but not in NM luckily -)

* * *

And then I thought to myself: "Reading books is forbidden... but using gold items is not. And Radament's book looks golden! What if I don't read read it, but just use it? -) Like Chuck Norris, who doesn't read books but stares them down until he gets the information he wants!" (but ofc I didn't use it - only Chuck Norris can do that ))


Probably my dismissed girl wants her position back and keeps reminding me about that ))

-= 2nd rogue's bow


-= 3rd rogue's bow and 2nd vidala's


Weder can't use upped Patriarch yet, but he can use upped this:


If I were a sorc I'd be happy -) (not much, but a little bit ))


Finally. +25 MF more. Sigon's Tower goes on switch.


Even on P4 some tombs were a trouble. Merc kept dying all the time (even with 90 poison res!) as well as Bobby the Golem -) But I made them play with my bones and everything was alright.


This is it - final tomb. It generated a huuuuuge map - one of the biggest I've seen so far. And I switched it again to P8 - so it took some time (btw, found absolutely nothing inside)


Duriel: "Looking for Baal?"
BoneVoyage: "Here's your bone doggy! Go get it!!"
Duriel: "Bow-wow-wow!!!"
BoneVoyage: "Good boy! Now give me that gloves".

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