A Lack of Information (A S/U Worshipper Tournament)


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Grok is doing well. I've finished up to Stony, and haven't found any greens/golds yet. I'm not surprised as I just found my first topaz in The Crypt next to Blood Raven.

As expected, Sacrifice is incredibly powerful early game. When fighting BRaven I was able to walk up to her and whack away, sending her into hit recovery often. I had high hopes for Cold Crow's drop (a gull?!) but nothing came of it.

By far the most annoying part is the fact that out of the 12 gems I've found, HALF of them are emeralds! Go away! Given my extreme lack of topazes so far, I'm going to try to gamble for a gull until I'm high enough level for chancies. No luck so far, but I've only just started.

Grok, level 12, about to begin the Stony Field.


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@kestegs: I see that SunsetVista provided you with a list of unique/set item qlvls, but I like this site better.
(items in later versions are the same as in v1.10)

@Pb_pal: Yeah, it's fun to kill imps with the lightning charge. Sometimes you can nail several of them with one blast. It also looks freaking awesome.

I'll (hopefully) write an update on my Paladin later today. The S/U finds (and lately, the MF) have picked up in Act V.
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My Holy Shock (FoH-to-be) Paladin has reached Destoyerhood. Gear setup changed a number of times during the last act, and even my merc plans have changed. More on that later.

As usual, I'll list the S/U finds first:
The Salamander (Bloody Foothills)
Isenhart's Case (Bloody Foothills)
Stormstrike (Crystalline Passage)
Venom Ward (Frozen River)
Sigon's Visor (Glacial Trail)
Milabrega's Orb (Halls of Pain)
Cathan's Mesh (Halls of Vaught)
Cathan's Mesh (Frozen Tundra)
Nokozan Relic (Frozen Tundra)
Griswold's Edge (Frozen Tundra)
The Face of Horror (Worldstone Keep 2)
Hsaru's Iron Heel (Worldstone Keep 3)
Cathan's Seal (Bartuc the Bloody)
Venom Ward (Baal)
Immortal King's Will (36% MF) (Baal)

Beren travels with his Prayer buddy Jemali, who's weaponless and hardly does any damage but his aura is nice to have and Jemali can soak up quite a bit of damage and enemies. That usually leaves Beren in peace to deliver his lightning attacks. He started out the act wielding Axe of Fechmar. Imps on towers were often lured off of the tower (by getting away a bit - around the edge of screen), then I used Charge to nail them. Or, if I found a tower with no imp close to it, hacked up the tower in 2-3 swings. I had boosted a few points in STR and spent a bunch of runes and was now the proud owner of the rarely seen Axe of Fechmar Military Axe.

Look at the imp corpses here:

How many of them do you think I hit with the axe? None! I was fighting two Crush Beasts in this position. All those imps died from a barrage of Holy Shock pulses! And HS still had a few (4, I think) levels to go at this stage...

Isenhart's Case on the Foothills meant no more topazed non-magical armors/helms, but I decided to socket an armor item with a perfect topaz to at least keep the MF at a decent level. My pick for socketing wasn't as bad as the Isenhart's Case Pb_pal is thinking about. I chose Arctic Furs, as that is going to stay on for most of Nightmare unless I were to find Arctic Mitts (or possibly Arctic Horn). I could have picked Berserker's helm, but I have hopes for better helms. Along with my Nagelring and of course Arctic Binding, MF was now +82%.

I gave Jemali Isenhart's armor + helm. The resist bonus wasn't needed here in Normal (they were maxed anyway) but the extra Defense was probably useful.

I used Crushflange on Frozen River and part of Glacial Trail, as I did not want to shatter the shambling undead there. The Knockback is sometimes really annoying, but since I was now using a one-hander, I could switch gloves to Sigon's and benefit from the large IAS from the partial Sigon's bonus (Sigon's Guard was my second piece). I had found Stormstrike on Crystalline Passage, but the lack of IAS made it a less attractive option for the moment. And with either of those setups, I was whiffing notably often.

Then in the Glacial Trail, a fantastic find in the form of Sigon's Visor changed the whole situation. This helm solved both my problems. I can now have +30% IAS with any weapon, and with a large AR bonus as well! Wow.
Beren now became a Shock Ranger for a while. The piercing on Stormstrike was awesome!
Jemali can't tank large mobs for long, but he doesn't need to when the enemies drop like flies. :)

As you can see from the list above, more MF gear turned up in Nilly's temple. The "cursed" green shield of greed. Of course I'll use it! Blocking dropped from 75% to 45% (well, 45% only if I can be bothered to cast Holy Shield...)
And back to the bother of the knockback, but that only last for the rest of this session (plus the fire resist on Crushflange was good insurance against Nilly's CE madness).

I switched to Tancred's Crowbill, a much more convenient weapon for regular play than Crushflange, and it's also faster. The rest of the act was even more of a breeze. It was nice to find items that fit my two empty jewelry slots. Nokozan was very welcome because my fire resist was only 15% at this time, and there's a lot of fiery stuff going on on the Tundra.

Ookay, still no weapon for a desert guard, and with the high-roll IK Helm, I've decided to abandon my attempt to get the Prayer merc completed for my merc dodecavirate in SPF tournies, and will soon hire an Act V merc. The Prayer thing was never that good an idea for this tourney anyway, since it's more suited for a merc that uses Insight, and with a character that can benefit a lot from both mana- and life regeneration. Nova sorc and the likes comes to mind. Jemali will probably hang around a little more, but as soon as I find another Sol rune I can upgrade Griswold's Edge and then I'll make the switch, if not sooner (not sure how a merc will fare with a regular Griswold's when he's helped only by level 1 Might or Conviction).

Destroyer Beren the (for now) Holy Shock Paladin and Jemali the Prayer guard, level 48, Moo Moo Farm next
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Reading through all the updates has made me want to join. Hopefully I will have enough time to play and keep you guys updated with the progress. I have never made an enchant sorceress so this is going to be interesting I hope.

So Far: all players8

Scruff has been holding her own through the first part of her adventure. The blood moor and cold plains were a place to practice her baseball swing with all the critters running around. Chipped gems seem to be the thing that has fallen most so far. The blood raven passed away at just the sight of the incoming McBuff, which lead to the accompaniment of Klaudia on the journey. As of right now Scruff has switched the staff for the first unique which is a felloak club. It does have some fire and lightning resist so it isn't too bad of a weapon to start out with. McBuff is looking forward to rescuing Cain because her inventory is filling up with charms and because she has difficulty reading she doesn't know if they are helpful, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.


ScruffMcBuff, Enchant Sorceress Level-12 Stony Field.

This is my first tournament so let me know if I am doing anything wrong. I will not take it bad, I just want to make sure I am following the rules.


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@Jocular - Ouch, those failed pieces hurt, especially that Tarnhelm. Karna feels your pain :(

@jiansonz - Congrats on the Destroyer, some great finds along the way too!

@Bry - Welcome to the tournament. Love your sorc's name btw, good luck!


Karna and her group resumed their journey through the WSK without any major hiccups. Lots of Boars and Imps made for easy killing. In level 1 we were finally able to assemble our first perfect Topaz, so we made the decision to use our socket reward to get a little bit of MF happening. We were just about to punch a hole in our Isenhart's Armour (we literally had it placed into Larzuk's socketing window) when we remembered that we had Vidala's Armour stashed away. We popped a hole in that instead, just in case we find the Amulet and we can get some more MF from the set bonus. Our MF% now skyrocketed to 27%!:rolleyes:

Things finally got interesting in the Throne when we had to use CoS for the first time in all of Act V. It could get a little dicey if we came upon a big pack of Stygian Furies, but nothing we couldn't handle. Before we took on the minions Karna burned through another ~300k gold hoping for Chancies or a Goldwrap, to no avail. The minions posed no problems for our team, and Baal quickly followed suit. His drop was actually surprisingly useful, and you can take a look at her skills upon Baal kill there:

The Darkglow was eth, and went promtly onto the merc. Spineripper (ITD + PMH) has become Karna's new weapon, and she's quite pleased with it. The only downside in the range, but we can live with that for now. Karna absolutely mowed through the cows on /p8, and the King dropped us Arcanna's Head. So that's it for Normal! Here is a screenie of her skills(plus 1 point in Bos/Fade/SM and no traps)/stats at the end of cows:

Looking at the lists of what other people are finding, we are noticing the effect of going through alot of normal with very low MF. We lost our armour slots early on, and are feeling the repercussions of that (we did all of A5 at 3% MF, minus minons and Baal). Luckily though, what we HAVE found has typically been pretty useful, so I can't complain too much.

Karna's current gear:

Head: Infernal Cranium
Body: Vidala's Ambush (Perfect Topaz)
Gloves: Arctic Mitts
Belt: Iratha's Cord
Boots: Sigon's Sabot
Amulet: Nokozan Relic
Ring 1: Angelic Halo
Ring 2: empty
Main switch: Spineripper and Gemmed Large Shield (3x PDiamond)
Second Switch: Crushflange and Civerb's Ward

Head: Isenhart's Horns
Body: Darkglow (ethereal)
Weapon: Razortine

non-S/U slots remaining: one ring and one shield.

Plans going forward for NM:
  • Might try out an A5 merc and see how he compares. we have a Shadowfang that we can give him, which I think will be better in the long run than the Razortine Mizan is currently using (we will probably upgrade whichever we choose to go with once we find/cube a Sol). Although I do like the slow from Razortine for boss fights, hm... not sure what course of action to take here. Any advice?
  • Work on the Lightning synergy for Phoenix Strike once it's maxed (1 more level) and then probably beef the Shadow.
  • Hope for some pieces that will boost my MF some more. Also keep on gambling chain gloves and Heavy Belts, it's starting to become a personal vendetta for Karna.

Destroyer Karna the Phoenix Strike Assassin, with Mizan the Prayer Guard - lvl 48, NM Rogue Encampment.


Table update!

Table of Heroes:
Forum Name     Class        Char Name        LVL    ACT      Area
EasyG          Barbarian    Ignorant         48     A1(NM)   Rogue Encampment
Southpaw8668   Paladin      Wolfswift        47     A1(NM)   Rogue Encampment
Pb_pal         Assassin     Karna            48     A1(NM)   Rogue Encampment
jiansonz       Paladin      Beren            47     A5       Moo Moos
kestegs        Paladin      Dauntless_Train  26     A2       Arcane Sanctuary
srrw           Sorceress    Zoey             20     A2       Sewers
Jcakes         Paladin      Ares             20     A2       Lut Gholein
Jocular        Paladin      Grok             12     A1       Stony Field
Bry            Sorceress    ScruffMcBuff     12     A1       Stony Field


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ScruffMcBuff Update

From Stony Field on was pretty uneventful with with the exception of Klaudia off in her own world. Scruff had to pretty much club her way to Andy all by herself. The main way of killing right this second is cast static a bunch of times and then bludgeon everything. McBuff is loving every second of it now that enchant can be used. Andy was no problem at all and fell fairly quickly, dropping the second set item that must be equipped. McBuff's luck with items has not been very good but is picking up with 1 more set item in Act 2 after getting rid of the useless Klaudia and accepting the accompaniment of Fazal the blessed aim merc. The cube is within reach for McBuff but it will have to wait.

ScruffMcBuff The Enchant Sorceress: Level-21 Dry Hills


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So, after reading a few other posts today it donned on me I completely forgot about doing cows which was why I was still 47 and every other Destroyer was level 48. Let's just say I wish I would have kept on forgetting. All it did was drop my resistances down incredibly after killing the Cow King. :mad:
Before Cows:

and after killing His Royal Highness:

I had just completely filled up that wonderful paladin shield and was headed on into NM. At least I still have the Swordback shield with much better CTB than this tiny thing. If I can manage to find the boots and belt, it will surely help with the overall defense and AR. I might even consider using a cold Iron Wolf at this point too, so I can use that shield again. [email protected] is hard to overlook.

Wolfswift and Gulzar, Level 48, NM Act I


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Very small update:

Has anyone ever seen this many unravelers in such a small area? I couldn't believe how many skeles (and unholy bolts) were streaming down the steps at me until I got onto the plateau. The Axe of Fechmar (freezes target) has been incredibly useful in act II.

There are 3 out of frame, coming to a total of 14 in this corner. o_O


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@Jocular - That is a terrifying screenshot! This has happened to me too! The greater mummies come with bonus skellies, and the skellies come with bonus greater mummies. I think if you roll both monster types, they stack up for double the, uh, fun.


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@Bry - Great progress! Keep it up. :)

@Southpaw8668 - Sucks to see that shield go, I would definitely be tempted to grab an Iron wolf to delay it as well. Karna is dreading the day the has to get rid of hers, and it's only 57 all res.

@Jocular - Yikes! That's a scary sight for sure.

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I made a Necromancer which i plan to skill as Bone-Summoner (for the ugly act2)

Andariel gave me my first Set-Item:

The Necro is named very creative: SetUnique ;)

The whole act1 didnt gave me a single chipped Topaz though...

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Yeah its Hsarus

i played on p8 to the outer cloister, and then ended the game for some days, and then just went through on p1, i think i will do p1 until the djungel (which is imo a nice area for exp)


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@Username is not in use - Welcome to the tourney! That's terrible luck on the topazes, hopefully it picks up in act 2. :)


Karna set out into the wild of Act 1 and is absolutely shredding everything on /p8. Corpsefire was decimated easily and we cleared up to the CP WP. Mizan's killing power has taken a serious hit (he still uses Razortine), so Karna ducked back into normal to hire Lief the Barb merc. She handed him a nice shiny Shadowfang sword, and they went to see how he would fare. Turns out his killing power is only very slightly faster than Mizan. The main difference is adjusting my playstyle for the removal of the Prayer aura, we must take things more carefully. I'll stick with him for a bit and see how we feel.

We found our first FI/LI in Bishibosh. His bolts killed Lief, but other than that it wasn't too dangerous. Onwards to Blood Raven we went. We got her cornered behind the Mausoleum, and the rest was history:

She dropped us Tancred's Amulet, which we will keep handy in case we find another piece of the set for some nice MF. Cathan's Ring also dropped for us in the Crypt, leaving just 1 shield left as our only non-S/U.

Last thing to do was to head to the Cave and pay a visit to Coldcrow. Turns out she brought a friend along, which complicated things. Lief bit the bust again, and the Shadow took a beating, but we eventually got them down with the help of Cos and Mind Blast. An exp shrine right before level 2 helped to bump us up to 49, which maxed out Phoenix Strike, and is where she sits now.

I'm not sold on Lief. As I mentioned before, his killing power is not any better than Mizan's was, and he seems to be dying much more. Of course, Mizan didn't see the same kind of boss packs and he's seen, but still. I really liked my barb merc in the Committed Tournament, I'm just not sure it's the right fit for this group. We're going to mull it over, but might end up going back and finding Mizan before we move on through the Stony Field.

Destroyer Karna the Phoenix Strike Assassin, with Lief the Barbarian - lvl 49, NM Stony Field.


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I had a little time to play today. McBuff is steadily progressing through Act 2, now at the Arcane wp. Now that enchant is doing some damage Fazal is killing everything on his own while Scruff picks up all the nothing that is dropping so far. The only set item that has fallen is Cathans mesh which is keeping Fazal warm. Hopefully more S/U items fall, but McBuff isnt worried. She is very overconfident and it shows while teleporting over walls into groups of guys. This will need to stop soon. but for right now teleport and static seem to be her preferred skills.

Everyone's updates are great and I am having a great time reading them and seeing how everyone else is doing. Being my first time walking through the game in a single pass this is different but interesting. I am glad I joined this tournament I just hope I have a time this weekend to sit down and play.

ScruffMcBuff Enchant Sorceress, Level- 24 Arcane Sanctuary

edit: fixing screenshot.


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Update time at last...

I headed down to the arcane sanctuary. Another place that Isn't great for a charger, but it's not the worst at least. That's a lot of goats!

Nothing major up until the tombs. Lost my first MF slot right before ancient KA. Boo! Then shortly after I lost my second. Boo again! At least I didn't have to worry about my merc killing things anymore!

A little action shot of me knocking an unraveler boss around. And me being stuck. Getting stuck seems to happen most when you run out of mana.

The one thing that I was glad about was that my merc could still use his 3 socket eth scythe for the Durial fight. Bosses are among the very small handful of monsters that can't be knocked back in the game, so they're tough for me. It was a slow fight, but not dangerous, I'm pretty sure the merc did most of the work. And the drop. I can't complain too much really. I was planning to drop the act 2 merc anyway, and this makes it unavoidable as he would be weaponless. For now the sword and shield go on my new lightning iron wolf, but I may try out the skewer on myself to see if the mana leech is enough to charge with, but I doubt it is.

Dauntless_Train, Charging Paladin, level 28, Kurast Docks


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Wolfswift and Gulzar R.I.P. at the feet of Bone Ash the deadlier than I expected. He had some pretty nasty modifiers of Undead, Magic Resistant, Extra Strong, Cold and Lightning Enchanted and a pretty quick regenerate life rate. With Wolfswift's horrible resists to both poison and cold after losing the socketed crown shield with [email protected], it was hard to get out of the charged bolts once they started shooting out while poisoned and chilled.
Before deeds we managed to find a Nagel ring that Fouldog dropped. He was a nasty beast too, but I managed to run into a jail cell shut the door teleport to town to get Gulzar inside and he poked Fouldog and his pack through the bars till they were all down. A Ral dropped from one of the multiple Unique bosses we encountered in the Jail levels, that we upped the Griswold's Edge with to become a Battle Sword. It killed much faster, but it didn't help his horrible resistance problem. Good luck to everyone! I might start another one, since I've had a lot of fun with this tournament thus far.

Griswold's Edge.jpg

Wolfswift and Gulzar, Level 51, R.I.P.