a hundred posts


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a hundred posts

well i've reached 100 posts
and as i havent made an introduction post when i first joined this community, i thought it would be nice i do it now to celebrate my first hundred

im male, 24 yo (almost 25), from romania (that small and poor and very beautiful country in eastern europe)
i have a sister (30, currently living in pittsburgh, pa) and a brother (20, stuck here lol)
i've been working as a graphic designer for the last 4 years or so
im currently living with my gf, moved away from my parents house
just bought a washing machine and a tv 3 days ago :) so i dont have to fight with my gf over the computer anymore(i wanna play diablo, she wants to watch tv over the tuner)

i've been playing d2 for quite a while, SP only, and till i've joined the rare pleasure tournament i've been playing SC only
my first char was a 1.7 elemental druid which ive abandoned in act I NM :)
same happened with my second char: a dual claw MA assasin
she lasted till NM chaos sanctuary
then alot of dumped chars along the way
then a big one year break
then i've downloaded 1.10 and fell in love with the fana zealot!
currently im doing a fishymancer, lvl 85 doing MF

well, enuff about me, lets talk about me :)

cheers, glad to be here, one really nice place


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I haven't made an intro too. Maybe I will wait until 1337 posts :)

May your drops be lime and burlywood. (And yellow in rare pleasure tourney :))


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Huh, I thought this is just a brag thread on your 100 posts :D

Welcome to SPF (officially)! :)


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Hello phatbrava!

All i can say is keep up the participation :thumbsup: as ive seen many of your item finds and rare pleasure posts


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Careful, bragging about posts is a good way to have 1 ;) Anyhoo, welcome to teh SPF (officially).


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Welcome to the SPF (a little late, still better than never, eh?) Enjoy youself, and beware the squid.


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Welcome! I hope you've been having fun here. I had a latin teacher from "across the woods" (transylivania is "across the woods" in latin for those who don't study the classics).


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thanx for all the greets

@chimaira: actually im a big fan of South Park
it desnt bother me at all, since self-irony is a kind of a national sport here in my country :)