A hardened Diablo player


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A hardened Diablo player

Hi all :)
To celebrate my first 100 post I want introduce myself to all of you.
I'm 31 old guy from Italy and I've started to play Diablo about 4 years ago.
No doubt it's my favourite game( really a drug :D).
My first char was a Bowazon,and actually,from the release of 1.10 patch,I'm trying to grow-up all kind of chars in all their builds.
My favourites chars are Javazon(simply fantastic),Necrovenom and Assa trapper.

Thanks to my friend KappaGiBi,who introduced me to this forum :)


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Welcome - I think... Well it is your 100th post...

Then you know about the shin-guards...

Good luck with your characters


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Far? In Italy? I guess the California mentality is a bit different. I'll go 250 miles for a good party, or to find some fine wine. Far? Far to me is the 1000-2000 mile range. Kentucky is far. Utah is not far... only 500 or so miles. Oh well... I guess there's differences the world over. That's what makes this place great. How long is Italy anyway? I'd guess about 400 miles, but I could be way off.

Oh... Welcome to the forum, and sorry for not using the metric system.


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Welcome to the SPF, Ravenlord :wave:

Enjoy your stay here and be prepared to not leave this place ever again, you won't be able to, you know... ;)


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factory said:
welcome aboard fella', you napo-lee-tano you
I'm not napo-lee-tano :D
I'm only living here to complete my career of engineer ;)

@Shagsbeard: for me 630 miles are far ;)


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Hi Ravenlord! Nice to know that you still play the game and you still visit the forums. I'm also in my 30's and really like this game. Hmm....Guess it's true. I don't think anyone ever leaves! :lol:


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Welcome ... it never ceases to amaze me how members of this forum come from all over the world. It's a great thing.