A hack that actually works?

A hack that actually works?

I have been programming for about 2 and half years now and I've recently started playing Diablo. Check out my hack, yes it does work, that I have just made. Please tell me of any bugs that you find. Thanks! :howdy:


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please ban this. and close this thread. nice try scammer, even if it was pretty lame, and easy to see.

enjoy my acccount name and password, I'm sure you'll hear alot more of those words.

Thank you for using the Godly Items Generator Program. Results should show within the next 24 hours. If not, email [email protected].

this is also impersonating diabloii.net
legal action can be taken


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Screw you dude. Don't post crap like that on these forums. Nobody wants to see your lame scams, OR real hacks for that matter. They ruin the game, and so do people like you.