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Howdy! I realize the thread is ancient and the last post more than 4 years old, but after looking around for a bit, this thread still seems to be the best place for collected info specifically on 1.06b.

Anyway, big thanks to Ragnarod for making the guide, it's been great to have such a solid reference to get into the patch. :)

Secondly, and the main reason i'm bumping the thread; I figured I'd dump the breakpoints here, in case someone else ends up giving 1.06b a try, and stumbles into this thread looking for some info.
I had been looking for the breakpoints myself, but just wasn't able to find any tables. The best info I initially found was actually posted here by scrcrw (#21). Perhaps the tables are out there somewhere, but I figured that by the time I would have found them, I could've made them myself already, so that's what I did.

All formulas/breakpoints changed with 1.07, and I believe that they did not change again after that, save for a few specifics (like Lightning). I assume the breakpoints were the same from 1.0 to 1.06b, but my only pre-LOD experience is 1.06b, so I can't confirm.

Note that in 1.06b, all attack speed "modifiers" are simply grouped together as additions or subtractions, meaning there is no difference between weapon IAS, off-weapon IAS, base Weapon Speed, or IAS from skills (including Holy Freeze).
And for those who are familiar with the terms: EIAS, EFCR, EFHR and EFBR do not exist in 1.06b.
Because of the above reasons, you want to refrain from using 1.14 calculators or tables, as they will not be correct for 1.06b.

Edit: Since posting the tables, I've edited in a bunch of additional info at the end of the post. If you plan on playing 1.06b, you might want to scan the text for information relevant to the class you wish to play, if only to avoid wasting skill points. I assume that all information in this post (and the guide itself) is also true for 1.05.

Faster Cast Rate table:

90 is the maximum possible FCR, and comes in either 10 or 20.

Faster Hit Recovery table:

160 is the maximum possible FHR, and comes in either 10, 20, or 30 (Bloodfist only). The animation will only play when a single hit deals more than 1/12 of the player's maximum hitpoints in physical damage. This is calculated before Energy Shield, but after Bone Armor.

Block Rate table:

Compared to later patches, blocking is a bit awkward in 1.06b. Besides the fact that the only item that provides FBR is a weapon, the blocking animation will only play when a missile would otherwise deal more than 1/12 of the player's maximum hitpoints in physical damage. This does not mean that you do not block other attacks, it's just that the animation won't play.
For the above reason, blocking is even more powerful than it is in post-1.06b Classic. Especially the Paladin is in a very good spot, while the other classes will typically want to use Twitchthroe.
As in other patches, only hits that carry a physical damage portion can be blocked.

Some spreadsheets (Google Sheets):
- FCR, FHR and FBR tables. Here you'll also find tables that show the actual breakpoints.
- Block chance and Smite damage.
- Attack, skill and sequence breakpoints: Unarmed, Bow, Smite, Jab, Strafe, Zeal (1-Handed Swing), Fend, Crossbow, Lightning, Chain Lightning, Inferno, Double Swing, Frenzy, Double Throw, and Impale.
- Item affixes. (A bit messy, perhaps.)
- Affix generation. Here you can find out what clvl or mlvl can generate what affixes for what item base. By default it's set for imbuing, but when copied/downloaded can be adjusted for other goals (monster drop, gambling, or just to show alvl).

Additional information:
  • Blinkbat's Form provides 10 FRW.
  • Monster resistances get capped at 75, with the exception of Physical Resistance, for which the cap is 99 for monsters of the Swarm type, and 95 for all other monsters. Calculations always use pre-cap values.
  • The Character Screen will say MAX whenever a resistance reaches 75, even when you're wearing items that increase that cap. You'll have to figure out for yourself if you've actually reached the cap. In practise, the cap for lightning resistance can reach 90, while that of the other three can reach 95.
  • Poison length is a hidden resistance that players have, which also is affected by difficulty penalties. Poison Length Reduction adds to this resistance, and the cap is 95.
  • Magic resistance is a hidden resistance that players have, which also is affected by difficulty penalties. There is no way to add to this resistance, but the stat "Magic Damage Reduced by" will lower magic damage.
  • Lower Resist also affects magic resistance, and since bone skills deal magic damage, LR will boost their output.
  • Oblivion Knight also casts Iron Maiden and Lower Resist. Be afraid!
  • Physical resistance is a hidden resistance that players have, which fortunately is not affected by difficulty penalties. There is no way to add to this resistance, but the stat "Damage Reduced by" will lower physical damage. Amplify damage lowers the resistance by 100, while Decrepify lowers it by 50.
  • Static Field damage is increased by negative resistance just as it is decreased by positive resistance.
  • Telekinesis deals magic damage!
  • Conviction, in most cases, is not a very strong resistance de-buff against monsters: The aura reduces each of the monster's resistances by the listed percentage of the target resistance value. This means that if a monster has 0 Cold Resistance, Conviction will have no impact on it, and if a monster has 50 CR, then a lvl 10 Conviction (-50%) will only remove 25 CR.
    • If the target resistance is negative, Conviction will increase the resistance, though during solo play this will affect only Andariel.
    • Since conviction is calculated after Lower Resist, they usually make for a terrible combination, as Conviction will often end up increasing enemy resistances. And if not, Conviction will typically be insignificant as a single-digit resistance de-buff.
    • When affected by Conviction, the Character Screen does not update your resistances. Do not underestimate the impact this aura really has! Between Nightmare and Hell, it will remove anywhere between 46% and 58% of the (pre-cap) values, depending on mlvl.
  • Cold Mastery works similarly to Conviction, but doesn't suffer from the problem where it increases a negative value (in stead, it just does nothing). The skill also suffers less from diminishing returns compared to Conviction. However, many monsters have 0 CR, making this skill rather situational. Nonetheless, the skill has high potential against monsters with high CR.
  • Might increases the damage of Blessed Hammer. Concentration provides a bigger damage boost, while Might has a bigger radius. A duo of Hammerdins combining these auras is rather dangereux.
  • Blessed Hammer is boosted by 100% of Concentration (and Might), unlike later patches, where BH is boosted by only 50% of Concentration.
  • There's a glitch that makes Vigor stick to allies indefinitely. This glitch typically isn't useful outside of multi-client gameplay however, and some things can/will remove the aura. Quick demo.
  • The chill lengths from different sources of cold damage are summed, rather than averaged. This applies to attacks only, not to spells.
    • Each socketed Sapphire adds to chill length separately.
  • Freezing Arrow and Ice Arrow are bugged to add the chill length from items (that add cold damage) to their freeze lengths. (This also applies to Cold Arrow, but who cares!)
    • Stacking items with cold damage can make for very long freeze times. Sapphires add to this length as well.
    • The freeze length from Iceblink does not add.
    • Furthermore, Freezing Arrow adds your regular arrow/bolt damage to its entire splash radius, rather than only to the fired arrow/bolt.
  • Freezes Target does not work with missiles. Funnily, this stat is part of Vidala's Rig's complete set bonus.
    • Successful hits always apply FT.
  • Hit Blinds Target, Slows Target and Knockback do not work with missiles.
    • Slows Target is bugged to affect (animation) speed but not (animation) length, which means ST doesn't actually affect cast length or attack length even though their animations will play slower. This effectively means that ST only affects movement speed (but not necessarily).
    • ST uses the same overlay graphic as cold damage, and also turns monsters blue. It lasts 50 frames (2 seconds) regardless of difficulty or cold resistance, but if the monster is moving while ST wears off, then the monster will continue to move at the slower speed until it has come to a stop or there's been a change in state. Similarly, if a monster is moving when ST is applied, then ST will not go in effect unless the monster comes to a stop (or there is a chance in state) before ST has run out.
    • Hit Blinds Target lasts 175 frames (7 seconds) on Normal, 87 frames (3.48 seconds) on Nightmare, and 43 frames (1.72 seconds) on Hell. Successful hits always apply HBT.
    • I wouldn't bother with ST or HBT. Knockback can potentially be useful, but usually it's the opposite. (Freezes Target however, is usually incredibly helpful.)
  • The damage bonuses from Frostburn, Biggin's Bonnet and Tancred's Skull are bugged: In stead of enhancing your weapon's damage, they enhance their own damage (0+1). This means that none these uniques will even add 2 points to your weapon damage.
  • Despite what its description says, Berserk deals physical damage. Since War Cry also deals physical damage, the Barbarian doesn't have any decent option available to deal with enemies that have high PhR.
  • Each melee Barbarian Mastery skill provides a chance to land a critical hit, even though their descriptions do not mention it.
    • Furthermore, the damage bonus from all Barbarian Mastery skills is very powerful in this patch, as this bonus is a separate damage multiplier.
  • The (inherent) % Damage to Undead stat on blunt weapons is a separate damage multiplier.
    • The %DtU from Diamonds and other items are summed to form yet another multiplier. (There are only 5 or 6 items with this stat, however.)
    • %DtU does not work with missiles. Funnily, this stat spawns on Rogue's Bow (Composite Bow).
  • Holy Shield adds to shield damage, but this is not mentioned in the description.
  • The Character Screen is usually incorrect on damage. Don't trust it!
    • Also, some weapons in fact deal lower base damage than their description implies. For example a Gothic Bow actually deals 10-48 damage, not 10-50.
  • The following skills are not sped up by IAS or FCR: Jab, Impale, Charge, Leap, Leap Attack, Double Swing, Double Throw, Frenzy, Whirlwind, Inferno, Lightning, Chain Lightning. (In some cases however, the Weapon Class does affect speed.)
    • Note that these skills also are not affected by being chilled, or by Holy Freeze.
    • This indeed means that, awkwardly enough, Frenzy does not speed up its own attacks.
  • Decrepify does not affect attack speed.
  • Strafe's skill description incorrectly displays maximum number of targets: It is in fact (3+slvl), rather than the (3+(2*slvl)) that is displayed. As with Zeal, there is no cap.
    • Unfortunately, the maximum number of arrows per target is only 1.
  • Find Item only finds regular and superior items, and therefore is only really useful for gold.
  • Poison damage is bugged to disable Hit Recovery.
  • The bolts from Lightning Enchanted carrying fire/cold damage (when also FE/CE) is a misconception. What actually happens is explained here.
    • Since stunned/poisoned/frozen monsters do not go into Hit Recovery, you can essentially counter these buggy combinations by applying any of these effects. (Even though applying freeze to a unique will merely chill it, it will still prevent the explosions/novas.)
  • Just like the FELE, CELE and MSLE bugs, the bugged Fire Enchanted + Cold Enchanted combination is present in 1.06b. You can read up about it here or here.
  • Poison Nova damage doesn't increase per level, only its duration does. It deals a mere 0.25-0.375 damage per frame (or 6.25-9.375 per second), while length in frames is (180+(20*slvl)). At level 20, it lasts 23.2 seconds. It can be used to disable health regeneration for a good while, but keep in mind that this will also disable Hit Recovery.
  • The orb from Frozen Orb is destroyed on impact. After impact, the orb will continue to move and even create bolts, but these bolts are nothing but graphics, and deal no damage.
    • For this reason, you generally want to avoid casting orbs straight towards enemies, and in stead cast orbs so that they'll travel past enemies. Try to position yourself so that the target(s) catch(es) the most bolts. Learning the distance the orb travels before "exploding", will definitely pay off.
    • Furthermore, when cast while under the effect of Slow Missiles, the orb bugs out to last 120 frames (in stead of 30), resulting in almost 3 times as many bolts (136/46). (The bolts themselves will also move more slowly.) This drastically increases the potential damage output, but will require you to adapt your play-style to the slower speed.
  • The stat Piercing Attack effectively gives you +skills to Pierce (10, 35 or 50, depending on source).
    • This works on all classes, while in the Amazon's case, the points from Piercing Attack are simply added to your current Pierce skill level (the skill description will not show this, however).
    • Arguably the best part about it, is that it also works on spells! (It has no effect when missiles are destroyed on impact however, like with Frozen Orb, Guided Arrow and Bone Spirit.)
  • Pierce is a bit of a mess. The chance to pierce is affected by the location the projectile was fired at. (Tiles apparently have their own "seed number", which is used for pierce calculations.) Also, usually, if the missile would/will pierce the target, then it will pierce everything, and otherwise it will pierce nothing.
    • Extremely high levels of Pierce (like 35 or 50) result in piercing everything, almost every single time. You can expect to pierce everything after equipping Ichorsting (+50 to Pierce).
  • The two-handed weapon damage of two-handed swords is not calculated correctly when +% Damage spawns.
    • The stat will use the one-handed weapon damage for calculation, of which the result is added to the base two-handed weapon damage, resulting in (sometimes much) lower damage.
  • Whirlwind was discussed shortly on the first and second pages of this thread. The problem it has, is that its "search radius" is gigantic compared to what it is in 1.14.
    • Every fourth frame, Whirlwind searches for targets within this search radius, and picks one of the found targets for attacking.
    • Unfortunately, even the maximum melee range is not nearly enough to cover the entire search radius. This means that it will often happen that Whirlwind picks a target that is outside of your melee range, and when it does, you will simply not attempt an attack. This will occur significantly more frequently as melee range goes down.
    • My advice is that if you're going for Whirlwind, do not plan to use a short-range weapon like a Martel de Fer ("range adder" of 0). In stead, plan for a Lance, since it has the highest average damage of all weapons that have a range adder of 4 (which is the highest).
    • Also be warned of the high mana cost of Whirlwind: The cost starts at 25, and goes up by 1 with each additional level (44 at level 20).
    • Whirlwind (usually) is not affected by FRW. Only when a (de-)buff is applied while whirlwinding, then the remainder of that whirlwind will be sped up or slowed down. (For example Vigor, Decrepify, Holy Freeze, chilled, etc.)
    • I've photoshopped an approximation:
The white area is the search radius of Whirlwind, while the purple area is your melee range against size 2 targets (like cows) when wielding a Lance. Imagine the actual tiles that the cows occupy (similar to how the Barbarian is occupying the blue tile), then imagine whirlwinding through the crowd; it's very likely that at any given time, there will be about as many cows in the white area as there will be in the purple, meaning about half of your "attack-frames" will go unused. (The blue tile is just there to highlight the center - you can in fact attack targets that occupy the same tile as you.) On the screenshot, there seem to be 6 cows in the purple area while there are 8 in the white, so had this been an attack-frame, there would be a ~57% chance it goes unused. This edit shows how bad it is when using a Martel de Fer against cows.​
  • Fend suffers from the same bug as Zeal: If the first attack misses, subsequent attacks will miss also.
  • Lord de Seis can (only) spawn right next to the seal when the path towards the seal is 2-shaped.
  • Enchant is a poor investment as a party buff, since Fire Mastery does not apply when enchanting allies. At level 32, Enchant adds a mere 39-41 damage.
    • Its mana cost is also ridiculously high: 25 at level 1, going up by 5 with each additional level, which means it costs 180 mana at level 32.
  • Typically, Battle Orders isn't worth pumping, as it suffers from harsh diminishing returns: +40% at level 1, +60% at level 12, and +67% at level 31. Including +skills, a level 6 BO is already quite sufficient.
    • Its duration also is quite a bit shorter than in later patches: 30s at level 1, 96s at level 12, and 210s at level 31.
    • Before 1.10, BO only affected maximum values, and not current values, meaning you'll be left with partially-empty bubbles after casting it.
  • All non-champion, non-unique targets can be frozen. All targets can be chilled.
  • Attract has no limit for how many monsters can be attracted at a given time.
    • Experience is gained from monsters killed while attracted, and monsters killed by attracted.
  • Multiple Shot has no cap for number of arrows, unlike in later patches where it's capped to 24 (even though the mana cost keeps increasing). A level 31 Multiple Shot will fire 32 arrows!
  • Bows and crossbows get a 100% dexterity bonus, while every other weapon gets a 100% strength bonus (excluding throwing potions).
  • 25000 is the maximum gold you can get from selling an item. This cap is reached in Nightmare Act 1.
    • As the guide mentions, the selling price of items is dependent on durability: The selling price always goes up by more than the repair cost, unless (selling_cap <= current_selling_price + repair_cost), where selling_cap = 5000, 10000, 15000, 20000 or 25000, depending on the act / difficulty.
  • The qlvl of magic and rare items is (ilvl+2). This rule applies universally.
    • For gambling: ilvl=(clvl-(rnd10), floor of 1)+4. Then, qlvl=(ilvl+2). This means that +2skills on amulets becomes available at clvl84, rather than at clvl86. To ensure that qlvl is always high enough for +2skills on amulets, clvl93 is required. The way ilvl is determined when gambling means that the minimum ilvl is 5. If ilvl>99, then ilvl=99.
    • For imbuing: (ilvl=clvl+4) without a ceiling, for monster drops: (ilvl=mlvl), for vendor inventory: (ilvl=clvl).
    • The ilvl of vendor inventory is uncapped in Nightmare and Hell, but capped in Normal: Act 1=12, Act 2=20, Act 3=28, Act 4=36. (So for example if you want to shop for a +2skills item, you must be clvl38 at least, and you must shop anywhere in Nightmare or Hell. For 20FCR, you must be clvl15 at least, and you must shop in Normal Act 2 or above.)
    • Also note that when you gamble, 12 items with a blvl of <=ilvl will be randomly picked. The ilvl of the items is determined individually.
  • Be careful about clicking Transmute in the cube: If the cube finds a match (an existing recipe), then everything in the cube will vanish, even if it wasn't part of the recipe.
  • Do not use the 6 Perfect Skull cube recipe with a rare sword: It will turn into a regular socketed long sword!
    • The guide also mentions two recipes that get an ilvl of 99, but it's actually 100. (What difference does that make? None!)
  • The maximum quantity for Arrows is 250, while that of Bolts is 150.
  • Act bosses were discussed; I'm clarifying it here to reduce the spread of info.
    • Act bosses have a bonus (quest) drop, which is dropped alongside their regular drop if their death completes the quest for a player. However, this happens only when the killing blow was dealt by a character who had not completed the quest yet.
    • Andariel her quest drop is 3 gems. Almost entirely useless.
    • Duriel, Mephisto and Diablo their quest drop is a rare or a unique item.
    • Andariel, Duriel and Mephisto will drop only one "set" of their quest drop, regardless of how many characters are completing the quest.
    • Diablo however will drop a set of his quest drop per character that completes the quest. This means that if 7 characters that have not completed the quest yet are in town, and are all partied to an 8th character that kills Diablo to complete the quest, then 8 rare/unique items will be dropped by Diablo.
  • The Secret Cow Level was discussed; I'm clarifying it here to reduce the spread of info.
    • The level can only be entered by a character that has completed Terror's End on that difficulty.
    • Just like act bosses, The Cow King has a quest drop tied to his (hidden) quest; a rare or unique item in his case. Like Andariel, Duriel and Mephisto, the king only drops one set of his quest drop, regardless of how many characters are completing the quest. As with act bosses, his regular drop is bad.
    • Other than the above, the quest works similarly to how it works in 1.14: If the character who dealt the killing blow on the king had not yet completed the quest, then every character in the level completes the quest, regardless of being partied or of distance. After completing the quest, a character can no longer open the level, but can still enter it. If the character who dealt the killing blow on the king had already completed the quest, then no character will be affected. Characters that are not in the level will never be affected, even if they are partied.
    • Unfortunately, the level is terrible for experience and for (rare) items. However, on Normal it is a great place to farm for Chipped gems (although they are fairly useless in 1.06b itself, these gems have good uses in later patches).
  • Monsters that kill themselves by hitting a Bone Wall/Prison while cursed with Iron Maiden, will not grant experience. Magic find also will not apply. If a boss is killed this way, it will not drop its quest drop.
  • Vultures (those birds in Act 2 and Act 3) are relentless. Their AI seems to completely lack the option to idle, so they chain attacks without ever pausing in-between, which makes their damage/second absurd. So, especially on Hardcore: Be careful!
  • The values gained from potions are much lower compared to later patches:
    • Sorceress and Necromancer (health): 20, 40, 60, 80, 100
    • Sorceress and Necromancer (mana): 40, 80, 120, 160, 200
    • Amazon and Paladin (health and mana): 30, 60, 90, 120, 150
    • Barbarian (health): 40, 80, 120, 160, 200
    • Barbarian (mana): 20, 40, 60, 80, 100
  • Monsters can drop Tomes!
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