A good merc 4 a light trapper??


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Dagoth Urs Flaming Hand said:
I was just wonderin wut type of merc i should use and wut stuff he should have.
cold will be better.....since assassin need 2 close 2 target


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If you can deal with monsters with CoS, Mindblast and SM, you could get an act 1 merc. They're pretty fun, and they don't die half as much as the others

From act 2 mercs the holy freeze aura helps monsters stay put more easily, so that your traps actually hit them.

Act 3 cold mercs are pretty good. They freeze, and I've heard they can single-handedly kill non-cold-immunes (with a little help from CoS & MB & SM)

Act 5 mercs do pretty much damage, health and defence, but run around like scared chickens.

I'd probably take my pick from either an act 1 or act 3 merc.


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Act 3 mercs do crappy damage:(...I'd stick with an act 2, their auras are just so damn useful. Get a Holy Freeze one and he'll probably do more cold damage than the act 3 mage:)


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i think crescent moon, which uses quite common runes, decreases enemy light res by about 30%. An act 2 merc would be able to use it in a polearm. Holy freeze is normally the best, you're traps will get better hits when enemies are slowed.


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since this ain't the hc forum (where i usually post) and high runes are the norm for sc, i'd say go with infinity. your damage increases tremendously with it.

rest of gear depends where you do most of your killing. if you plan on mfing act bosses then duress+andy's is fine. for general mfing switch the armor to either coh or fort.


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Infinity is too hard to get by even in SC. Surely, you can pay US$$$ to buy a premade Inifity wpn, but that's not what most ppl do. I've played SCL for a while now and did a dozen of full rushes myself for hellforge drops. But even my rushing sorc can only use a bonehew (it's enough for up to act4 in Hell in a not too big game) on her merc, and she found the wpn herself. It'll probably take me 20 full Hellforge rushes to get enough runes to trade for 2 BERs and either find or trade for an eth elite polearm wpn to make the runeword on. do you know how long this may take me to do? I have no problem getting a couple chars from act1 to act5 (or act4 in Hell) very quickly, but how to get lvl 1 babies complete norm/NM baal quests? Also surely, I could do MF for the same purpose, but it is very unlikely that i would get enough stuff for trading for an Infinity given the same amount of time for doing 20 rushes, whereas 20 rushes can more or less guarantee that.

the cold dmg of the cold merc can be ignored in Hell act4/5 on ladder. I know this b/c I had a sorc in the past who picked up this merc from Norm. He can freeze most monsters in Hell, and can survive really well as long as your player char is able to tank for him (in the case of a trapsin, that's the job for your SM). compared to any act2 merc, he is a poor match for a trapsin.

For an act2 tanking merc, stone made on a very high defense (7xx or 800+) armor is almost always the best choice. And that's a very cheap runeword compared to CoH or close.