A Few Wishes


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A Few Wishes

I don't know anything about D3 coming out, but I sure hope that a few D2 hassles will be solved in D3. These are:

1) Keys - Either eliminate them all together or ensure that you can only pick up the maximum number you can carry in one inventory block. It's a hassle when you have 2 blocks full of keys because then you have to toss the extra keys away.

2) Town Portals and Identify Scrolls - Please ensure that when your "tomb" of scrolls if full, that you character is not allowed to pick anymore up off the ground. If you want more, you can buy another tomb. It's such a hassle picking up too many as then you have to toss them on the ground after you find you can't pick up that unique item that just fell.

3) Healing Potions - Same idea. Fill up the area that you use to carry potions and then not be allowed to pick up anymore. As well, when we pick up a higher quality potion, if we are full of potions, a lesser quality potion will automatically be used to make room for the higher quality potion.

4) Be able to sort your inventory as to which item is allowed to fit where. Assign 10 blocks for charms and 20 blocks for weapons and armor. Something like that... Then if you have adequate space to pick up that crossbow, but can't because the items you currently are carrying are not organized neatly enough to allow it, that the items you are carrying will automatically be re-organized to allow you to pick up the Crossbow. Does this make sense?

For example, I have 4 columns of space beside my charms in D2 for items that I find. Let's say I pick up two helmets and they align themselves beside each-other instead of on top of each-other. Well if that happens I can't pick up the crossbow unless I manually move one helmet underneath the other. Then I have the space to pick up the crossbow. I think this process should be done automagically for us.

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Re: A Few Wishes

There has been several versions of the inventory shown already and in all these versions they tried to solve the "Tetris game" problem of D2 inventory.

Now I do not remember exactly what was the latest version of the inventory. Anyway it was at least one year old and could be completely outdated.

In one version, each object was taking one square. So no problem to organize the inventory. Some people claimed that this was not nice as the big objects had a little icon. Then they came out with an inventory that was split in two parts: a backpack and a pouch. The bagpack for large objects (weapons, armors), the pouch for small ones (potions, jewels, scrolls...). Every object was taking one place in its respective inventory. Apparently in the latest version, objects take one or two slots. Never more. It should then be easier to manage. An perhaps they now have a better "algorithm" that is able to sort automatically the objects in the inventory so that you do not have to play Tetris with your objects.

As far as we know they have no longer tomes. The scrolls are automatically piled in the inventory. Same for the potions. If I remember well, keys have disappeared.

Well, essentially, they are trying to come up with something better than the older version as far as inventory management is concerned.
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Re: A Few Wishes

I think a permanent, "one key opens any chest" deal would be a good idea.

Pick up or buy a key, it lasts you the game. or until you decide to drop it and buy another.