A few questions


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A few questions

I'm on my 3rd HC twinked (no trade GoMule extended stash) paladin of the frost zealot variety.

The last two both died in Act 4 NM, and my new character is in Normal Act 5.

My current build is the following:
3 socket helm with flawless topaz
Angelic Set (amulet, 1 ring and armor)
Malice Flail
Ancient Pledge Shield
Rare Belt
Boots from a set that give 40% faster walk/run

My merc is a defiance Act2.

I have 100%OW, but I'm really missing CB. So, I've decided to craft a set of blood gloves and blood belt, and to make a black weapon to go along with them. I'm looking for a suitable weapon to make it. On my last character that died, I lost an "Honor" war sceptor which seemed to be nearing the end of its usefulness in Act 4 NM. Should I make another one?

I've realized that I may have made a big mistake that could have contributed to the death of my two previous toons. Namely, I was running instead of walking. When infector's pack hit me, I was probably running at the time and was thrown into recovery mode and quickly died. At least this seems like a possiblity to me.

How critical is it for a pally to be mindful not to "run" around monsters?

Another area that I like feedback on is what I should be aiming for as my next weapon. Another Honor, black or malice in a better weapon?

I'd like to shoot for Duress as an armor that I can make at some point in NM. Rhyme too btw.

Anyway, that's where my head is right now. Any words of advice are appreciated.