A few questions, coming back to the game


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Hey everyone! I'm taking a break from Path of Exile right now and I am so happy to be back here. I'm amazed at how much I used to know about D2. Yep, used to. It's going to be exciting and fun getting back to where I was so I can continue my challenge characters (tournament characters and uh ok fine Captain Falcon =P). Fortunately I think my stashes and characters are still intact so I haven't lost any progress in that sense.

Okay, so:

1) I do not remember how to take screenshots, and I don't know what free image hosting site to use right now. Can you tell me these things please?

2) I'm thinking about what build to use to remember how to play. I'll start a new character, but that's all I've decided so far. Do you have any tips or suggestions as to what I play to refresh my memory? Something gentle please. All suggestions will be considered though.

Thanks all!


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1. Screenies are pretty easy. Just hit 'print screen' key, and paste into program like Paint.

2. I always recommend starting with Sorc or Necro. They can MF easily to build up some good gear to use on other characters.


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You can upload screenshots directly into your posting from your HD. See the "Embed" button...

When starting from scratch, I think a blizzard sorc is most efficient for somebody who knows the game well enough.


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1) I've found Photobucket to be reliable. It requires registration, though, and some users deem it slow, but it works for me. And just for the sake of thoroughness, screenies are found in the Diablo 2 folder as jpeg image files.

2) Hybrid Amazon, then you can play in all styles - melee, ranged physical, ranged casting, summoning - to refresh bit by bit.


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Depending on if you're running your game with RWM, which I'm sure you were prior to your long break from the SPF. When you hit "print screen" your screenshots land within the RWM directory and not the default D2 directory location without the RWM in place. See the stickies section to jar your memory on how to download and configure the different allowed mods. I'm not that fancy to use an online file sharing service, so I usually just hit embed image/file select my directory where the screenshots landed and upload them. Good luck with your new character, I'm a sucker for summoning Necromancers, so to relearn the game after a break I usually start with one of them until I build wealth and goodies.
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I love how you can recon dark areas with Hydras! That sounds like an interesting build can't remember ever using those two together, but it should work well.


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Hydra is fun, Blizz is fun, so you should be good to go :). Both need quite some synergy points though. I actually liked my Hydra / Nova sorc a lot, although that one is far more item dependant.

Have fun !!!


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I used Blizzard/Hydra so much in D3 that I don't know if I want to subject myself to it in D2. But, it may play differently in D2 so it could be fun. Regardless I've always loved Hydra. To me it's a classic Sorc/Wizard spell.