a few Q's on BH


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a few Q's on BH

what mods does Blessed Hammer worth with? and what mods does it not work with?

(ie, life/mana leach, cb/ds/ow, hit blinds target, knockback, + life/mana after kill ect, +min/max dmg, x % enhanced dmg, adds x elemantal dmg charms ect...)

does IAS affect BH or just cast speed ? (if i have a +30 ICS and a +10 ICS
then I have +40, or does it just take the better one?)

any way to alter dmg with items (not +skills) like +min/max dmg?

last thing, I am poor so will not have the best items for my HammerDin, so should i go with Holy Freeze Merc, or Defieance Merc (for the extra deff as my items won't be the best)?

thank you


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BH deosn't have any of those mods such as ll, ml, cb, etc etc.

IAS doens't affect CH cast speed as fcr does. the bp for a hammerdin are 75 and 125.

merc u should go with a HF merc since it slows down enemies allowing for u to get in close and cast hammers.


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Or you can take act2 merc and give Insight for him to have LOTS OF MANA (blessed hammer eats it pretty fast, if you don't have good gear, and even with it).