A few newbie quesions


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A few newbie quesions

Hello all I am very new to this game and I have a few questions. When I make a battle.net Paladin it asks me if I want to make him a ladder character or not, I don’t know the difference and before I get much farther I would like to know. I found a guide and I don’t know how up to date it is but here is what I was planning on spending skills on.

1 in vengeance
Max conviction
Max resists cold
Max resists lightening
Max resists fire
Max holy shield.

Lastly Ill take an advice, warnings, and expectations for a newbie like my self


Ok, here's a crash course for you.

As someone new to these forums, you should head over to the Community Forum and have a look at the following threads:

1. The Stickied Rules and Links Thread ... This thread will give you all of our forum rules in a nutshell, and it has several links to other threads that you will find useful. This thread is a good place to start your basic question answering.

2. Also found stickied seperately in the Community Forum is the Ladder Question Thread, this thread will explain everything about the differences between ladder and non ladder.

3. In this forum you should look into the stickied abbreviations thread, it's a big help.

4. For advice on Paladin builds, check the Paladin Forum, the mod there is Heavangel.... just post a thread and the Paladins will come and help you.

And again welcome!