a few newb questions, should be easy answers.


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a few newb questions, should be easy answers.

Sorry for the newbish questions, I'm just starting up playing diablo again for the first time in over a year, and I'm 100% new to multi-player. First off, what are "Pindle-runs"? I'm guessing Pindle is a place, but I'm not sure where. Secondly, I hear lots of people talking about upgrading weapons, (upgraded ribcracker, blah blah blah). How do you upgrade a weapon, and what does it entail? Thanks in advance --



1.Pindle Runs ... Pindle Runs are item gathering runs(magic finding) that used to happen alot in version 1.09. Pindleskin(in hell difficulty) has a chance to drop any item in the game, though his odds of dropping one specific item over another were not as good as some other monster and bosses( Baal, Mephisto, Diablo, Cow King{some items, not all} to name a few.) Because of the ease of getting to and defeating Pindle VS. Baal or Diablo runs, he was ran a lot.... Hence the Term Pindle Runs.

Now in 1.10, Pindleskin's dropps are quite nerfed, so he is not ran as much anymore. The Pit in act one Hell is a great place to mf. Pit guide link, also includes all level 85 areas in hell and more...


Flux's Magic Find Guide ... helpful!


2. Item upgrading ... With 1.10, there are a lot of new recipies added and some of the older ones have been modified also. They include upgrading gear ( from normal>Exceptional>elite), adding / removing sockets, new recipe for full rejuvs(modified recipie) ...I'll post a link too.

Hope this helps, be back soon with links.