A few moral concerns abouts ATMA

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A few moral concerns abouts ATMA

Well the reason i started SP again is because i wanted to do everything myself, no trist,tomb,cow,baal,baal,baal 'ing myself into the 80s but actually playing the game. I also wanted to find all my own stuff instead of joining free game and just to get that warm feeling inside. The draw back to this is having to dump good stuff because it no good on my character. When i found ATMA it sounded like everything i needed but i do have a few questions about it so if anyone can answer them i would be greatful

1, Do you think ATMA still sticks to my Diablo morals
If it doesnt, you dont need to read on because my diablo morals are more important then being able to mule stuff

2, Would you consider this a cheat or exploit
I have a huge line when it comes to cheating. If this counts as a cheat i might aswell be running around Open with a max character using state charms and white armor.

3, Is there any known problems with items going missing
I have quite alot of SP characters meaning i will have a huge stash and i dont want the greatest item of my SP life disappearing due to a slight mistake

4, Can this in anyway edit my characters
I really dont want to mistakly pump up my characters thus wasting the time to play it proper

I know thats alot of text just for a few questions but it means alot to me and I am greatful for those who read and answer


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Re: A few moral concerns abouts ATMA

1. If you want to solo then solo. If you don't like ATMA use mules

2. We've had the ATMA wars, we're not going over the same ground again. That period during which ATMA's acceptablility on this forum was debated - and flamed - is not one we will return to. It's a part of this forum, if you don't like it, don't use it. But if you suggest it is cheating, you are gone. Full stop.

3. Stashes over 1000 items can take a while to load. If you lose stuff it's because you don't know what you're doing. Read the Guides linked to in the ATMA sticky.

4. Editing features were removed for it to become acceptable here. The only thing you can do is rename your character.

That's your answers.

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