A few MF questions from a newb.


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A few MF questions from a newb.

I just started playing again, after quitting a bit before 1.10 came out, so I have a few questions. If anyone could answer them it would be much appreciated.

In 1.09 I had a sorceress for MFing. Is sorceress still the best class for this?

I read one of the Magic Find guides and while it was helpful in that it said where is good to MF now it didn't really help with info on what to use. It had many choices but no real suggestions on what is best.

If sorceress is still the best MF class, what is generally the best build? I think I would like to run Baal and Meph if possible, but would also like to be able to check out some of the newer places that people MF.

edit: Just looked at a thread on page two of these forums, and people are suggesting someone make a Hammerdin for all MF runs. My one concern with Hammerdins is the cost. Do you need pally skill charms/torch for them to be really effective? I'm sure I can manage to get some good gear like an Enigma, however a pally torch/skill charms/other high end items are probably beyond my reach atm.


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hammerdins encounter virtually NO immunes, and dish out extreme damage, so yes, they are most versatile.
Sorceresses, mainly the meteorb build is used for mf:ing. Keep in mind you need at least two elements, since immunes would stop you if you didn't. As for running meph/baal, it would be much faster using enigma hammerdin imo.
And hey, enigma gives +mf!
The gear, well. Keep enigma, shako and put on extra gear where you can.
A hammerdin is really effective even with "cheap gear". You can easily build a very effective hammerdin that can solo anything in the game using enigma as your most expensive item.

Sorceresses still get the static field skill though, which is a good thing versus bosses.... Your choice.


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I've never made an MF character, but any character that can teleport and kill bosses and blast minions quickly would do well. Any non-sorc char would need an enigma. Charged teleport items (amulets/staffs) are expensive to recharge and limited. Besides the teleport ability, hammerdins do quite well...especially on ladder where a Spirit Sword and Spirit pally specific shield are quite cheap and effective. Sorcs need to be dual element. I like FO/CL, but that's just me. Use FO since it doesn't need a synergy (besides Cold Mastery) to be effective. Pick another one and have at it. Lastly, anything above 400 or so MF isn't massively effective. Up to you though.

Good Luck!