a few amazon questions


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a few amazon questions

I plan on making my first pvp amazon and i have a few questions before i make one.

1. Should i use fort or 16060? (I already have 16060)

2.Do I pump the rest of my stats into dex? (after str) and no vita?

3.Cats eye ammy or high lords?

4. nos coil or dungos or tgods? (if already at max ias)

5. how many points into dodge evade and the other one?

Sry if these have beeen asked before but Im not really sure what do do. Thanks- andrew


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1. Depends on if you can reach the last breakpoint or not.
2. All dex means more damage, but if you get hit one time you are dead. All vita means less damage, but if you are hit two-three times you are dead.
3. Cats eye PvP
4. If nn more IAS, I would go for Razortail. Dex + 10max dam. You will most likely not need the dr from the other belts, because you will be dead.
5. The standard is 50%/60%50%.