a few (5) q's about game.


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a few (5) q's about game.

1) Does Life/mana steal work with the extention of spells = ie, the splash dmg of fireball/mettor, the ice shards of orb?

2) Where would I find perfect (20 hp ) small vitality charms?

3) Where would I find skill charms?

4) Does hiring the Merc at differant difficulty lv's matter for it's stats? /I know it does for aura.

5) I need more that 133 dex for my shield to have max block, is it worth it as a Sorc? or is putting the points into Vit better?


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1) No, only melee and missile attacks which deal regular physical damage

2) From act 2 harem nightmare on (*)

3) From act 2 great marsh nightmare on (*)

4) Mercs from lower difficulties have slightly better stats

5) I prefer to invest into vit and avoid any melee situation

(*) Bosses can drop them a little earlier, but not much


where would be the best place to hunt for the charms? from Q's 2 & 3 ?
Pretty much everywhere there are a lot of high level monsters, because the more enemies killed the better chance ull have of a life sc dropping. But if you had to pick certain areas, I would say nm/hell cows and travincal.

Lord Nyax

Great Marsh and Flayer Jungle in NM have the greatest number of monsters with mlvls close to 42, thus they are the best place to find skiller GCs. Other charms would have different places where one would go to search for them with the greatest efficiency.


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The +skills affixes on GCs have an affix level of 50 while their level req is 42. For skillers, qlvl=alvl because their base qlvl is 1, so you need L50 monsters to get them dropped. That's regular monsters from the Great Marsh in nightmare. The level of bosses and their minions is higher by 3 and the level of champions is higher by 2, so they can drop them a little earlier.

Correction regarding life SCs: I overlooked that SCs have a base qlvl>1, so my answer regarding them might need a correction. I'm at work, so I don't have the resources atm to check which ilvl is needed to produce an alvl 47 SC.