A Discussion On Zod Bugging


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Hi, so today I learnt that Zod Bugging an item is legit, or at least just as legit as getting all your mana taken by mana burn, and just as legit as getting quest drops from andy 100% of the time.

  • Zod bugging is where you socket an item with a Zod rune, and when unsocketed the item keeps the indestructible property.
  • This was a bug in 1.09 so I assume it would be perfectly acceptable for people here to do without being too cheesy, or at least as cheesy as +2 all skill rings and +12 battle orders cta's.
Has anyone here ever Zod bugged an item?

I would be very interested to see a discussion on Zod bugging and to confirm the finer details of it, maybe why this works. I was considering saying something in the Zod god topic and asking if anyone had done this but it seems much more appropriate to have its own thread.


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This is done in one of two ways:

A - Zod an item in a version previous to (or equal, still needs confirmation) 1.10, then unsocket. The Zod would add the indestructible property by completely removing the entire durability, which would not be restored upon unsocketing. This works with any item which can have sockets.

B - Add a Zod or any runeword which grants indestructibility in 1.11 or later, then open the character in ATMA and move the item around, so that ATMA will store the item upon closing that character. Then unsocket, and voila. However, this is a bug in ATMA, and NOT with d2. This ONLY works with weapons!

Option A would require some sick rune luck. Option B, not so much, since you can do it in 1.13+


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Option B is about as legit as muling all my hrs and resaving my character though, but I know people that happily do just that so I'll let them know.
edit: Still a crazy bug though, both bugs must be coming from the same kind of problem!

Option A is cool :)


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option B is more historical
people didn't know it was ATMA that was bugging it since D2 used to do it for you. Then the entire item pool was found to be tainted once it was figured out to be ATMA. So it was either a forum-wide restart or accept the bug as legit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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I have used the Atma bug once, some 5 years ago:


I used option B as described by Helvete, making Oath in it first. I used it on a Vengeance Sorc and had a lot of fun with it. She was incredibly powerful.

However, I have always felt a bit torn about it. Other bugs are ones that are in the game. This one comes from using an external program. While I have used it once, I don't think I'll do it anymore in the future.


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Many people have used the ATMA bug and are still using it. Including me, although I wasn't happy about it at the time. But then the whole trade pool is tainted with it, so unless you never trade you have benefitted from it.


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I have not yet traded, but I might do at some point. I surely don't condemn anyone who has used and / or still uses the atma bug.

Btw, does atma work with 1.14? If not, I wouldn't even be able use the bug if I wanted to, unless I'd take a second install with 1.13, which I don't really feel like doing.