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[Guide] A Demon Hunter Crit-chance trap build!

Discussion in 'Demon Hunter' started by Dafariel, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Dafariel

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    Nov 17, 2012
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    Hello guys,

    After browsing trough these forums, I've seen quite a bit of guides and helpful topics, so I decided to make my own contribution. Here's hoping you guys like this guide :).

    I. Introduction summary.

    This guide will focus Both on skills and itemization (to some extent). I will try to give you guys pointers as to what item stats you should try to aim for. Note that this skill build requires a little practice but is not hard to master. The build itself focuses on Burst damage mostly and gives you some stable DPS with Elemental Arrow. It will give you some durability and survival, while at the same time allowing you to kite mobs and deal quite a bit of damage to the mobs (and bosses as well) thanks to the high critical hit chance and damage you will have.

    II. Skill build and explanation.

    This is the skill build:

    And here is the explanation to the suggested skills:

    1. Hungering Arrow with the Spray of Teeth rune - This will provide a lot of needed CC and high AoE thanks to the constant crits you will be doing on almost every hit.

    2. Elemental Arrow with the Nether Tentacles rune - This compliments your other skills quite nicely and will give you some sustain thanks to the 3% of damage returned as life, and when you proc a critical hit, that sustain will become very noticeable.

    3.Smoke Screen with the Lingering Fog rune - It is your "get out of jail free" card. This allows you to survive nasty situations and makes kiting a bit easier and less risky, not to mention that when you are versus reflect damage affixed elite mobs, you can kill them easily and safely.

    4.Preparation with the Backup Plan rune - This makes sure that you don't run out of discipline too fast and if you are lucky and activate the rune, it makes your life easier.

    5.Caltrops with the Torturous Ground rune - A very important skill to have because with it you will be able to kite and land the Spike Traps a lot easier.

    6.Spike Trap with the Echoing Blast rune - This skill is what makes the build so very effective. With the Echoing Blast rune you can deal a ton of burst damage (that is why you can take on reflect damage easily - just burst them while in SS and you should one hit them and survive with full hp easily).


    1. Steady Aim - Gives you some extra damage, and it will be ON most of the time, because you won't be close to the mobs.

    2. Vengeance - This passive allows you to spam your skills more often. It also offers good utility because it gives you 20 Hatred and 2 Discipline when you use a health globe.

    3. Archery - Thanks to this you can get much more crit-chance with 2 one-hand crossbows.

    III. Itemization.

    Basically for items you should focus on 4 attributes:

    1. Critical hit chance.
    2. Critical hit damage.
    3. Dexterity.
    4. Vitality.

    This doesn't mean that you should look for items that have all four attributes on them, but the items that you are looking for need to have at least one or two of these attributes. You should try to have around 1:6 Crit Chance to Crit Damage ratio. By this I mean that for every 10% Crit Chance you should try to get 60% Crit Damage. Also health-wise try to be around 32k-40k, so far that is the Ideal HP spot for me.

    IV. Conclusion.

    Thanks for reading this guide and I hope you like it. Feel free to reply what you think about it and what else I should include in this guide. Also (because I am greedy) if you like this guide and feel that you should contribute, you can also donate gold to me on the European softcore server,or if that sounds a bit too cheesy, a "thank you" would also be appreciated :D. My profile name is Dafariel#2152. Happy hunting guys!
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2013

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