A couple Uber Questions?


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A couple Uber Questions?

I followed the 1 pt in smite guide.

I wear:

Heaven's Light
Upped (and um'd) HoZ
Gore Rider
5 life steal BK

With Heaven's Light as my weapon, what should I put into the 2 sockets? I don't think I need the IAS, but I don't know what else I could add that would help?

Also, what other helmets would be an option here? Is Guillaume's hands down the best?

Thanks to all of your advice, I have been successfully ubering and have so far found a 15-20 Pally and a 20-17 Zon!


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Re: A couple Uber Questions?

You've got plenty of options for sockets - you could ber/ber it, but if you can afford that, you'd probably use a different weapon altogether. Something as cheap as pskulls will help with leeching. You can always google the german d2 speed calc to check your ias.

Guillaume's is hard to beat for the task - Short of a weapon you aren't getting that much CB from one source. That, and the +str and fhr make it hard to suggest anything else if you aren't having res problems.


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Re: A couple Uber Questions?

Nope, no resist problems. I only die when the game has a momentary lag. Even a second of not hitting/leeching & I'm toast.

I was thinking of subbing Mara's in for Highlord's. I'd gain some attributes, resists and + skills from Mara, but lose the IAS from Highlord's. In this case, I may double-shael my Heaven's Light. Decisions, decisions. Thanks for the advice.