A couple of trapper questions.


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A couple of trapper questions.

Just made my first trap assassin recently, and I wondered if facets work with traps? I've been told both that they do and don't by different people and I don't want to waste them trying without knowing....

Secondly, does mf work with traps?

Finally, what are the best gloves to use on a trap assassin?


slappy sam

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1. No, facets don't work- traps are considered minions.
2. Yes mf works.
3. Since trap laying speed is determined not by fcr but by ias, I'd think that some gloves with 20 ias are best. Idk which ones though.


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While IAS on gloves is nice, it's not crucial...mods such as resist and MF are more important IMO, but if you can get both:)


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So some nice rare gloves then with IAS and resists?
I'm using Frostburns at the moment, I really needed the mana at low levels, but now I don't need it and am looking for a replacement with more useful mods. I was told bloofist gloves were good for trappers, a little IAS and decent FHR and some life. I guess those would be good if I can't get a nice rare.

Thanks for input!


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I second the bloodfists (though I don't quite see the need to upgrade 'em twice). An alternative are Sander's gloves (more IAS, same life, no FHR, which makes them less desirable than Bloodfist, but still good).

If you use fire damage, consider Mage Fists.
They give extra damage to your fire traps.
The FCR is fairly useless (unless you like to use Mindblast a lot), but the mana regen isn't too bad a bonus. They don't compare to Bloodfist imo though.

Chancies always are an option for MF.

IK Boots + Belt give nice res, stats (though they have 110 req to put on) and 25% IAS.

Laying of Hands for 20% IAS if you need the 50% Fire res.


So in effect you can be fairly sure you've got a decent item to use. Bloodfists should be fairly easy to obtain though and imo outweight every other glove with their bonus.


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As I found some bloodfists recently, I think I will indeed go for that option. Thanks to all for input.


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Although Bloodfists is a very nice glove and gets overlooked a lot I don't feel that it is an endgame glove for a Trapper. The important mods are

10% Increased Attack Speed
30% Faster Hit Recovery
+40 To Life

Where only the life is really sweet in my opinion...great gloves for low-level play but later on a rare glove could easily beat that. The gloves that Aerath mentions are also very good but again rare gloves are the way to go...unless you want to MF and even then a good rare will probably be better than Chance Guards...Pick up every rare glove you find.


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There was a trapsin trading his Jah for Light Facet last night.

I go in and told him is it for Trapsin, and he replied yes, then I told him light facet arnt gonna work on his claw. And I told him to check out the forum or Blizzard.

Was that you?? I think the ID was "es-widow" :p

Oh well..its a bad news to know, but at least I know it earlier enough so I wont waste another lite facet on my claw before.

I got a 3Trap, 2Socket(a 3/5 facet in there), 1Lightning Sentry, 3 Shadow Mastery claw...but I just leave it on mule...anyone want?:p


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How about Ormus robes? Does the 15% extra light dmg effect things?
It seems that my asn kills substantially faster wearing it over a vipermagi...