A Character that Just Plain PWNS


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A Character that Just Plain PWNS

Hey guys and gals!

I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm looking for a new character to start. Gear doesn't matter, class doesn't really matter (except I don't want something I've already made). I play mostly PvM (sometimes I take my PvMs into pubbies and try to duel a bit, so I like a rounded character), and I want a character that just plain pwns every monster on the screen all fast-like and stuff. I've made a hammerdin, Double Dream Lightning Sorc, Wind Druid, & LF Javazon. Any other builds similar to the raw owninating power of those guys? I was thinking a Meteorb sorc might be fun with Fathom, Snowlclash, Facets, etc etc etc.

If we find a cool character for me to start, I'll post up my idea for a build and we can all hash out the details.

We'll call it, "Everyone Helps Build Carrothers' New Awesome Pwninator".

TY, all.


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Try a fishymancer (or any other summon necro) :cheesy:. Fun to play, gear doesn't matter and PWNZ all. And it works really well in duels too! :thumbsup:

First post btw!


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Start out with a Blizzard sorc or a Meteorb so that you can MF a bit. After that trade for enough equipment to get a good cookie-cutter hammerdin :clap: Do Hell Baal runs solo or kill some cows/meph/andy and enjoy the loot. Easy way to equip your characters IMO, just takes some time.

EDIT: Not being down on the Hammerdin at all :lol: I have one and love him dearly :thumbsup:

EDIT: Eep, looks like you already have a Hammerdin :p Let's try...are you ready for this...an Auradin. They slaughter most anything, tons of damage in varying types. PvM they rock with Zeal, while in PvP they crush the competition with charge.


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Sorry if my first post was unclear. Not flaming you, Angel_Dusted, just trying to increase clairity of posting. ;-)

"Everyone Helps Build Carrothers' New Awesome Pwninator" - The Contest of Sorts

1. You can pick any character for me to try, except the following: Hammerdin, Double Dream Sorc, Wind Druid, LF Javazon.

2. Twinked or untwinked, I don't care. I can usually get any gear I'll ever need.

3. Has to totally pwn at PvM massline (ie: can kill every monster in a room super fast).

(Note: Because I called this a contest, I'll give the best post contributer a USEast Ladder SC UM RUNE!!!) Judging of who is most helpful will be by me, and I'm looking for a good reccomendation, maybe some skills to use, gear would be tight too.

Based upon all that, we have the following suggestions being given by posters:

a) Meteorb Sorceress
b) Fishymancer Necromancer
c) Aura Paladin

Feel free to help me make my decision by saying why I should make one character over another, or just simply reccomend your own character I can make!

Enjoy the fun!


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sorry, a char that is good at both pvm and pvp doesn't exist. there are two main reasons for this:

1. there's always a pvp setup somewhere that is specially designed to take out one specific build. if that build doesn't exist yet, it certainly will once another strong build surfaces.

2. in pvm, monsters are designed in pretty much the same way as a bm dueler, so you are stuck with option #1: keeping eq specially for certain situations, eg. tgods vs gloams, or resigning yourself to just avoiding them.

however, based on what you say, here's my ideas:
1. must be an area attacker.
2. must do massive damage.

based on that, there's no "real" builds i can think of that can do it. closest, imho, would be a necro with 40 CE/40 amp, with maybe conviction from item on top of that. theoretically, assuming that cost is no object:

1. an ms bowazon filled with 15 max damage gc's with a botd hydra bow with ias around 120% (not hard with botd.) with an a3 merc that has 4 aura-giving items. i think you can get up to 8 auras with this setup.

2. here's one that might be feasible, actually: a max blizz sorc with conviction somewhere. you could use a faster spell actually (glacial spike) and this should still work.the only problem, imho, are a few wasted points here and there for warmth, armors, tp, etc. however, you could get the most bang for your buck by solely putting into the cold tree and using enigma.

3. aura sorc with conviction: iirc, all three damage auras are available to sorcs, which can then be multiplied by the masteries. lightnign (and thus holy shock) is the highest at 278%. without synergies, however, it would be useless. but, assuming cost is no object, slvl 48 masteries is possible, giving like 500-600% damage. definitely not a room cleaner though.


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Superhal, I like the idea behind what you say. All three damage auras? I assume you're talking holy fire, shock, and freeze. How do I get holy freeze? This sounds like gear I might be able to wear on a meteorb sorceress... Either that, or I could wear Dragon (iirc) to get the holy fire.

Great ideas, all! We're narrowing down the field it seems:

a) An aura character (pally or sorceress)
b) A necro with a lot of underpaid employees (minions)
c) A bowazon with more missile attacks than the USSR (Brand runeword + Strafe or Multi) *EDIT*

Any other ideas?


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aura pally i think is a dead end. the successful builds don't kill with the aura but with the added damage on the wep added by the aura, so pally's don't have a wide area attack otherwise. i suggest the sorc only because you can raise lightning mastery very high through items, and get 12% damage added per point, which is higher than most synergies would give.


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Isn't there a PvP build that involves a dual dream pally using conviction? I bet that would absolutely rock in PvM.


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I'm not sure how exactly this meshes with other skeleton suggestions, but try this one on for size : My current necromancer on east scl

Skills :

20 Raise Skeleton
20 Skeleton Mages
20 Skeleton Mastery
20 Corpse Explosion

1 into each of the following : Claw golem, golem mastery, summon resist, blood golem, iron golem, revive, amplify damage, weaken, terror, decrepify.

Build finishes at level 80, at which point you could beef out your golem or increase your revives. My guy is kinda weak, only has +9 to skills, I'm sure you can do much better.. but as it is I carry around 11 skeletons (almost 300 damage each), 11 mages (varying damage), 10 revives, a clay golem, and a merc with insight at any given time.

Stats : str for gear, dex for block, vit the rest.

Gear :
Insight on might merc (A MUST.)
Anything else goes (+skills/resists preferred, hoto/homonc highly recommended)

Basic game plan : starts out a little slow, gotta pick your fights till you get your first few skeleton warriors. Once you've got them, it suddenly becomes simple. Amp your target, teleport on top of it, and as soon as it dies spam Corpse Explosion. Without maphack I can find and clear the Pit in under 5 minutes easy, and that's using mf gear. Easy to level this character, fun to play, and despite what anyone says, enigma's teleport makes any downside to mages not an issue.

::EDIT:: fixed a spelling mistake, and want to add - level 29 Explosion gives a range of 12 feet. The space from your character to a top corner is approximately 16. Every 3 levels you get from items, you gain a full foot of explosion range.


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Titan Barb


The 600 Strength'er
1str = 1 ED

20 WW
20 Bo
20 shout
10 iron skin
5 nat res
5 zerk
5 conc

E Botd Warpike
Fortitude/ Valor, if u need life use vita items
Ravenfrost, BK/ dual leecher
Maras or rare ammy
Arreats, um'd or eth zodded
War travs / upd gores
Verdungo / Tgods

seee Mikeyrats guide,
Base NRG,Vita,Dex (if u can)

Act2 Might
Pride Cryptic Axe
Dream Visage
eth Shaftstop or Eth Fortitude

you will end up with 15,000 dmg w/o your merc


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Good ol' frenzy barb with lots of crushing blow and deadly strike...no brainer, fast and furious:

Beast zerker
Botd or death zerker (i prefer the latter)
Dracs and dungos

Ultra fast running and killing (except when they are oblivion knights in the vicinity :rolleyes: ) and can kill anything. When you face a stone skin or physical immune you just use berzerk. I use that build to do travincal runs in 8 players baal game. I can do this and a lower kurast run before the game is finished.

He can take huge damage but still stay alive because of his ultra-fast life leech (thanks to dracs and frenzy).



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Perhaps a necromancer using fully synergized Poison Nova (along with Lower Resist), equiped with Death's Web, Trang gloves, Trang shield and everything socketed with poison-based Rainbow Facets. Of course, this wouldn't work against poison immunes, but everything else would probably go bye-bye pretty darn quick.


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I agree on the poison mancer. with 50% bramble, -50% dweb, 3 piece trangs (another -25% res and +25% psn skill dmg), 8 skillers and anni (leave space to pick stuff up), fully synergized nova should drop most things insanely fast. For max dmg socket everything with 5/5 psn facets and use a 2 socketed +3 p&b circlet with 2x 5/5 facets, this will give u -95% enemy psn res, with lower resist u should be able to put a lot of monsters to -100% res easily :).


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lCE said:
I agree on the poison mancer. with 50% bramble, -50% dweb, 3 piece trangs (another -25% res and +25% psn skill dmg), 8 skillers and anni (leave space to pick stuff up), fully synergized nova should drop most things insanely fast. For max dmg socket everything with 5/5 psn facets and use a 2 socketed +3 p&b circlet with 2x 5/5 facets, this will give u -95% enemy psn res, with lower resist u should be able to put a lot of monsters to -100% res easily :).
And with an additional conviction form merc's infinity, there should not be that many poison immunes left...



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Conviction doesnt work with poison, it only lowers resists to fire/cold/lightning. However an infinity merc would still help your corpse explosion since its half physical half fire.

Senor Bezeer

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Since were on the hot topic of poison damage, what about a decked out rabies druid? There rarely used and Ive seen pictures of a rabies druid on the druid forums doing INSANE poison damage. If I can find the post, and your interersted, ill add it to this thread.

*Edit* Ok, I found the thread and ill post it anyways for everyone to see.

Rabies Damage

Ps. Sorry if the link doesnt work, its my first go around at posting a link here.
I find the game is much more fun when your not killing everything before it gets within 1/2 screen of you. something that actually challenges you. But then maybe ive played too much and done all the standard cookie cutters (except hammerdins, whcih i just do not like playing).
I vote a singer barb. the ultimate tank (i can stand in the middle of listers pack in hell for an hour and be fine with this build) and loads fo fun to play. Nice for parties as well.