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A bunch of ON and OFF topic Questions

Discussion in 'Diablo 2 Community Forum' started by ericbres, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. ericbres

    ericbres IncGamers Member

    Jun 27, 2003
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    A bunch of ON and OFF topic Questions

    Ok ... please don't flame me ... but I have a bunch of stuff I need to iron out. I have a new-found sense of getting "serious" with D2. I play a few hours every week and have recently started to get a bit bored. I realized this morning my boredom could be from my lack of really taking the game serious and looking for some serious builds and serious gear.
    So ... with that in mind ... Here we go ...

    1. First and foremost, it is about time I became a productive member of the forum considering I check in here more than twice a day now. As such, it's time I threw out the VISA and became a "PayPal" member.
    Anything I need to know prior to setting up a PayPal account?
    2. How much does Paypal charge me to open an account?
    3. If I sign up for like a 3 month donation, will I get a reminder when it is about to expire?
    4. How long does the whole can of beans take?

    Ok ... now ... onto my second issue.
    1. I have (as I have mentioned) one of each character class on only 1 account. The Sorc is a lvl 79 hydra/orb sorc with not a whole lot of points placed in masteries. Should I just cut my ties with her and start again, or is she worth trying to build up via pit/baal, meph runs?
    2. The rest of my characters are lvl 24-40 ... with very little skill points applied. So they should all be fine, they just need my sorc to find them some new gear.
    3. What character should I begin to build to be my diablo clone hunter?

    And finally ...
    As I mentioned, I play a few hours every week. USEast Ladder. Usually a couple hours a night - two nights a week. And then a few hours Saturday and a few on Sunday.
    I frequently read about some of the guys on the forum who only play together in private games. Without sounding like the neighborhood nerd who tries to tag along with all the "cool kids" ... what are the odds I would be able to tag along in some of these private games?
    Specifically, if anyone is jumping into a whole lot of Baal,Mephy or Pit runs. Primarily I just need to level my Sorc so I can build her up. I couldn't care less at this point about anything that drops on the ground. I'll save that stuff for later work.
    I feel like a real loser asking ... but to be honest, I just never seem to find an open game that I can jump into with people who are willing to party up and work along as a team. Let alone actually try to have FUN as a group.

    Anyway, thanks for listening ... hopefully it's time for Ericbres to become a more productive member of the community ...
  2. Frenzied Bovine

    Frenzied Bovine IncGamers Member

    Jul 4, 2003
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    First issue:

    1. Paypal initially charges you a small amount to verify your credit card. In that charge will be an authorization code. You should be aware of whether you can call your CC company and obtain that authorization code (the description of the pending charge). If you can't, you'll be waiting for your next CC bill before you can use Paypal.

    2. ..?
    3. ..?
    4. ..?

    Second issue:

    1. Recommend rebuild into fireball + [(meteor + 1pt fire mastery) or (maxed fm)] + orb + 10pt cold mastery sorc. Hydra just isn't very good anymore. Meteor's awesome for killing bosses that don't move much, or cheesing Mephy across the moat. Fireball, I find, is really good against anything that moves.

    2. They'll be fine.

    3. A barbarian. Recommend an IK barb. The only hard part of that set is the armor, which is findable in the pit by a sorc given enough time. Any melee class owns the clone, especially with Crushing Blow / PMH.

    4. - or talk to the fellas here organizing USEast pit runs. You should be able to hook up with them with your Hydra sorc actually. They're all good guys.
  3. toader

    toader Banned

    Jul 8, 2003
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    1. They will take something like .08 cents out of your accuont or some random number. You will have to verify with your bank they exact amount and retype it into the paypal registration. Its a security thing.

    2. Its free, just the minor few cents deduction.

    3. Yes, you will get a reminder when your PAL status is about to expire.

    4. It all depends on how fast you can get the info from your bank that you need. If you can get that info fast, i.e. if you have online banking or can calll right away...then its a fast process. Once you have paypal, becoming a PAL takes no time at all, just go to the user cp section and follow links for donations from there.

    1. Hydra Orb sorc isnt a bad one. Blizz sorcs are better for pure boss running, but a hydra/orb sorc will get the job done.

    2. Your other characters should be ok, but if not, it takes only a few hours to get back up to lvl 25+.

    3. I would reccomend a Hammerdin Pally. Check the pally forums for a cost-effective hammerdin build. He is by far the most elite dclone runner.

    Glad to see your motivated to being a productive member around here :)

    Let us know if you have any more questions.
  4. PhsycoTimmay

    PhsycoTimmay IncGamers Member

    Oct 22, 2003
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    I guess no one has answered his question of taggin along with everyone, now I myself cannot answer it, as to the fact that I too, do not tag along, although would greatly enjoy it, yall people seem to be a good group.

    Anyways, just a reminder :thumbsup:

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