A Broken heart, is she still worth it?

A Broken heart, is she still worth it?

This wil be a long, sad story. Lets just call me Mr.B

I have ran out of options, i am sad, confused, pissed. I am here to tell you a story. I am 17 years old, my girl is 15. We had a very very happy realationship, through 4 month. she even talked about engagement. We spent christmas together, new years, even the recent valentine. I loved this girl a lot, actually with all my heart, as i used to be a player before, i thought this girl would change my life. Lets pause it here for a moment and go back to how i actually meet her.

it was strange, but i knew her from her ex-bf, they had a fight and she went on msn and talked to me(we barely knew each other), she said that day she got 18 phone calls to get asked out, BUt instead, SHe asked me out on msn(yes sounds stupid). i was like hmmm whatever, we will see. Cause i would never ask someone's girl out when they just broke up, but in this case, i really needed a girl and i dont even know her ex really well. so i made my first step of mistake. it all went well though, like really really well. SHe said i love you in about 2 weeks of time, i didnt really tried to figure out why she said so early, cause i was so into her. was it because the 3 hours a day phone call we make to each other? or is it because we had so much in common. I dont really know. One thing i find out in about of a month of dating. She really likes to show-off, likes to talk fake crap, as in a way saying such things as i have a bank acc of 50k, my mom is gonna give you this lexus-sports car for ur b-day and how their family is soooo rich. but they actually live in a poor area in an rented apartment. I really didnt give a damn at that time, not realizing how materistic this girl could be. Because I loved her, loved her so dearly. So the happiest time passes, we even almost got engaged. The story continues

2 weeks ago, there were these 2 new guys at her school, she goes to a private school with only about 8 ppl. since they were there, she changed, not completely, but with all my girl experience and my sense of suspicious. SHe changed. she would now always make up excuses for me not to go to her school and see her. like "dentist app", "blood test", "grocery shoppin" etc. and whenever i call her up, its always i will call you back, which she rarely did. ANd then she start telling me these guys give a ride to places and how she went to drink with them for like 2 hours. Here is a clue i now remember, she slipped one thing when i asked her why cant i go to her school, she said"BECAUSE YOU MIGHT AFFECT THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ME AND OTHER GUYS", i didnt really thought about it, cause u know why. I lived through pain and frustration in those 2 weeks, but i still trusted her a lot because we were so damn strong together.

What need to happen finally did. Its on Feb 17, 2004, the day of month that we got together(mothly anniversiry). I called her up, saying hello and everything. she used same line, "i will call u back". but she didnt again. so i called her cell after school and she goes like" i will call you back when home" but i was pissed, so i yelled at her"wtf u doing in the car of that guy? wtf u guys having sex?" she got pissed and hanged up, so i called again and again. after 4 rings this guy picked up for her...... and saying that i got wrong #. I got extremely pissed and took the bus to her house right away. I sneaked into the building, and up her apartment, i went knocking on the door without showing myself. the Tv was on in house, and the light was on. i didnt really hear anything in there, so i was 90% sure that the guy was there. I was so pissed, i tried to talk to her to get the dooor open and stuff, but she turned off everything and wont speak a word or show herself. I went to the building attendent and ask him if he would help me, he denied. So i got more pissed, with nobody besides me to show me some light. I did something realllly stupid. I called the cops on her house, saying she might try to sucide, just to get cops to come. i know thats just plain stupid, but when you were that pissed you were just out of it. i had no one there to tell me what to do. But from the heart, if wasnt for that guy or wasnt the way she treated me so bad, i would never ever start this thing. The police went down and told me she was crushed and there were another guy comforting her....... u guessed it.... it was him(alex). police even told me to move on and its over, but at that time, i couldnt think. all i could think is OMG i am lossing her, OMG this is all my fault, OMG i cant lose the girl of my life. So i was so desperate to talk to her again and express how sorry i was. She talked me 1 day after and said that she will try to forgive me and she needs one month time break. i gladly accpeted. but one day later, she told me the news that i nearly die for, she said that guy(alex) who started all these **** asked her out and shes now going out with him, she said shes still has a bit feeling for me and will think about it after a month. and she said she wouldnt have any sexual relationship with him. but she will kiss him and hug him. If i wasnt so in love with her, i would of told her to **** off right there. Cause shes now with the guy who started everything, and they hooked up right after, Doesnt that tell you something??????? like when alex came to her school 2 weeks ago , they already started hookin up. I talked to alot of ppl, friends, best friends, her friends, Even my mom. Most of them told me she probalby still loves me but only keeping me as a back-up, as if she loved me she would never do this **** on me now. but some of them says things like i should wait 1 month and find out. MY mom and someone thats her age( a teacher). told me its not worth it. i dont deserve #2, i deserve #1. and i should end it with her. Its not easy, I cant really put it down. ITs soooooooo hard. I dont know if shes goin out with that guy now just to get back at me or actually like him a long time ago. I dont know. I think i still love her in some degree. Thats why i am so confused. LOVe sucks ****. Show me some light please, somebody.


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I know you are in pain, and it seems like the world is ending for you, but it isn't. You're still so young, and she is even younger. Hurting and growing from it is part of life, and something that will hopefully benefit you later in life. Take some time, let your heart heal, and remember it's easier to heal now at your age than it will be later on.

You're both still just kids, and I know it hurts, but let it go. You probably haven't met the perfect person for you yet, even if you think you have. It will all come out in the wash, and time heals all wounds. Cliche, I know, but true at your age. You have a lifetime to live, happiness will find you yet, and you'll probably understand she wasn't meant for you (at the least at this moment) as you grow to understand the world, and yourself. Best of luck to you.


A fifteen year old promising engagement shuld have set warning bells off right away. She's 15... you're 17. This was not likely to make it very far. It happens to everyone because it's a part of growing up. You're still very young. She's not the girl of your life, she's a highschool infatuation. You've barely started your life. Let it go.


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15 years old and already a basket-case...<sigh>

15 is too young to be considering marriage...that kind of talk is fanciful and ridiculous.

It's just a method of control ("I love you so much that I want to marry you! Now, do as I say or I won't love you anymore!") at that age.


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You can't make someone love you, and trying will only lead to more pain. Girls that play games like that are NOT worth it.

Let her go.

And here's some more advice that's going to sound weird:

Take a deep breath, turn on some fast music, and do a little dance. Everything's gravy, man.


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Why do you think you are "worth" more than that Alex guy

The reason she did this is probably that Alex corresponds to what she needs more than you do. Just because you are in love doesn't make you "worth" more than him. However painful it may be, you must consider that she may be taking the right decision in dumping you for him.

As to what she told you about "still loving you" and "thinking it over again in a month" my guess is that it is just due to your overreaction at her place. You probably have a large responsibility in the fact that she didn't straight out tell you she plainly doesn't love you anymore.

Besides, take my advice and don't be over-judging her or making a moral case of her behaviour towards you. Your love life is still long and, who knows, you might be the one who is leaving a partner who loves him dearly in the future...


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What you thought was love was actually lust. Of course you still cared for her. I don't doubt that. But the reason you started to care for her was lust. Also, the reason she got rid of you was either: Her lust for another guy or your lust taking too muh control, and never wanting to let her go. I actually bet it's a combo of the two. Her asking you back out was just the fact that she missed you...'re body. Be glad it wasn't you asking her back out.

In all...give it a week or two...look at other girls...you'll be over her.


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What you thought was love was actually lust. Of course you still cared for her. I don't doubt that. But the reason you started to care for her was lust.
Just curious, but how do you know this?


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SaroDarksbane said:
Just curious, but how do you know this?
I felt the same way about a girl, and looking back, I know it was lust.

What I said, though it is my fault for not noting it, is an assumtion. It is most likely that feeling.


You're going to live a long time most likely, but you'll only be really young for the first 30 years of your life so you might as well live it up while you can. Go out there and be nice, but have fun, that's what being young is all about.

i suggest thinking about marriage 7-10 years from now.