A Blessed Journey: Untwinked Paladin Reaches 99


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Agreed. @Grape You know you want to. Also, I assume you already have voices in your head telling you to join all the time. We'll provide some more constant voices to do the same, until you join. Just sayin' ... Choice of character is free of course. Anything that can make good use of a Zod'ed item or BotD will work :).


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@PhineasB congrats on reaching 99 with a THIRD character, simply amazingly insane . Really good write up!

Agreed that the XP shrine on the last run is a nice touch. Besides the lack of Lion branded skillers you have a nice collection of charms. The Sacred Targe is also quite nice, my twinked Hammerdin is still running with a @43 ST.

@Grape can you imagine how many runes you will find that can be cubed up to a Zod. Do it ;-).


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@Cyrax +1 for your avatar. Always thought it was a cuddly owl. Lets zoom in. How sweet, it's a kitten, wait what does the underwriting state?! You evil.


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As the final stage of the 99er journey, Phaedrus decided to spend some of his hard-earned runes :D
Runeword prep.jpg
This little spree brings me to runeword grail -3, with runes still stashed for Fury and Exile but not a good enough base to feel worth it for either. He spent the Zod on something other than BoTD, so that's the only remaining runeword where I still need the rune ingredients.

Enough chit-chat, it's time for some screenies:
Hel'ed the Great Poleaxe he had used for Insight, and he'll go with the eth Cryptic Axe Insight roll instead.
I thought that I could try this out on my Auradin to replace HoJ/Dragon, probably going with Enigma armor for better mobility in WSK runs. Too bad on the roll (although all of the variable stat rolls in this batch were bad to not-terrible).
Auradin merc may get this for kicks, at least for a bit. Now for the one I was most excited to make:
eTomby.jpg RJoF #1.jpg RJoF #2.jpg
eTomby complete.jpg
:) Hiatus found the eTomby and the 2 RJoFs have been in my stash for a while, I'm pretty sure both found during my 7x7. My next twinked character will be a Druid so that this can get some use.
Last Wish.jpg
This was the second most exciting one actually. It's in a 14ED superior base that Phaedrus found. I think it is perfect for a warrior monk (kick/blade fury), so I may end up remaking mine (or un-retiring her and focus on leveling). I also think it could be powerful option for the auradin, allowing fast and powerful smite for taking down Baal or other bosses. He had to borrow 2 Jahs from my general stash to finish it.
Meh . . . Not sure I'll ever use this one actually. He cubed the last 2 Surs he had for the Ber. This session used up all his Lo+ runes, and I could have also made Exile with his remaining stash if I had a base.

* * *

A couple other notes from sorting through his stashes. He ended up keeping 77 skillers (plus the three Lion Branded that are equipped). Also his small charm collection makes for a nice upgrade in my general stash, at least on the shimmering/secondary mod and 10/11 single element/secondary mod front. Finally, there are still four eth GPA, Cryptic Axe, and Thresher bases that will be cubed hoping for 4os for nice Insights.


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@PhineasB some very nice toys you've made for yourself there. How come you chose to make Eternity in an eth base though? I though the appeal was being able to use the charges.


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@PhineasB some very nice toys you've made for yourself there. How come you chose to make Eternity in an eth base though? I though the appeal was being able to use the charges.
I didn't see the revives making enough difference vs. enhanced damage from eth (and using Indestructible mod), and ultimately I doubt I'll ever equip that thing either way ;)