A bit of inpute please


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A bit of inpute please

I made a summoner necro.

20 pts skellies
20 pts skel mastery
20 pts Fire G
20 pts g. mastery
1 point revive, ce, sum. resist, mage, curses up to lower res

I'm lvl ** and al the points from here on out are basically "free" since I already mastered what I wanted. So now what?
My first idea was bone armor/wall/cage combo to get a bit more defense for those extremely rare isolated situations (mostly during teleporting to TOD). But yeah, input please and thank you :smiley:


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get magi for 2 things, head count and util damage (poison = prevent monster heal, cold = slow)


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you don't really need any in mages, since you have the one hard point, oddds are has +5 or more to summon skills, and thats more then enough mages just to get the util damages, if your killing speed is solid, more defence for you is always a plus, or put more into CE, more CE is always better


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With my +skills I have 5 mages right now, you are correct (g00d job). Although i don't find myself using mages often except if I run into a stone-skin phys immune, or against D or Baal, in which case the poison is quite helpful.

So I think I will invest in bone armor, perhaps a few more points in CE (it's level 14, I think rightnow with + skills). Thank you for your help and more is still appreciated if it is given.


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Why do you max out fire golem? Or golem mastery for that matter. Most summoners just stick with clay golems for the massive hps or a odd insight iron golem thrown in. As for what to do with remaining skill points, I would definately put the points into mage. Mages are very underrated.
1. They are FREE meatshields
2. They stay back from the battle, meaning they offer protection in you get outflanked.
3. Fire and Light do about 400-500 dmg each. Thats not too much but with 16 of them and teleing thats aroun 8k dmg right there to the first target they aim at.
4. Poisin and Cold Mages both serve vital functions, cold slows enemies, who needs Holy Freeze merc with mages that freeze? Poisin stops enemy life regeneration (whoever heard of someone healing while poisoned).
In all, mages are very worth your skill points and if you have teleport (mentioned somewhere in your post) then the mages dont get in your way at all.