a barb guide


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a barb guide

could sum1 plz repost the untwinked barbarian guide cause im a poor lil bastard


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Skitril said:
Feel free to look at the stickied "guide for the untwinked barb" before posting =/
The stickies are empty Skit; the dbt for the forum got deleted last week and the back-up was corrupt, all posts made before then are gone for good, leaving just the titles. The mods need to clean it up=/



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hey!..the Necros guides are back up...what about us!! We are not a subclass!, we own this mutha!

On a side note...my !! key is stuck!, not really but *starts crying* we need our guides.....!!


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the necro guides were reposted. they have to be posted again. try that, then msg your mod and tell him / her to sticky them.