9max/-15req jools really exist?

Shaven Monkee

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9max/-15req jools really exist?

Well I am gonna make a new LLD/Pk'r lvl9 TS Sin. I have had three in the past and have enjoyed them enormously...more so than any other character I have ever built.

I stopped playin for awhile and nearly all of my mules expired....along with my precious precious lvl9 naughty spawn!

Well I have done the research and read the threads and guides and come
up with a shopping list.
I see that some lvl9's have been using Gothic Armor and Blade Talons.

This begs the question:
Do +9max/-15 req jools exist? (on same jool)

I ask because of the Str/Dex req's on Gothic Armor and Blade Talons are pretty hefty, listed below:

3 OS Blade Talons
*Str: 50
*Dex: 50

3 OS Breast Plate *30 str req
4 OS Gothic Plate *70 str req

3 OS Mask *23 str req
3 OS Crown *55 str req (only perk is about double def)

If the 9max/-15 req jools don't exist then it would be pointless to wear the heavier stuff. You would wind up using one or two -15% req jools just to put the freakin things on...basically nerfing your +9 max dmg socks to only two.

Maybe with enuff +Str charms used it could be done, but at a loss of life.


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rare jewels can have 4 mods on a rare.
heres ur level 9 optimal Max dmg scenario

tin 21-40 ar
carbuncle 1-5 max dmg
of wraight 6-9 max dmg
of freedom -15%reqs

potential perfetion: a +14max dmg/ -15%/ +40 ar rare jewel
but just 9/-15% is a tough rare to find

gothic armor?, either go for defence, or dont.
if u get urself 4 of those jewels, u find a 15% sup 269 def ancient armor.
the 4 jewels lower the req to 40str.


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To clarify, they do exist, but only as rare jewels. In other words, you wont find a magic +9 max, -15 req jewel, since both "wrath" and "freedom" are suffix's, you will need to get a rare jewel to spawn them both in one jewel.



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Anyone feel like an Iron Man match with me?

What this is we make one HC char that we choose in a completely diff realm like Asia or Europe or something, then make 1 game, lvl it to 9, and DUEL TO THE FINISH. It's highly fun.

- Dennis

Edit: This the MOST fun with 8 ppl.