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90 Pit Runs

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Sessily, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. Sessily

    Sessily IncGamers Member

    Jan 24, 2004
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    90 Pit Runs

    Pit Run Results :

    With : Level ** Amazon | Subclass : Hybridazon

    Equipment :

    Weapon : Buriza with Perfect Skull / Titan's Revenge with Rhyme : 0% MF / 25% MF
    Helm : Harlequin Crest with Perfect Topaz : 74% MF
    Armor : Skullder's Ire with Perfect Topaz : 134% MF
    Amulet : Magical Amulet : 31% MF
    Boots : War Traveller : 41% MF
    Gloves : Laying of Hands : 0% MF
    Belt : Goldwrap : 30% MF
    Ring : Nagelring : 27% MF
    Ring : Manald Heal : 0% MF
    Charms : Charms : Gheed's Fortune (38%) + Miscellaneous Charms (33%)%

    Total : 100 Base MF + (414% MF / 434% MF on switch)

    Stats :

    Strength : 135
    Dexterity : 325 (with items)
    Vitality : 150
    Energy : 15 - [ base ]


    20 Lightning Fury
    20 Strafe
    20 Valkerie
    07 Charged Strike
    05 Penetrate
    05 Critical Strike
    01 Frozen Arrow

    Mercenary : Act 2 Might Aura Mercenary [ LEVEL : 85 ]

    Armor : Duriel's Shell
    Helm : Perfect Vampire Gaze
    Weapon : Rare Stygian Pike

    IMPT other information : ALL RUNS ARE DONE ON SINGLE PLAYERS /PLAYERS 5 (sometimes 8)

    RUN ONE : Shadowfang
    RUN TWO : Nothing.
    RUN THREE : Rite of Passage
    RUN FOUR : Infernal's Sign
    RUN FIVE : Nothing
    RUN SIX : Etheral Kira's Guardian (Unique Tiara)
    RUN SEVEN : The Chieftan
    RUN EIGHT : Nightsmoke
    RUN NINE : Executioner's Justice, Sigon's Viser, Angelic Halo
    Run TEN : Nothing.
    Run ELEVEN : Undead Crown, Gleamsythe
    Run TWELVE : Spellsteel, Angelic Halo
    Run THIRTEEN : Io Rune
    Run FOURTEEN : Duskdeep
    Run FIFTEEN : Nothing
    Run SIXTEEN : Nothing
    Run SEVENTEENTH : Nothing
    Run EIGHTEENTH : Hellplague
    Run NINETEENTH : Nothing
    Run TWENTY : Sabazi's Metal Sheath, Cliffkiller
    Run TWENTY-ONE : Bloodfist
    Run TWENTY-TWO : Nothing 33
    Run TWENTY-THREE : Crushflang
    Run TWENTY-FOUR : Actic Horn
    Run TWENTY-FIVE : Nothing
    Run TWENTY-SIX : Razorswitch
    Run TWENTY-SEVEN : Trang-Oul's Guise, Venom GripStorm
    Run TWENTY-EIGHT : Undead Crown, Shael RUne
    Run TWENTY-NINE : NOthing
    Run THIRTY : Milabrega's Rod
    Run THIRTY-ONE : Beserker's Hatchet
    Run THIRTY-TWO : Beserker's Hauberk [ LEVEL UP ]
    Run THIRTY-THREE : Amn RUne
    Run THIRTY-FOUR : Nothing
    Run THIRTY-FIVE : Fleshrender, The Bottlebranch
    Run THIRTY-SIX : Nothing
    Run THIRTY-SEVEN : The Demon Machine
    Run THIRTY-EIGHT : 6 socket Phase Blade, Naj's Light Plate
    Run THIRTY-NINE : Hwanin's Justice, Cathan's Seal, Milabrega's Robe
    Run FOURTY : Soulflay
    Run FOURTY-ONE : Stormspire
    Run FOURTY-TWO : Screwer of Crinitz, The Bottlebranch
    Run FOURTY-THREE : Cathan's Seal, Hellclap
    Run FOURTY-FOUR : Cleglaw's Tooth, Lycander's Flank
    Run FOURTY-FIVE : Goldskin
    Run FOURTY-SIX : Sigon's Guard
    Run FOURTY-SEVEN : Culwen's Points, Milabrega's Orb
    Run FOURTY-EIGHT : The Diggler
    Run FOURTY-NINE : Gimmershred
    Run FIFTY : Nothing
    Run FIFTY-ONE : Iratha's Coil
    Run FIFTY-TWO : Nothing.
    Run FIFTY-THREE : Stormspike, Razortine
    Run FIFTY-FOUR : Nothing.
    Run FIFTY-FIVE : Aldur's Rhythm
    Run FIFTY-SIX : Nothing.
    Run FIFTY-SEVEN : Hel Rune
    Run FIFTY-EIGHT : Sigon's Wrap, Husoldal Evo, Umbral Disk
    Run FIFTY-NINE : Isenhart's Parry, Haemosu's Adamant, Bing Sz Wang
    Run SIXTY : Hsauru's Iron Heel
    Run SIXTY-ONE : Nothing.
    Run SIXTY-TWO : Razortine, Angelic Halo
    Run SIXTY-THREE : Civerb's Ward, Arcanna's Head
    Run SIXTY-FOUR : Nothing
    Run SIXTY-FIVE : The Minataour
    Run SIXTY-Six : Bottlebranch
    Run SIXTY-SEVEN : Nothing
    Run SIXTY-EIGHT : Sander's Taboo
    Run SIXTY-NINE : Tancred's Crowbill
    Run SEVENTY : Cleglaw's Tooth
    Run SEVENTY-ONE : Cathan's Seal, Milabrega's Orb, Cleglaw's Tooth
    Run SEVENTY-TWO : Angelic Halo
    Run SEVENTY-THREE : Witherstring, Sparkling Mail
    Run SEVENTY-FOUR : Nothing.
    Run SEVENTY-FIVE : Nothing.
    Run SEVENTY-SIX : Kilelm's Awl
    Run SEVENTY-SEVEN : Ichorstring, SIgon's Shelter, Soulflay
    Run SEVENTY-EIGHT : CAthan's Sigil
    Run SEVENTY-NINE : Blacktongue, sander's Taboo
    Run Eighty : Bverrit's Keep
    Run Eighty-One : Hellclap
    Run Eighty-Two : Sigon's Gage
    Run Eighty-Three : Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth
    Run Eighty-Four : Goreshovel
    Run Eighty-Five : Vidala's Barb, Arctic Binding, Isenhart's Lightbrand, Hsauru's Iron Stay
    Run Eighty-Six : Nothing.
    Run Eighty-Seven : Arcanna's Deathwand
    Run Eighty-Eight : Mavina's Embrace
    Run Eighty-Nine : Cathan's Rule
    Run Ninety : Cathan's Mesh, Hellcast

    4 Elite Set/Uniques in 90 runs. Not something to be proud of I'm sure.


    Any tips?
  2. cholerajoe

    cholerajoe IncGamers Member

    Nov 20, 2003
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    I have had crappy luck as of late. My last 10 runs netted me exactly 1 unique item. No sets. I re-roll every map also. I'm trying to find one that doesn't branch too much. I did get one Io rune though.
    My +MF is 420 or so. My merc has 7 perfect Topaz's
  3. farting bob

    farting bob Banned

    Sep 16, 2003
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    switch to p1, you can do alot more rusn in the same time and the chances dont reduce that much of uniques. ive done p1 and p8 runs for pindle itn eh MFO, 50 of each and i got pretty mcuh same results (4 uniques, 1 of them elite from p1, 5 uniques, 2 of them unique from p8) i knwo its not mcuh, but after 50 p8 runs i thoguht it was taking way to long so didnt bother doing it further.
  4. SnakeEye85

    SnakeEye85 IncGamers Member

    Aug 24, 2003
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    i´d go kill pindle instead....he is much nicer :)
  5. SnakeEye85

    SnakeEye85 IncGamers Member

    Aug 24, 2003
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    pindle isn´t affected by what player settings you are using, only his minions get more drops with higher players.

    it´s not the same with pit runs....
  6. Sessily

    Sessily IncGamers Member

    Jan 24, 2004
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    Haha, I have. Hence why I didn't bother to put down those last 10 runs and make a 100 list. I got too frustrated and decided to do Pindleskin. He's given me better items overall and much faster; the problem is that I seem to drift off and get bored of him unlike the Pit.
  7. whomhead

    whomhead IncGamers Member

    Jun 26, 2003
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    nice work sessily! :thumbsup:

    just so you know, FB, changing the players setting on pindle has no effect on his drops. we will always drop two items (or gold/gem/rune) and four potions. the higher players setting makes his minions more likely to drop an item, but if you're only killing one monster over and over, it makes sense to do it at players 1. for pit runs, on the other hand, it is good to do it at a higher players setting as long as it doesn't slow you down. this is because you get more drops from all those other random monsters you kill. even here, however, the benefits are limited because champion/unique drops are still unaffected by the players setting, and they have a MUCH higher chance of giving you a set/unique.

    edit: bah, snakeyes beat me to it... :grrr:
  8. SnakeEye85

    SnakeEye85 IncGamers Member

    Aug 24, 2003
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    yeah some people think pindle is sooo boring and give up after 10 runs but for some reason i enjoy running pindle more than any other area even if its the same over and over again.
    When im running the pit/wsk i have to stay focused so im not getting killed. That makes me tired.

    When im running pindle i don´t have to be focused at all. I have killed him so many times so i could probarbly do it while sleeping. So when i run pindle i can concentrate on other stuff, watching TV(mostly listen), do schoolstuff, or just think alot :)
    Im hardly even looking when i kill him, just TP into him - kill him and minions - look for gold/green colors - (probarbly missed lots of good runes/jewels cause of this) - exit and save

    it´s actually very relaxing :thumbsup:
  9. Vajar

    Vajar IncGamers Member

    Jul 7, 2003
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    Its the excitement and danger which makes me want to run the other areas as oppposed to Pindle.

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