750 1.10 Pindleskin Runs


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750 1.10 Pindleskin Runs

After a recent suggestion by SincereX13, I thought that I would
make an effort at some serious Pindleskin-running logs. I did
750 Pindleskin runs at a Players 1 setting in 1.10 with raw
MF of 428 and 306 on switch on a level 93 ww barbarian. His
level 93 defiance mercenary had an additional 214 MF. My barbarian
has a 46% chance of a successful hork.

Runs with no set/unique/rune drop are omitted. (H) denotes
an item found by horking. Total run time was typically under 1 minute.

5. Large Shield
16. Mesh Boots (H)
20. Amn
21. Mesh Boots
28. Mask
29. Full Helm, Hyperion Spear (H)
31. Nef
39. Spired Helm
40. Cryptic Sword
41. Death Mask
44. Amulet (Rising Sun), Eld
50. Scythe (H)
54. Legendary Mallet (Stone Crusher)
55. El
59. Great Helm, Cedar Staff
62. Giant Sword
68. Tusk Sword, Ral
74. Gauntlets
76. Ith, Gauntlets (H)
77. Long Sword
89. Ring (Cathan’s Seal) (H)
98. Bone Visage
104. Matriarchal Javelins (H), Heavy Gloves
108. Amn (H)
115. Flail
117. Amulet (Civerb’s Icon)
121. Flail (H)
124. Crown (Milabrega’s Diadem)
135. El
140. Chain Gloves
147. Brandistock
158. War Club
161. El
162. El
165. Ort (H)
170. Crown (Milabrega’s Diadem)
172. War Boots
176. Long Sword
180. Amulet (Highlord’s Wrath)
184. Sharktooth Armor (H)
190. Plate Belt
209. Cryptic Sword
213. Cinquedas (etherial)
215. Broad Sword
216. Gothic Axe
217. Bastard Sword
218. Embossed Plate
228. Belt
237. Executioner Sword
242. Tower Shield
250. Nef (H)
261. Light Belt, Breast Plate, Tal
266. Kris (H)
268. Balrog Blade, Eld
274. War Sword (H)
280. Mask
283. Sharkskin Belt, Death Mask, Spetum (H)
299. Short Battle Bow
300. Breast Plate
302. Diadem
304. Sabre
306. Dusk Shroud, Colossus Crossbow (H)
311. Mythical Sword
314. Fuscina
315. Grim Shield (H)
318. Battle Belt
319. Eld
320. Dusk Shroud
321. Eld (H)
322. Ort (H)
333. Eld
335. Dirk
342. Silver-Edged Axe (H), Ort (H)
344. Ancient Axe (H)
346. Tal
369. El
372. Plate Belt, Crowbill (H)
382. Eldritch Orb (ethereal) (H)
390. Ring (Angelic Halo)
391. El
396. Light Belt
398. Ring (Dwarf Star)
406. Thul
422. Plate Belt
423. Eld
426. Rondel
431. Long Battle Bow
437. Breast Plate
451. Nef
476. El
479. Sol
502. Cleaver
505. Scepter
507. Sabre
509. Tal
513. Giant Axe
514. Cuirass
515. Shamshir
519. Ancient Shield
523. Ort
524. Broad Sword
527. Plate Belt
529. Light Gauntlets
536. Ort
540. Death Mask
542. Ring (Angelic Halo)
546. Lacquered Plate
547. Grand Matron Bow
549. Gothic Plate
552. Breast Plate
559. El, Demonhead (H)
561. Nef
563. Kite Shield
564. Tal
571. Casque
572. Bone Knife (H), Battle Staff (H)
575. War Club
578. Ring (Ravenfrost) (H)
579. Military Pick
589. Troll Nest (H)
600. Crowbill, Chain Boots
601. Gauntlets
602. Loricated Mail (H)
603. Bill (H), Light Gauntlets (H)
606. Broad Sword (H)
611. War Axe
621. Cudgel, Swirling Crystal (H)
637. Decapitator
643. Heavy Belt (Iratha’s Cord)
649. Ring (Cathan’s)
655. Circlet
656. Rune Bow
662. Grim Wand, Mask (H)
666. Nef
670. Ring (Angelic Halo)
672. El
689. Ballista
693. Grand Matron Bow, Breast Plate (H)
695. Matriarchal Spear
698. Spiked Club
699. Field Plate
704. Heavy Belt
708. Tir
716. Amulet (Civerb’s Icon)
719. Grand Charm
722. Light Plate Boots (Vidala’s Fetlock)
724. Sharktooth Armor
727. El (H)
733. El, Nef (H)
742. Claymore
746. Bone Wand
747. Ring (Cathan’s Seal) (H)
748. Ring (Angelic Halo)
749. Splint Mail

I may try to add another 750 recorded runs. Overall, I am pleased with
the results having found 2xTC87, 5xTC84, 1xTC81, 3xTC78 and 4xTC75
set or unique items during the past 3.5 days while averaging 0.0867 set
items, 0.096 unique items and 0.0507 runes per run.
wow. thats 1.09 style run logs. now it seems 50 is enough for someone to make a new thread abotu yet another pit run session. there shoudl be a 250 min runs before you psot your results. good work bob!


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Just want to give you my thanks for doing those runs... to bad their weren't more TC 87's dropping. It seems that so far no matter whether you run Baal, the Pits or Pindle that those TC 87's drop at a fairly similar rate. More test must be done!!! :lol:
How exactly did you count then all? I have been wanting to do something of that sort, but I dont have an efficent way of logging the runs, without taking more time then the runs themselves.
Well done, those are some pretty nice results. I still maintain that Pindle is better than The Pit for the #items/time ratio, especially with a Horker. MMMmmmm, horking...
Makes me remember a while back (1.09) when I saw a screenie of a guy that horked up a Nats Claw and a Hellslayer in one go, not a bad effort :D



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i think the best method to count it is by pressing print screen every runs, if you have space in your HD that is...


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I think the best recording is good old pen and paper. I have a little notebook and I write down the run number and what I find.

eg. 23) Set Mythical Sword

It takes about 5 seconds and is easy to keep track of. I shy away from using the computer - I've never been very computer literate. :)


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SincereX13: It was your idea! Of course, I would have been doing
the runs anyway. Look for another installment next weekend if all
goes well (I have already started :D ).

ThricethebeSaved: For me, it was pen and paper first and later
the old word processing program... pretty much as Dodgydave
suggests. I'm pretty old school about it or maybe just old. If
I had a chalk board at home I'd probably use that. :lol: I'm not
nearly so modern as Death_StrikeR.

sam_manzanza: Hork is certainly fun! That sounds like a pretty
one. My most memorable one of recent months would be The
Cranium Basher
from Pindle.


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wow 750 runs!!! thats pretty heavy stuff congrats on al the finds! i would like to do manso runs but i dunno if i shd clear out the place or just go for the uniques..anyone enlighten me? :innocent: