75 fcr vs 125


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75 fcr vs 125

Recently got an arach, did some math, and figured out that I could hit 125 fcr with my hammer. So I did some stuff with 125 fcr. 131 to be precise. It was kind of a let down. So I put away the trang glove and arach, got out the chancies and goldwrap, and everything is back to normal.

I suspect fcr breakpoint comes down to personal preference. Any strong advocates of 125 fcr?


i have 135 fcr,i still want to reach 185 fcr. for pvp ofc :) muhahaha, and i have low fcr with any char,even pvm, i think its low.. even for pvm


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The guy above is stoned.

125% is max and it is very very nice in pvp. I wouldn't go 75% even for pvm but that's just cause I like speed.