7 items in one drop?


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For the Meph kill I am guessing that the soulstone doesnt count.... and for the Baal kill, I am going to guess that the potential item drop is higher when it is for the quest (i.e. First kill with that character).

They're my guesses as I dont really have a clue either :D


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Meph: Soulstone doesn't count towards the 6 item maximum.
Baal: There's a bug with gold that it at times does not count towards the 6 pick maximum. And IIRC if gold is dropped on the 7th pick, +% GF doesn't count.


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I thought that the gold pile from Baal is the part of his first drop (like Andariel drops a normal gem and 2 chippies...) IIRC I didn't experienced a 7 item drop from Baal during regular kills....


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This is also the first time I saw Baal drop 7 items, my Baal runs were mostly on p3, and I almost always got 6 items. I guess the bug happens rarely.