7 Deadly Sins

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7 Deadly Sins

Ok, I hade this idea a while ago and I thought it might be time to work on it since I am on a 2week shut down for work.

Here's the jist of it.

I will be playing strickly Assassins.

All 7 Sins will coinside with the 7Deadly Sins.
I got the terms for the sind from this site here

Pride - will be a lvl 30 skill use only Sin ie: Shadow Master, Venom, DS, PS
Envy - will be a Pure Poision Sin, will probelly have TS/DC as primarys w/ Venom aswell.
Gluttony - I was haveing a hard time with this one all I could come up with was a DS Sin......meaning that will be here main attack. I would apperiacate some input for this one.
Lust - I was thinkin of a strickly MA sin...meaning just using a single tree build, again all I could some up with. Ideas welcome...
Anger - For this I was thinkin of being strickly a Dragon Claw Sin, NO CHARGE UPS, just DC and BoS. I am seeing this Sin as being abnormaly hard.
Greed - Just simply a MF Sin... So shes gonna have to be a TS/DC sin so that she is a great Boss Killer...
Sloth - the only thing that I thought fit here was a Trapper Tree Build.....

But thats what I have come up with let me know what you think. The idea is to Mat them all with in a 2 week period so thats roughly 2 days per char.



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Pride is going to be harder than Anger. Though if you're really worried about anger then let her kick too.

No offence, but I think you're going to have some trouble in getting them all in 2 weeks. 1 in 2 days yes, 7 in 2 weeks no. You can only run on sleep depravation so long...

GL either way!
for both anger and lust i would use dtalon. anger cause of the rage of repeatibly kicking a monster. and lust cause of repeatably doing it with the foot(ouch)

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water_moon said:
No offence, but I think you're going to have some trouble in getting them all in 2 weeks. 1 in 2 days yes, 7 in 2 weeks no. You can only run on sleep depravation so long...

GL either way!

LOL you know I was thinking the same thing when I finally typed it out in the end there.. I was like...."2 weeks....1 per 2 days.... I gotta be Nunkin Futs!!!"

I think the hardest part of Pride is jsut gettin to lvl 30... Esp playin Un-twinked.
I believe a read a post a while back where AE had done the same thing with a sin and he had done it. Granted he was playin in HC and is prob a way better player than I am but I thinks its do-able... maybe.... possibly

Thanks for the Luck , I'll need it..and a lot more I think..


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For Lust and Gluttony I would feature Cobra Strike.

Seems to be the only skill that really fits the "desire" aspect of the two sins.

EDIT: Death Sentry would also fit Gluttony if you've watched Seven


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Pride and Envy I like.

Gluttony - That's a toughy. What's the most mana-expensive skill. You could just use that one.

Lust - This has got to be a naked Assassin. No items except charms, jewelry and claws.

Anger - Titan Sin. All points in strength. Though I like your idea as well, so perhaps some combination of the two.

Greed - has to wear as much Gold Find as possible. Chance Guards, Wealth armor, an inventory full of GF charms...

Sloth - Can only use Shadow Master, Shadow Warrior and a Mercenary. She's not allowed to do any attacking of her own.

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Ok some revisions from what some have said.....

@Wormhead - Gluttony, I'm still stuck....
Lust,I saw "pleasures of the body" as a person who over enjoys the use of the body, thats how I came up with a MA sin tree build for her. I liked the Idea you had for Lust I think I will combine the 2. The same for Greedd too. But I had this idea as an after thought of readin you post, That the GreedSin will have to pick up everything she finds and sell it AND not BUY anything either.As for Sloth, were kinda both on the same page here, except I was thinkin that since the dmg actully comes from the traps then shes not actully attackin.

@Dave - SlothSin is strickly a trap sin, no other trees
@NF - Since Greed is a plain MF Sin she is really the only 1 that can have a wide range of skillz. But since I havent built her yet I havent decided on what skillz to use as of yet, But yes DS will be used frenquently too. I was jsut thinkin of quick boss killing power, thats why I was thinkin TS/DC.

Im trying to keep the skill usage indepent from each other as much as possible...
I thank you all for the ideas thus far. Right now I have Sin_Pride and Sin_Envy currently on thier way to get Cain. Both are at lvl 11. I am tryin to keep tham all at about the same progression lvl. well see how it goes.



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Pride: Considering that 'sins are supposed to be martial artists who specialize in killing mages, i'd say this is your naked 'sin. Doesn't need equipment to do her job well.

Anger: Titan Dtailer hands down.

Lust: For some reason, a Dflighter seems appropriate here. one who charges up and uses dflight to teleport around a group to release the charges.

Gluttony: How 'bout a character that has to try to use all her skill trees equally? She isn't satisfied with being one type and has to try to have everything.

Envy: Base the build around an OS skill.



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Dark Warrior said:
Hahahaha!!! :lol:


I like the idea of the deadly sins. And maybe to balance out using traps (becuase you really don't need to attack physically if you have traps and mercs), sloth should be stripped of the ability to run.


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pride: id say a one skill build no synergies no backup skills (only prereqs you can only use your 1 and only skill)
envy: non-class skill :inserts wwsin here: vengeance sin, zerk/zeal sin, bear sin come to mind also
gluttony: 1 point in every skill (as for the other pts its your call. a hardcore glutton would spread them evenly resulting in 3 pts in most skills and 4 in a select few)
lust: i got nada here
anger: titan martial artist (any MA build as long as its titan)
greed: magic find or gold find works
sloth: trapsin with no BoS and no running (walking only)

EDIT: i cant count or add.


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Just to add to whomhead's lust idea, you could still wear all your gear and just wear a cloth armor. Then if you use fade you asn loses the majority of her clothing.