(7/7 charges) Sept - Planning & Progress


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Sacre (lvl 76) - Haven't updated in a while. He's already through A3 Hell. I went with Shaftstop armor for Hell, and brought in some resist charms. Been doing okay with that. HB has been fully synergized for a while, and it does great damage to undead (4000+). But, merc has a tendency to walk right into the path, and block the HB from doing damage. In the Arcane Sanctuary, it was brutal. Lots of those guys are PI, so merc doesn't do any damage, AND he blocks my HB! :mad:

Thinking about giving him a shield and that 'Prudence' after he's finished. Turning him into a CtC HB rather than using the charges. We'll see..


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Sacre (lvl 77) just entered A5. He's not the sturdiest Paladin, with no shield and low def etc. But, getting the job done. Came across several of these guys (PI and not Undead). So, I have to use Vengeance, and of course Stone Skin/Mana Burn..


Some A4 pics:


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Darksight Helm
Boneslayer Blade (champion axe)
Shaftstop @10% jewel
1.07 Laying of Hands
String of Ears
Mara's Kaleidoscope
Raven Frost
Rare @10% ring

Beta 'CtA' + 'Spirit' (switch)
Bunch of Resist/dmg/AR/HP charms

Merc (A2 Might):
Guillaume's Face
Lvl 79
Str - 180
Dex - 98
Vit - 175
Nrg - 15

Unspent - 75

Blessed Hammer - 20
Fist of Heavens - 20
Fanatacism - 20
Zeal/Sacrifice - rest

66/40/57/45 Resists
1153 Def :oops: but 42% dmg reduction

Holy Bolt [charges]: 4116-4620
Zeal: 2085-3551 (3921 AR)

Occulus + Reaper's Toll

Thoughts: A little disappointed, I had high hopes for Sacre..
  • The main thing I wanted to build him around was the charges of HB on Boneslayer Blade. They did do very respectable damage, but in practice it was difficult to use. There were plenty of PI/Undead boss packs where it was nice to have. But, I'm sure that I ended up getting much more use out of the 50% ctc HB when struck. :eek:
  • I used Darksight Helm for the charges of Cloak of Shadows. Much like Leichenbombe, they weren't used all that much, until they were extremely useful. The ctc Dim Vision on there helped out quite a bit as well.
  • I didn't even bother trying to make use of a third charge item with him. He was 95% zealing away anyway.. :oops:


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Conjuratus (lvl 51) - Cruising along through NM. Getting close to lvl requirement for 'Oath', then he'll actually get to do some fighting. ID this Pally shield. That's some high def for a lvl 30 shield.. o_O


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Conjuratus (lvl 57) finally took the brave step forward to lead his co-conspirators from the front. He already does a respectable 1200 melee damage with just HoW active. I was trying to plan out his gear, and skills. But, I regret my choice already! Went with 3-piece Trang-oul's (skills, +% block, and +Str/Dex). So, I figured that I might as well go with Poison as my secondary attack. However, the second I started swinging with 'Oath' I saw how often the CtC Bone Spirit was going off. New plan is to respec with remaining points in Bone Wall/Prison. That will synergize my CtC, as well as give me a decent Bone Armor to make him a bit sturdier. Guess that means that he'll go with Homonculus (higher block%) and some other Melee gear.


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'Oath' Scourge
'Bone' Dusk Shroud
Harlequin Crest (topaz)
Mara's Kaleidoscope
Homonculus (diamond)
String of Ears
Ravenfrost + Rare

A1 Rogue Merc:
'Faith' Great Bow
'Lionheart' Mage Plate
Rare Circlet
Lvl 82
Str - 139
Dex - 138
Vit - 217
Nrg - 62

Unspent - 60

Raise Skeleton - 20
Skeleton Mastery - 20
Bone Wall - 20
Bone Prison - 20

Unspent - 5

72/72/72/75 Resists
Defense: 1222 (54% block)
Bone Armor: 700 dmg

Attack: 75-1772 (3236 AR)
Bone Spirit: 1196-1298 (30% on Striking)
Bone Spear: 348-379 (15% on Striking)

Vipermagi - @35%
I forgot to switch my screenshot hotkey! :eek:

Thoughts: 'Oath' Necro is fun. HoW + Fanaticism. Plus you get to hit stuff rather than just stand there.
  • Charges of HoW survived very well. Until I got late into Hell, it had only died through level ups. Began to die some towards the end, but with plenty of Skellies he stayed pretty safe.
  • Charges of Iron Golem were nice, but not really that beneficial. I didn't want to make IG out of anything expensive, since I don't have any hard points. However, IG didn't immediately poof on switch. When I needed to use Khalim Flail etc, HoW would poof instantly, but IG stuck around.
  • Third charged item was Marrowalk boots again, for the charges of Life Tap. I thought that would be my "safety" curse, in case I ran into something painful, and started to lose army. Those Skellies never died though. Only time I ever had to replenish army was vs Lister.


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Tropell (lvl 25) - Kurast Docks

After several days of consideration.. I think I have a plan for poor Tropell. Plan is to utilize Raven and Hurricane (but not Tornado). As Tornado overtook my Zeal-Windy Druid. Summons will be numerous: Spirit Wolves (from 'Crescent Moon'), Valk + Revives (from 'Harmony'), Merc + Spirit, probably a Poison Creeper (from 'Carrion Wind'), and possibly an IG (from 'Metalgrid'). Here he is testing out his new look, Which is to be Bow + Phase Blade:

Screenshot090.jpg Screenshot091.jpg
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Tropell (lvl 50) - Lut Gholein NM

After getting to lvl 45 for his 'Harmony' bow, Tropell started to come into his own. Plenty of Summons + AOE from Hurricane + ranged attack from Bow.

A1 Pics:

And a couple jewels along the way:
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Tropell (lvl 63) - Harrograth NM

'Harmony' did quite well, my only complaint would be dealing with a long casting delay on both Valkyrie and Hurricane is quite annoying. However, once he reached lvl 54 for his 'Crescent Moon' I had a change of heart. No. 1: I felt I wasn't doing that CM justice by simply using it on switch for charges of Spirit Wolf. No. 2: he has 20 pts in Dire Wolf (life synergy), and they have more HP than the lvl 16 Spirit Wolves. So, I wanted to use CtA on switch, and get some melee use out of this thing:
Crescent Moon
Phase Blade
One-Hand Damage: 102 to 116
Required Dexterity: 136
Required Strength: 25
Required Level: 54
Sword Class - Fastest Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 1
Fingerprint: 0x2a568693
GUID: 0x65270acb 0x9224d657 0x0
+232% Enhanced Damage
20% Increased Attack Speed
Ignore Target Defense
25% Chance of Open Wounds
+2 to Mana After Each Kill
+9 Magic Absorb
10% Chance to cast Level 17 Chain Lightning on striking
20% Chance to cast Level 13 Static Field on striking
Level 18 Summon Spirit Wolf (26/30 Charges)
-35% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
Socketed (3: 3 used)

Hit lvl 55 for Corpsemourn, and gave him a Tiamat's Rebuke to comeplete the bad-A look. :cool:



Diablo has been the only painful battle so far, even after dropping to p1. I lose the occasional wolf here and there, but it hasn't been too bad yet.


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Tropell (lvl 70) - Rogue Encampment Hell

The plan was to use Nightwing's Veil for the +cold% dmg, and +skills (which would benefit Valk). But, Tropell actually gets more damage out of this pelt, so we're sticking with the green look. Gradually been lowering the /p setting. We'll see how he does with p3 on Hell. I'm looking to add some Life Tap for safety, either from Dracul's gloves, or using Marrowalk again.

Hierophant's Spirit Mask of the Jackal
Defense: 27
Durability: 20 of 20
(Druid Only)
Required Strength: 30
Required Level: 42
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: **
Fingerprint: 0x1653626a
+5 to Life
72% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
+2 to Druid Skill Levels
+3 to Hurricane (Druid Only)
+2 to Volcano (Druid Only)
Socketed (3: 3 used)

Screenshot025.jpg Screenshot027.jpg Screenshot028.jpg Screenshot029.jpg


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Tropell (lvl 70) - Lut Gholein Hell

Moving along with no real problems so far at p3 (p1 for Act Bosses). Wolves are dying a bit more frequently, and Tropell is shifting more towards Caster/Summoner than Melee. He ran into a couple of these PI/CI, which Merc/Hurricane did zero damage. Tropell surprisingly dealt with them fairly easily with his melee attack though:


Went with Marrowalk boots, and I'm glad to have charges of Life Tap rather than CtC. It's nice to have on demand for when he runs into an Extra Fast/Extra Strong boss pack:

Corpse Explosion:
+ Hurricane:

A2 was very nice for CE, with all the Skeletons + Mummy packs. I sometimes got a bit carried away casting CE though, and didn't pay much attention to keeping poor Tropell alive. (As can be seen by his imminent death at the hands of Fangskin.)



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Tropel (lvl 81) - Harrograth Hell

Ugggh. A3 was annoying for this guy. Lots of CI, and lots of monsters that run away, making CE difficult. A4 was MUCH better. Got into a rhythm, run at packs with hurricane, retreat until summons arrive, engage fringe monster(s) with melee, retreat and cast a couple CE, melee, CE etc. Other than the pains of A3, he's done pretty well for a melee/hybrid that does 500-800 dmg, and has a whopping 2k defense.


Screenshot047.jpg Screenshot048.jpg


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Patriarch Tropell (lvl 82):

Beta 'Crescent Moon' Phase Blade (shout out to @necrolemming for that one! :))
Tiamat's Rebuke
Beta 'CtA' + 'Spirit' (on switch)
Spirit Mask (+2 Druid/+3 Hurricane)
IK Gloves + Belt
Rare Ammy (+2 Elemental)
2x Nagelring

Merc - A2 Holy Freeze
'Infinity' Thresher
'Fortitude' Archon Plate
Guillame's Face

Charms - 2x Elemental, 2x Summon Skillers + misc MF/resist

Str - 198
Dex - 153
Vit - 185
Nrg - 20

Unspent - 69

Twister - 20
Tornado - 20 (2878-3053 .. not used once! :rolleyes:)
Hurricane - 20
Dire Wolf - 20 (HP synergy for Spirit Wolves)
Cyclone Armor - rest

Attack: 570-984
Hurricane: 1867-1982

Resists: 47/52/75/12 (probably should have upgraded those Nagelrings..)
Def: 2017
Cyclone Armor - 1331 absorb

Ran into Blood Lord packs as soon as I entered Crystalline Passage. Caused several deaths.. :mad:
Didn't make the same mistake twice. Thank you Life Tap!

Thoughts: Well, for a /melee character that did less than 1k damage, he was quite alright. 50% Summoner, 50% Caster, and 50% melee adds up to 150%!! ;)
  • CE charges were very nice. Repair cost on Corpsemourn is very low. And, as long as you use the charges somewhat sparingly, 40 is plenty to last until your next trip back to town.
  • The Spirit Wolves survived pretty well, 514 base HP before I cast BO. They died occasionally, and 2-3 times late into Hell difficulty I came across something painful that would drop 3-4 of them. I can't remember ever losing the entire wolf pack at once. Generally, they only needed to survive until 1-2 corpses were made. Then the enemies thinned out considerably.
  • Third charge item was Marrowalk for the charges of Life Tap. Kind of like CoS, didn't use very often. But, when they were used, they were VERY useful.
Future plans: With the 'Crescent Moon' -ELR, I really wanted to slap 2x 'Dream' on this guy to beef up his melee. That will have to wait for now though.


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Well, that does it for the Sept! This was all-in-all a pretty interesting project. Some of the charges didn't work out very well, but others were great. Mixing in a bit of CtC gear made it a lot more fun. Everyone of these guys felt a bit held back by trying to gear them up with at least 3 charge granting items. And, since they are all lvl 79-82, I'll probably re-visit each of them with some better gear and play them up to lvl 90 or so. Let me know if you have any more suggestions for these guys, as freeing up some of their gear will hopefully lead to some improvements:

Bruja (lvl 79) - She was my favorite "theme" Hydra, Poison, Golem, Bone Prison, and Raven (stupid HotO!). Biggest problems were CI/FI monsters. Will probably give her a Cranebeak instead of the 'Venom' to get the Raven charges working. Possibly adding in some melee with Enchant or 'Dream'(s).

Soeki (lvl 80) - Well, she has Death Sentry, and that's about all she needs. Will probably keep the Plague Jav charges just for the heck of it. Should be easy enough to level her up though.

Leichenbombe (lvl 82) - He played mostly as a WW Barb anyway. Plan would be to keep the Bonehew for CE, and forget about the other charge items.

Pandemonio (lvl 81) - That 'Delirium' is all she needs.. Will keep using Hellrack for the cheap Immo Arrow, and possibly gear her up better for either Strafe, or FA.

Sacre (lvl 79) - He's basically a 2H Zealer using that Boneslayer Blade. Worst character of the Sept in terms of making use of charges. Might just drop them all together, and just run Pindle or some other Undead target with him.

Conjuratus (lvl 82) - He has skellie army, and that's about all he needs.. Can probably just play him as is.

Tropell (lvl 82) - I thought the Druid would be the most difficult, as I never really had much of a plan for him until I got around to playing him. Turns out all you really need to beat this game is a few charges of CE.. :p Going to wait on 'Dream'(s) before giving him another go.


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Very cool project and cool that you pulled it off :D

You should have used Charge as the attack skill for Sacre just to keep yourself 100% dedicated to the Charge(s) theme ;)
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Grats on finishing this! Been reading the progress every once in a while, cool project indeed, and surprisingly seems like quite the viable approach to playing the game in some cases. ;)

Conjuratus was particularly interesting for me since my second untwinked 99er character (yeah, right...) is also a Fishymancer, currently running Hell LK. Envisaged end-game weapon is Beast or Hoto, but he will need to farm a lot of Bers (first 3 for Enigma, then 2 for Infinity) before it's time to make a Beast -- and in the meantime I'll definitely try a low-req Oath (just for the HotW) to see how it compares. Now even more so as it apparently worked well for you!