6K Whirlwind assassin?


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6K Whirlwind assassin?

I just bought some whirlwind gear, because I can't get any good damage with my assassin, not even with crushing blow gloves and strength weapon. The problem is, I can't damage 6K like in the thread

but 3K.

I have: Fury suvvayah, Chaos suvvayah, enigma, arachnid mesh belt, trang-oul's claws, shadow dancer, harlequin crest, 2x raven frost ring, maras kaleidoscope amulet.

Ty if you help.


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Re: 6K Whirlwind assassin?

1. 4 Frame Whirlwind. This means that you have the most possible hit checks when your opponent is within range.
2. 6k Damage LS, good damage considering that you also have a strong whirlwind. This can go as high as 8k, depending on gear.
3. Good Open Wounds, critical against casters/barbs.
4. A 3k Whirlwind. This is what your screen shows. The actual damage is higher due to the double poison application bug.
5. Satisfactory attack rating (this is a tough part of the build).
6. 65% Fast Cast Rate, enough to mind blast effectively and teleport quickly.
7. 9 Frame Trap Laying.

.. am I missing something here?