57 Hell Andy runs

57 Hell Andy runs

242 meph until I found Gheeds... then I had 267
stopped at 57 instead of 100 because I realized I can solo Hell Meph now with 130% FCR

This will be written out lazily, because otherwise it will take too long. The highlights of the runs were: Arreat's Face (6%), Gheed's (only 25%), Bonehew and Ravenfrost. Not so great, but hopefully Meph will drop better.

each item is the best item that dropped during a run

rare siege xbow
grim's burning dead
... she dropped nothing at alll
rare reflex bow
cath's mask rare grim scythe
magic heave belt
raven claw
worthless GC
lance guard
magic exec sword
rare plated belt
swordback hold
jade tan do
rare shamshir
magic ballista
gris heart
rare war club
rare bramble mitts
the ward
cath's mask
Arreat's Face
demon limb
rare ring
gris' sword
rare grim scythe
rare composit bow
blackleach blade
life res mf ammy (not good enough to keepO
rare ballista
trang armor
rare greaves
unique fuscina
the chieftain
rare ring
sigons shield
ehtereeal ribcracker
rare wyrmhide boots rare twin axe
ik boots
Gheed's Fortune
unique military pick
laying of hands
rare linked mail
clegs sword
unique long war bow

Well.. there you have it. Not the best MF but I got a few good things within @ 50 runs.


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andy has dropped good for me including:

hordes of dwarf stars / high nagels
2 shakos
2 gaze
2 titans
seraphs hymn
4 gheeds charms (shes loaded with them!)
all i can think of atm :)


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Andy was being lame toward me this morning. I got a Whitstan and an Ethereal Edge. Then, she dropped me a Skullder.

A few games later, Meph dropped me an SS. It was the only thing that was unique that he dropped me in like 20 runs.

Phantom- :drink:


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i have been doing my own 100 andy runs just so i stick to something strict (next will be meph, maybe countess and ancient tunnels.)

shes super duper. the little bosses around her usually are super duper too. they seem to drop as well or better than she. 31 runs so far a hoz, gheeds, three wizs, marrowwalks, and vampire gaze. these are the only things really worth mentioning, however, but i tend to keep smaller things (ex: skystrike) to sell really cheap for pgems. works out well for me, and poorer players.


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My hell Andy runs don't usually turn up anything I couldn't find from normal Mephy. The only thing of interest she's dropped me so far is a 17 dex Ravenfrost.
Well, I was thinking Hell Meph wasn't so good, but last night for my last run he dropped unique balrog spear (gave to my friend's throwing barb, along with the two Gimmershreds I found earlier) and Ormus' Robes. I don't even know if they're worth anything but it made my day.